How to visually enlarge the lips

I want to share the secret with the girls how to make visually bigger in the small lips.
What you need: concealer, lip liner pencil or felt-tip pen for eyebrow, lip gel, which increases the volume.

How to visually enlarge the lips

Let's start with the upper lip. Apply a little foundation on the small hollow just above the upper lip (above the upper corners), now the pencil lip (necessarily natural tone, not dark), move the upper lip just outside its path, except the upper corners.

Now, the lower lip - swipe from the outside cornersdown obliquely to the horizontal part of the bay - the lowest - it is not to fail. Now, take a pencil or pen eyebrow (without gloss or red shade and not too dark). Slightly open your mouth - see external corners, they point depression, apply to the pencil. This is for "bow lips" effect now Close the lips. Pay attention to the area between the lower lip and chin - there is a line of depression, it is parallel to the line of the lower lip, that we do not let down circuit. Spend it the same brown pencil line, spend a little above this cavity and a little smudge. This will visually deepened it, and due to this it seems swollen lower lip.

The final touch - Apply the gel to the lips, increasing the volume of transparent (if you are using a lighter shade, then the circuit is also lighter take).
This technique is not difficult, you once put it right, write to anyone what happened.

Many girls applied contour pencil is too dark or too beyond her. It is not necessary - it's the contrary gives them the desire to increase the small lips and looks vulgar!