How to pierce ears at home

Earrings is no surprise. And adults and even babies has now become fashionable to pierce ears. Inside, this service is not cheap, and many of the old-fashioned desire to pierce the ears of their own. This article will reveal to you the secret healingandbodywork perform this procedure at home.

The tradition of making a hole in the earlobe camea long time ago. Even in ancient times people tried to decorate his body, hanging on his chipped ivory, flowers, colorful pebbles. We did our ancestors is one purpose - to scare away evil spirits and attract good. Over time, the decoration simple, becoming more complex, massive and bulky. So ancient people to feel their power.

And in our time, who are rarely seen, especiallythe fair sex, unadorned ears. Call of the Wild or the desire to stand out, decorate and emphasize your individuality has become the norm.

Ears, as an important part of our body

Everyone born, has its own, special,no one else like "pattern" on the ears. The shape of the earlobe and can not be corrected by any "poppy-up", in the extreme case, if a person is by nature "donated" special ears - a procedure only afford plastic surgery. Well, if a person with ears full order - you can decorate them with unusual earrings.

The Chinese refer to the lobe piercing procedureear in a special way. They believe that the ears - it is an important human body, which is responsible for the energy of human life. In the ear there are many points that "are responsible" for the full operation of every organ in the human body. This information can be clearly see on the "map of the ear", in which the internal organs (more than 350) have been allocated.

That is why making a hole in the earlobe is necessary, first of all, consciously. To approach this mini-operation with all the responsibility.

This is not desirable to have holes in your ears

Doctors are advised not to carry out this procedure:

  1. Young children (up to three years).
  2. For people who have ear infections.
  3. Patients with eczema.
  4. People with diseases of the circulatory system.
  5. In the period of acute disease, viral, bactericidal infections.
  6. At elevated body temperature.
  7. People who are prone to allergic reactions (especially in metal alloy).

When to pierce ears

It is time of the year is of great importance forthis procedure. The most favorable time is the winter, when it is practically impossible pick up an infection. Firstly, there is no possibility to swim in any body of water, where there is a great variety of different microbes. But there is one major drawback - the winter you must wear a cap and a wrong move when putting on and removing the headgear can hook earring and cause injury. This nuance is necessary to take into account and try to be as careful.

Pierce the ears of the house

If you have any great desire to performprocedure yourself, save money, make it theoretically quite possible. The procedure Ear piercing can be done yourself, and your friends and family. How to carry out preparatory work, perform a puncture and care for holes, tell MirCovetov.

It is necessary to prepare the necessary tools and resources. We need:

  1. Special needle catheter. It can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription. Need for puncture needle diameter less than one millimeter. NOT, remember, you can not use for this purpose an ordinary sewing "Gypsy" needle. After completing the sewing needle puncture, the wound will not heal for a long time, since the sewing needle is at the base of the expansion in diameter. Let's go back to the catheter. Be sure to use the new packaging, do not take the needle, second-hand or already open. Only sterile!
  2. We select earrings. Remember, the earring should be no metal to it in any case does not react with fresh puncture and tarnishing. The ideal option would be earrings of silver, gold or medical steel. The shape is also important. Preference is given in the form of droplets earring or ring. The first days of care for puncture will be much more convenient. Do not forget that the earring should not be severe, do not massive, so it does not cling to clothes and did not interfere with sleep.
  3. Medical alcohol or chlorhexidine. Both drugs are available over the counter. The alcohol is needed to clean the ear lobe, hands, tools, and earrings. So you will spend the sterilized items.
  4. Ordinary cotton wool or sponges (disks). They will need to clean the ear lobe on both sides, took the floor to wipe the blood droplets.
  5. Analgesic. For people who are very afraid of pain. Suitable any pain medication in the form of ointments or all of the usual novocaine.
  6. The second man-assistant who will help you to fulfill or a puncture.
  7. Alcohol ammonia. It is useful, if a person becomes suddenly ill (just for this, and you need an assistant who will monitor your condition). If a person became ill, it is necessary to take the fleece, drop her a few drops of alcohol (ammonia) and bring to the human nose.

Pierce the ear correctly

Pierce the ear should not just "shirnuv" needleearlobe, you must have an idea of ​​the earlobe and the location of the nerve endings. To avoid falling into the nerve itself, you must first identify the puncture point felt tip or an ordinary ballpoint pen. Choose a place exactly in the center. It is advisable not to make a few punctures, not to damage blood vessels and nerves, up to the deprivation of view.

Attach the tool to the alcohol-treated lobeear (it, too, should be wiped with alcohol) and with force pierce earlobe. Do not be put off by the characteristic crunch. Do not puncture the ear weight, you can put the back of the earlobe by a slice of potato or apple. After the puncture, wear an earring, and disinfect the place again.

Let us open a secret. To the procedure was less painful, you can "freeze" the ear. This can be done using the ordinary ice. Prepare a few ice cubes in advance. Before the procedure, remove the ice and put it in the package. Ice packs attach to the lobe, hold for a couple of minutes. After - boldly proceed with the implementation of a puncture.

How to care for puncture

After lobe piercing and threading earrings in your ears for hours will "burn", they are a little swollen. Do not worry, this discomfort will pass by itself.

Wipe the puncture site should be twice a day, any antiseptic. Perform this procedure with all the responsibility. Clean hands - always.

Disinfect the puncture site should be withintwo weeks. You will see for yourself, probably, you will need to take care of the lobes not two, but three or four weeks. Avoid sleeping on your side, do not wear tight sweaters "golf" (they are difficult to remove and put on), as well as other things that may hurt your ears.

If you have festered sores, go to the clinic for consultation. Leaving it on can not slide.

The home is fraught with piercing

You should be aware of such consequences as:

  1. Severe headache, especially in the first days after the puncture lobes.
  2. If the puncture is made incorrectly - crooked, heavily angle, the wound may hurt and fester.
  3. Possible failure of the internal organs due to nerve damage.
  4. If it is not met by the sterility of the measures is likely to put on a wound infection.

Now that you know all about home earlobe piercing procedure and can make a decision to go to the salon and give your ears a specialist with a "gun" or perform the procedure on their own.