How to sleep

The modern pace of life is fundamentally changedbiological clock of most people around the world. The man began to spend more time at the computer, get more mental stress and, as a consequence, less sleep. Sleep problems - the scourge of the 21st century. What if you get tired of the constant lack of sleep and can not lead a normal active life?

Sleep problems are not only internallydeprivation, which can simply be endured. Yes, if a person is deprived of full sleep a couple of days, the case is limited to mild fatigue. A week later, it would be annoying and tiring all around, and a month later in lack of sleep a man will be a serious health problem. And we are talking about some two or three extra hours of normal sleep!

If you can afford a little longerlie in bed, you will be envied by most of humanity. The problem of lack of sleep is relevant mainly to big cities, where the work is related to the service area, computers, and the pace of life in times exceeds hasteless provincial weekdays. What if the work forces stay awake for 18 hours a day? Where to find the time to sleep and rest? How not to go crazy in this crazy time? On this and many other tells healingandbodywork.

Can you live without sleep

To understand how to get enough sleep, you must firstto deal with the very concept of sleep. Dream - an integral part of the lives of nearly all terrestrial beings, which is needed for normal body functioning. Sleep is as important as eating and without it people very quickly "unusable".

No stimulants and performance-enhancing drugs a person can not sleeppretty long. The world record in the 19 days belongs to Robert McDonald, but at what price he got this victory? Consider physics sleep a little more.

The first day can be quite easy to hold anddo not sleep on the second or third day a man begins to feel strong anoxia. By the way, gapes are common symptoms of oxygen starvation, "alluding to" the body that it's time to go take a nap. So when the brain enough oxygen, hallucinations. First, auditory, visual, and then so on. Eloquent hint and did not come up, but some manage to maintain an active lifestyle. So, after a week of waking a person enters a state of "waking dream" - he can answer questions, tell it yourself, but it will be its sluggish, incoherent, delirious. Deteriorating short-term memory. And no wonder - the brain is so exhausted that simply can not remember anything! A person can easily forget that he had been told two minutes ago. In the end, all may end mental disorders and comfortable Chamber in the nearest hospital. MirSovetov not recommend experimenting with sleep, and take advantage of practical advice to address lack of sleep.

sleep Phase

Sleep anyone divided into several stages or phases:

  • Sandman - remember, if you fall asleep sometime duringwhile watching a movie or prepare for the exam? When thoughts are gradually beginning to get confused, you blink more slowly, and finally drops his head on his chest, and when immediately come to themselves, notice that it's been 10 minutes. This is the Sandman;
  • restful sleep - light small bursts of brain activity. Dreams have not yet withdrawn;
  • deep sleep - the body is completely relaxed and the brain in full "digest" the information obtained during wakefulness.

      Body temperature drops, the heartbeat becomes less;</ Li>

    1. REM sleep - this is the time a person is dreaming. Interesting fact - the scientists still can not explain what a dream.
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      During the night stages are repeated 2-3 times. The most important is the phase of deep sleep, when the body is completely at rest, that is, relaxes the body and brain.

      It is also important to mention the hormone melatonin,before starting to practice controlling sleep. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland and the retina, is responsible for a person's desire to go to bed. That is, the longer it is, the more we feel sleepy. Isolation of melatonin occurs when the retina gets little light, quite simply, with the onset of darkness. Even if you did not want to sleep an hour or two in a dark room will cause melatonin to take precedence over your cheerfulness.

      How to sleep to sleep?

      Needs a dream for everyoneindividual. So, one is enough 6 hours to the whole day to be active, while others barely get up for dinner. Three types of people have been invented for classification: larks (early risers, early fall), pigeons (stand up at the scheduled time and go not too late) and owls (prefer to wake up late, are active only at night).

      No matter what type you belong to, every person needs to sleep at least 5-6 hours, otherwise the brain will not have time to rest.

      How to sleep less and get enough sleep?

      If life forces you to be activealmost 24 hours a day, it makes sense to take advantage of the rules of healingandbodywork, which will help to feel as well as possible and have minimal damage from lack of sleep:

      • Try to go to bed with the sunset andup - at first light. A complex rule, which under the force to carry out not everyone, especially in the winter when it gets dark early and late dawn. Few will correct it and will recommend to go to bed no later than 23:00, and wake up around 6:00;
      • sleep before midnight has a maximum weakening effect and is easy to replace the two hours after the 00:00;
      • Try to nap at least once a day for 15-20 minutes;
      • Use the method of Da Vinci, who was sleepingonly 1.5 hours a day and felt great. His secret is that he slept for 15 minutes every 4 hours. It should even try to have fun;
      • do not drink coffee or energy in the afternoon;
      • Try to make sure that by the end of the day the situation around you grew quieter and quieter, thus preparing the body to the desired relaxation;
      • pay attention to the bedroom. There should be only a bed and the necessary items for a dream - a bedside table, wardrobe. No TVs or computers! Of course, those who live in a studio apartment in this respect is more difficult, but the bedroom should be a place of relaxation and just;
      • if you want to sleep, do not drink alcohol at nightand do not smoke cigarettes. If you can be patient with alcohol, do not smoke at night is much more difficult, especially for smokers. A couple of times manifest willpower and do not smoke at least 3 hours before bedtime, and then it becomes a habit;
      • warm milk helps to sleep not only heroesDisney cartoons. Milk contains a lot of useful substances for health, that promote a healthy and sound sleep. And in a heated state, these substances are at times actively and quickly absorbed into the walls of the stomach;
      • if you are not afraid to get better, arrange a light snack at night. Importantly, do not eat sweets and greasy. Better something rich in protein, such as a sandwich with chicken breast;
      • take a warm bath with a decoction of chamomile or lavender essential oil;
      • calm, smile, include quiet calming music and stretch out on the bed, feeling under a warm duvets and soft pillow ...