How to remove shellac at home

For any woman, there are three most importantindicator of its status and relationship to yourself: hairstyle, shoes and nails. And if you could just buy shoes more expensive and better for the hair care and hair better, our nails and hands are a direct reflection of our daily lives.

As soon as we do not do, to paint remained onnails as long as possible, but the daily work makes this come true: paint peeling of course, crack or peel off simply. Really nothing can be done about it?

Shellac has come to the rescue

Shellac market appeared relatively recently, butHe won the hearts and manicure, and their clients. The fact that it is currently in a 2 1 mean: Lacquer, produced by biogel. However, to put it on their own is unlikely, at least because it is not normal air dried, requires a special UV lamp.

The advantages and merits of shellac is much greater than the disadvantages, so choosing it, it is unlikely you will be able in the future to give it up, it's guaranteed to become your love with the first sample.

  1. Firstly, this gel varnish performs almostthe basic problem, which puts every woman: he is able to stay on the nails, not days and weeks on end. There are reviews that paint to withstand the most extreme conditions, and, perhaps, the main enemy is the shellac nail growth. Otherwise it would not have to change. Also it does not require a break in use, the nails do not lose their natural color, as it occurs with ordinary varnish.
  2. Secondly, shellac is not just fornaroshchennyh nails, but also for the usual "natural" the nail that is able to save a considerable amount on capacity. At the same time, contact with the nails, shellac not only destroys its structure, but also restores it. Shellac - a real godsend for women with brittle nails, because after application they not only get a beautiful manicure, but treatment and recovery.
  3. Third, shellac has completely hypoallergenic formula and has virtually no odor. Thus, when applied it will not cause any discomfort.
  4. Fourth, and most importantly, its removal is notrequires cutting of plate, removing the risk of injury, it is impossible not to be attributed to the absolute advantage. And, of course, its wide range of colors will not leave without a choice, even the most demanding ladies. Furthermore, shellac can be used for application to the fingernails, as legs.

Why do I need to remove shellac home?

If you apply varnish without special equipmentunlikely, it is entirely possible to remove it without resorting to specialist services. At a minimum, it is able to save some money, and then you can use an ordinary shellac varnish.

If the purpose of saving is not prosecuted, then withdrawvarnish at home more often than necessary, when suddenly wanted to change everything. Tired of the selected color or planned festival, under which well not fit the color of your nails, for example, because of dress.

What to do? healingandbodywork offers a lot of patience, time off, and acetone, and move on to more manual removal of the varnish gel at home. By the way, if you can, you can purchase special "tools" to remove shellac, namely:

  • Special wrappers for nails;
  • solvent;
  • stylus to remove the cuticle;
  • special metal nail file.

But rather, it is a professional set thatIt requires a considerable investment of funds, as well as some specific knowledge. We want to offer you a method that is suitable for absolutely every woman.

Removal of Shellac at home

So, if you have 20-30 minutes of free time, then you can proceed to the removal of the gel varnish. For this we need:

  • common kitchen aluminum foil (by the way, can help the most simple kitchen polyethylene);
  • cotton pads for comfort, but if they do not - can cotton;
  • acetone. It can act as substitutes for nail polish remover based on acetone or isopropyl alcohol;
  • cuticle sticks, which are prepared from an orange tree;
  • nail file for polishing nails;
  • Scotch tape or adhesive tape, just make sure that there was no pads.

Let us proceed to a more detailed preparationtools. The foil must be cut so that it was convenient to wrap around your finger in the nail. Prepare 10 pieces. Now every cotton pad, cut into 4 pieces, if you use wool - it lay a few comfortable tampons. Now plaster or adhesive tape (adhesive tape should be narrow) cut into several pieces to 10 pieces. So, when you're done, you can start with the phased removal of the shellac nail. By the way, the use of non-lethal weapons and conventional assistants, in principle, no different. So:

  1. Moisten a cotton swab in acetone and apply to the nail. Be careful to ensure that the acetone did not get on your skin, otherwise you may get burned. Also, sometimes an allergic reaction occurs.
  2. After abundantly soaked piece of cottonyou put the disc on the nail, it Wrap foil. If it is held is not tight, then use tape to secure it. So you need to do with each finger.
  3. Once completed, each of the fingers,they hold about 10 or 20 minutes. In fact, the longer the better, our goal - to shellac very well separated from the nail plate, so as not to have to hurt her.
  4. When the time is up, packs should be removedalternately, one by one. Arm yourself with a stick from an orange tree to remove the cuticle, start scouring the remains of a shellac nail. You will need to make some effort, but it has to be removed with ease. When finished, proceed to the next nail.
  5. When fully completed the hand, they need to be sanded. Take a nail file to polish and gently abrade each.

That's all science, how to remove shellac homeconditions. In order to get rid of the consequences of such withdrawal (useful it can not be called), lubricate the nail plate special balm, it will help the nail to recover faster. You also can not forget about the importance of the cuticle, it is responsible for nail health, because for her, too, need care.

Incidentally, the restoration of the nail, even after suchgentle as shellac varnish, it never hurts to any nail. So, if you decide to make a small break in the nail surface, it is possible to take advantage of special baths and masks polish. Recipes for a great many, there are the most simple, such as adding a half cup of warm water canteen of sea salt and a few drops of iodine. Suffice it to hold in a nail bath for 15-20 minutes and use the fat cream as you feel quite quickly that your nails have become healthier, stronger and more beautiful.