How to remove the cheeks

Plump and rosy cheeks - a small decorationchildren, but for adults - a real aesthetic problem. And to deal with it must be approached comprehensively. There are several methods that can help to remove the cheek.

Causes of full cheeks

The main reason for the appearance of thick cheeks - itheredity. Since it is very difficult to fight, and sometimes even impossible. If you have a husband and a full round cheeks, almost certain that your child will have this same problem. And if you have identified at such heredity, that helps you just diet, which will need to adhere to the time, and the performance of physical exercise, which are also to be performed systematically. Otherwise, the problem will occur again and again.

The second reason, because of which may appearfat cheeks - a poor diet. But in order to have appeared big cheeks must pass enough time, first fat is stored in all organs of the body, and then on the cheeks. So, the appearance of the cheeks large in this case usually is not surprising.

To deal with the problem of fat cheeks can be differentways. You can resort to radical and do liposuction, but it is fraught with the fact that on the face may remain traces of surgical intervention, and in general all the operations on the face can have unexpected consequences.

You can perform a set of exercises, theysure to help cope with the problem, but not immediately. The fact that the cheeks are very slow motor activity. In addition, the fat in these areas burned by the body slowly, so will need to be patient.

Restore the elasticity of the skin on the cheeks and on allface is possible by means of masks and massages. healingandbodywork recommends massages immediately after gymnastic exercises, and before going to bed to do the mask, then the effect will not take long.

Action plan

In order to overcome the problem of fat cheeks should take several weeks or even months. Therefore it is necessary to develop a plan of action:

  1. First, determine for themselves the cause offat cheeks. If this is the wrong food, then adjust it, sit on a diet and stick to it. You'll leave not only the fat cheeks, but also the whole body become slim and fit.
  2. Develop a set of exercises for the cheeks. The fact that they are on the Internet or in the literature a great variety, but you need to pick up a set for you.
  3. Choose cosmetics that will help hide the defect. But to use creams for weight loss is by no means impossible, otherwise you may provoke acne.

Diet for chubby cheeks

Make cheeks less for a short time is difficult, butperhaps. So say those who adhere to a special diet. But with dietary restrictions have to be careful as you can, along with reduced jaws to receive and dark circles under the eyes, and haggard, tired face.

The main principle of the diet - it is less sweet and starchy foods, reduce fat and fried foods and no fast food, drinks and alcohol. And also need to adhere to these guidelines:

  • you do not feel hunger, bettereat some vegetables or fruit between meals, but you should not go hungry. Because weight, paradoxically, cease to go, but at the first "failure" in the diet, it will return to double volume. The body can not be fooled, the feeling of hunger, he will be perceived as an alarming bell that you need to make stocks for the future;
  • Eat often, but not in high volumes. Eat 5-6 times a day, and then you will lose weight, and hunger will not experience;
  • All food, especially hard, chew carefully and long. It will be a kind of charge for muscles;
  • half an hour before a meal you should drink a glass of ordinary drinking water, not to drink for 40 minutes after eating.

Add to your diet as many fruits andseafood. And cereal can be eaten, but only welded on water use in oil and only a minimum amount of olive oil. Meat and fish, choose low-fat varieties, and they will not add extra calories, and you will not leave hungry. Be sure to add to your diet dairy products and milk, curd useful.

To remove chubby cheeks, you need to give up not only sugar, but also on the salty foods that will retain water in the body.

Exercises for chubby cheeks

You can remove the cheeks and with diet, but the skin is likely to droop and be loose. Therefore, be sure to do exercises for the cheeks.

To remove the cheek as soon as possible, the exercises to be performed several times a day. There are many exercise options, here are some of the most effective:

  1. Dial the air in the mouth, somknite tight lips and rolled over the mouth air, you will feel how tense the cheek.
  2. Straighten your back, straighten shoulders, keep your head straight, lips pursed pout and start singing vowels.
  3. Imagine that you have a pencil in your mouth, and youwrite letters in the air, and can take a real pencil and squeeze between the teeth and to draw in air. If you are performing the exercise correctly, you should feel how tense the muscles of the face and neck.
  4. Cover the top and bottom lip zaprokinte head up. Count to 10 mentally drop your head, repeat the exercise 10 times.

If you do the exercises consistently, you can notOnly remove the cheeks, but also to make clear facial contours, smooth wrinkles. Do not be discouraged if you do not immediately see the result, it takes time.

How to remove the cheek visually

If you have no time or desire to diet and exercise, or an urgent need to remove the cheek, then there are a few tricks:

  1. Look at your face in the mirror, mentallydraw a contour that you consider ideal. Those sites that were out of the loop, you need to make a darker pitch. Use concealer should be different shades.
  2. Now apply the powder. It needs to be selected to match your face, or makeup will look unnatural.
  3. Cutting strokes apply make-up is not necessary. In order to use the feather powder brush for makeup, all movements should be smooth, move along the contour of the face.
  4. Do not forget to apply blusher, they make an imagecompleted. To do less cheeks, you need to pick up some blush bright colors, and the second - bright. Bright apply from the middle line on the cheeks, ending in the temporal parts. Below the bright blush walk bright tone. So visually cheeks will be less. Achieve the perfect make-up is only possible by experimentation, universal, perhaps, it is the blush matte color without shine.
  5. If you have dark skin, you fit shades of blush color of dark clay or even chocolate. In order for these colors looking natural, you need to apply powder blush on top.

helpful hints

  1. Notice how you sleep, if youhigh pillow, then change it to a low or flat. Otherwise, you can increase the cheeks and chin. And during the day, make sure that both keep your head. Slightly lift the chin, and your cheeks will be visually less.
  2. Do not forget about the massage person. It should be done every day, after every gym. Also makes it easy to pat with fingertips and palms on the cheeks. A massage should be done before the compresses: Wet a towel in the infusion of chamomile, sage and calendula. And apply to cheeks for half an hour.
  3. Good help and facials, you need to pick up those which tighten the skin. For example, white clay.
  4. If you have large cheeks, the hair should be long and smooth, and if his cheeks sagged, it is better to do curls and ringlets.

And remember that every disadvantage can turn into dignity and most importantly - their attitude to it.