How to give up sweet

Studies show that many womenThey feel the love of sweet reason of his excess weight. And they all want to once and for all eliminate any sweetness out of his life, in order to bring the figure. Are blame sugar treats? Today and we will investigate.

Why do we want sweet?

Ever wanted to make emphasis on the fact thatthe desire to eat a lot of sweet - it does not need, as it seems at first glance, but a real relationship worked out. Of course, with it, as with any other addiction, you need to fight, but first let's look at the causes that caused this unhealthy food cravings.

Fast carbohydrates, of which allconfectionery, getting in our body, are converted into glucose. The amount of sweets, which usually eat sweet tooth can not be digested by the body in the "normal mode" so that the blood sugar rises considerably.

Here, the "aid" comes to insulin,produced by the pancreas, it is intended to reduce the level of blood sugar. But the action of insulin is too strong and is able to lower the level to when the body requires glucose again. The man in this case again is hungry and wants to eat something sweet, and afford it falls into a vicious circle.

At the same time, with sugar may fallcause not only severe famine, but also together with him by episodes of severe vertigo, blackout, faint and dizzy. A desire to eat cake at first limited to one slice, and then you notice that half of the cake you just a little. And just at that moment a feeling that from the sweet to refuse simply unrealistic.

The more dangerous the abuse sweet

The sharp and significant decline in blood glucose,resulting in the deterioration of the health and renewal of hunger - this is not the only problem that leads to love sweets. Of course, we will not go that tomorrow you get sick with diabetes - a disease of the long road, but eventually, after a few years, it is quite possible that your doctor has this diagnosis.

So, if you abuse the confectionery, the risk of getting the following diseases:

  • mycosis mouth. Sweet - perfect breeding ground for fungal bacteria. First mycosis manifests itself in a white coating on the tongue, and subsequently damaged tooth enamel, tooth decay occurs. That is why we frighten a child that will be cheering from the sweet and sour teeth;
  • pancreatitis. A piece of cake is always eaten faster than a bowl of soup, respectively, we have bad chew sweet and it is actually in its original form into the stomach, then into the intestine, and the main burden on its digestion is on the pancreas, which can result in inflammation;
  • It slows down the blood flow in small blood vessels and affects organs such as the kidneys, retina, sexual organs;
  • excess weight. It is known that glucose - the energy, if it is received in excess of the norm, in the body two ways: spend it or put fat.

Ways to solve the problem

The competent nutritionist or person who is unable toonly to lose much weight, but keep it, never advise you to completely exclude something from your diet. You should feel the taste of life, and if you will make the candy eaten a couple of times a week, then so be it!

If you understand that you are such a person, whoyou need to keep yourself in a tight rein: if a diet is hard, if the refusal of the sweet, the full - do as you wish. But the forbidden fruit is sweet, and sooner or later comes the failure. And to avoid it, nutritionists recommend just sometimes allow some sweets - in the amount of 10% of the daily requirement of eating. That is, if you eat 1,500 calories a day, of which it is possible to eat sweets and 150 kcal, or for figures or for health this will not harm.

Actually, the correct diet - the key to the solutionall the problems. After fast carbohydrates is also required by the body, as well as fats, proteins as well as complex carbohydrates. The question is how to use them: at what time and in what quantities.

Some very important rules

  1. Chocolate - not our enemy. The main enemy is our unwillingness to overeating and connect willpower. Of course, she will need in the moment when you decide not to restrict tile chocolates, and two of her pieces.
  2. Keep your diet for the day was rich in protein and fiber - they give a feeling of fullness.
  3. Forget about cheating hunger using sweet. If you want something "chew", let it be a full snack, which will include vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy products. Otherwise, eaten on an empty stomach sweetness only strengthen the feeling of hunger.
  4. Prefer low-fat sweets, thenthey will be even less harmful for the shape and the digestive system. Marshmallow, jam, jam, marmalade, dried fruits. If you sit on a rigid diet, but sometimes you want still something sweet (and we already know that it is quite normal), then give preference to these delicacies, but in small quantities.
  5. Fast carbohydrates are perfectly combined with a protein orfiber. In fact, it should look like this: home-made cakes is best not to drink tea or coffee, and drink skim milk or yogurt. Then the process of the fall in blood sugar, which is usually very sharp due to insulin significantly slow down and your body will not need a new portion of sweets.
  6. Clearly identify the circle of "enemies": sugar contained not only in cakes, sweets and baking, but also dairy products ( "diet" yogurt with pieces of fruit, curd mass, sweet curds), carbonated drinks, juices, etc. store In certain products of sugar more than you could put yourself in the tea. Therefore, try to give preference to more natural products.
  7. Your main objective should be the rejection ofsweet without any harm to your health and mood. It is best to gradually reduce the consumption of sugar, bringing to the permitted level of 10% of the daily norm.

Where to begin?

Start is always very difficult. But it's worth it, because the sweet tooth - a kind of dependence, on which to work.

  1. In the early days cut sugar intake by half. You'll quickly realize that this amount of sweets or cakes you enough, and maybe even a lot.
  2. Stop buying out of habit sweet - home or to work for lunch. Listen to your body and you will soon be surprised that do not feel the need for daily glucose.
  3. Try to choose foods that last longerincrease the level of glucose in the blood, and from which in the end you will feel much better: sugar in tea and change to honey, instead of kilograms of chocolates buy fruit or dried fruit.
  4. Very useful if you go on homesweets: you are unlikely to "contrive" in homemade yogurt to put as much sugar as it is contained in the store; purchase juice soon you will find just cloying compared with home kompotik.
  5. The maximum approach the regime of proper nutrition: obligatory breakfast, eat 5-6 times a day, so as not to feel a sense of hunger as much as possible eat healthy foods.

Remember that sweet foods a person reallyIt needs, but the need that is much lower than we can imagine. So give up the sweet confectionery is much easier than it seems at first glance.