How to trim eyebrows

In fashion returns naturalness, soowners of lush eyebrows need to pay more attention to make them look the most natural. Caring for this part of the face - is not only beautiful bending giving and getting rid of extra hairs to the eyebrows looked nice and not sticking out in different directions, you need to cut individual hairs.

Every year fashion changes eyebrows, even in thethe end of the last century, Soviet women mercilessly plucked hairs with tweezers to give the eyebrows a straight line. The eyebrow was obtained thin, like a thread. This form is not for everyone beauties, but other standards were not, so the girls tried to "fit" your face under the standard of beauty.

In recent years, fashion eyebrows are often changed,First, it was fashionable to have been rounded eyebrow base, and the "tail" - a thin. After a few years in fashion entered another form of the eyebrows, a broad "head" and the gently rounded.

Currently Popular Naturalnatural - just enough to remove excess hair with tweezers and little to correct sticking. Good width and beautiful curve of the natural shape of the eyebrows - have not said that this part of the face is not necessary to put in order. Walk messy - is not only ugly, but not yet fashionable. Therefore healingandbodywork teach you how to properly trim the eyebrows. This applies not only to women with bushy eyebrows, and men who have hair in different directions often grow or "lie", as needed.

Is it necessary, this procedure?

If you have not decided what to do, check first with the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure, then to make the right decision.

What are the advantages:

  1. When the density of the natural right haircut eyebrows and the natural curve of the eyebrows remain unchanged.
  2. When plucking the eyebrows is easy to remove the desired hairs and so can disrupt their shape. If you trim the eyebrows, then all the hairs remain in place.
  3. When done correctly, the result can admire the perfect shape of the eyebrows.
  4. By doing this procedure yourself, you can save the family budget and precious time.

What are the disadvantages:

  1. Desirable may not always coincide with thereality. This means that during the shearing eyebrows may falter hand tool to be sharpened enough, and thought you form will not work. For such errors have long to pay and wait for regrowing hair and you can train again.
  2. If no experience at all, it is possible to accidentally scratch the delicate skin with sharp scissors.
  3. As you can see, the shortcomings in this procedure lessthan merit, so you decide how to proceed, and yet offers MirSovetov prepare the necessary tools to cut their own eyebrows.

Preliminary points

If you're at home and decided to trim the eyebrows, then youAll you need to consider. We start with the selection tool. This may be the usual manicure scissors with sharpened edges or a special tool for cutting brow - scissors with rounded ends made from medical steel.

In order to trim the eyebrows, you can use these tools:

  • conventional nail clippers;
  • scissors for trimming the hair of the eyebrows;
  • trimmer.

Make your choice on their own, giventhe nuances of each instrument. If you use regular scissors for manicure, you need to be careful, since sharpened tips can cut the skin. Choose a tool with straight blade. It is undesirable for beginners to use the trimmer to remove hair because of one wrong move can lose the whole area of ​​hair, bald spots and yet is not immediately restored.

In addition to the tools you need to getspecial comb to care for the eyebrows or wash the old brush out of the mascara. You can take a comb with small teeth or comb for children's hair.

Before you begin cutting the hair must be treated with all the tools. It is best to use special disinfectants (available at pharmacies) or take an ordinary alcohol.

Pick the right-lit place, so that when you looked in the mirror, on the face does not drop shadow. It is best suited scattered light.

How to trim eyebrows

To facilitate his task is quite possible, ifwash with shampoo eyebrows (can use liquid baby soap), and then prepare a decoction of camomile. Before you go to the bathroom, brew chamomile teabag or marigold flowers. After washing the hair with shampoo, rinse your face thoroughly with clean water, then moisten the brow decoction of calendula and chamomile. Do it best with a cosmetic cotton discs. Attention! It is undesirable to lubricate the hair cream, since then shears will slip and interfere with the operation.

How to do it right:

  1. If you know which form you need to give the eyebrows, then you can start working. If you are still undecided, then it is not necessary to radically change the bend, just shorten the longer hairs.
  2. First you need to comb your hair comb, so that they "looked" up.
  3. Take the tool very carefully, slowly trim the hairs sticking out, beaten out beyond the intended shape.
  4. Now comb your eyebrows and look closely in the mirror, if you see long hair, take your time and slowly trim them by a few millimeters.
  5. You have at hand was not a comb? Not scary. You can easily cope with the task, if the first hand to smooth his eyebrows, and then make the index finger to the hair so that its edge just "drew" a straight line and coincide with the line of your eyebrows. You just will cut the protruding long hairs and then smooth the eyebrows to check the result of the work.
  6. For those who have eyebrows grow very densely andfused on the nose, beauticians recommend not to use a pair of tweezers, so as not to injure the delicate skin (plucking procedure is necessary to do several times a week). To make it easier for the care of eyebrows, you can cut your hair very short, just under the root, and then adjust the shape with tweezers. If you like this option, you will have to trim eyebrows 1 time per week.

How to trim eyebrows to the man?

No special recommendations for men's groomingno eyebrows, your actions will be virtually the same, only with the exception that the shape of the male brow remains unchanged. Rarely when men agree to such a procedure, there healingandbodywork may recommend not to hesitate and to offer their friends and relatives to come for a haircut eyebrows. It does not impart excessive tillering male beauty, especially when thick and long hairs protrude in different directions.

A few tips for grooming eyebrows in men:

  1. Tune in to what will have to shear without sparing long hair to an eyebrow looked neater.
  2. Individual hairs can even pull out, unless of course your man on this positive attitude. Permission is granted to get rid of the hair on the nose and the bottom of the brow, if the hair is closed eyelids.

helpful hints

To always be beautiful and well maintained, not necessarily to spend all their time at the mirror and do different manipulations. One time in 2-3 weeks will be enough to bring her eyebrows in order.

What you need to consider when trimming eyebrows:

  • if you want to reshape your eyebrows, you do not need to pull out their first, and then trim. We are doing the opposite - to cut, removing excess hair and long, and then plucking tweezers;
  • during shearing, try to remain calm, to not hand trembled;
  • not in a hurry, so you do not regret, because the eyebrow hair grows very slowly;
  • greatly cut every hair is not necessary, because then eyebrows will stick out in different directions;
  • adjust the shape needed after 2 or even 3 weeks;
  • do not try to walk the entire length of the scissors eyebrows is better to remove only naughty and long hair;
  • Do not be afraid of what will be after trimminglaunched an accelerated growth of the hair. That will not happen, because nature has a certain length, beyond which your hair can not grow. With age, this feature is broken, the hair can fall out or on the contrary, grow rapidly.

Do not be afraid to trim your eyebrows, follow the procedure slowly and confidently, and then the result will delight you. Be beautiful!