How to paint the eyebrows shadows

Sloppy eyebrows can ruin even the mostPerfect make-up. And this is true, just imagine how much change a person's face without eyebrows, when they are too thick or thin. In recent years, in the make-up environment is gaining popularity technology of using shadow as eyeliner eyebrow, also learn how to paint the eyebrows shadows easy.

Expressive eyebrows - the dignity of every woman

Completion can be regarded as such an image in whicheverything is perfect, especially great attention is paid to make-up. Blush and tonal foundation should blend in with the natural shade of the face, not giving small defects. The task of lipstick - to shape the lips and eye makeup is essential to favorably emphasize our "mirror of the soul."

But we should not forget about another detail - aeyebrows, beauty secret of which lies in the correct form and perfect shade. Harmoniously picked up the two main components can significantly transform the features of any of the oval. Of course, blondes, brunettes and Light Brown need to clearly understand what the tone is right for them, combined with the color of hair. For coloring of eyebrows, there are many tools: pencils, eyeliner, special paints and even a professional tattoo. However, the most appropriate paint for the eyebrows are the shadows, and that's why.

The benefits of choosing shades for coloring eyebrows:

  1. In practicality, they are not inferior to the pencil, and difference is that the shadows create a more natural look.
  2. They are quick and easy to apply, without causing irritation to the skin or causing discomfort.
  3. Unlike paint, which, if used frequently decolorized eyebrows, eye shadow can be applied to a great number of times, without fear.
  4. For those with short eyebrows, eye shadow - the perfect option, because you can add length easily.
  5. Easily when applied and stable.
  6. Shadows allow to experiment and play with colors and mix them to get a more appropriate shade.

Choosing the perfect shade

To determine the order, how to paint shadows eyebrows need to learn how to choose the right. Fortunately, today there is a huge palette of shades, cheaper options and professional cosmetics.

Before buying the shadows need to know about some of the nuances:

  • do not choose colorless shade, it is best if they are a couple of shades darker than the natural hair color;
  • give preference to hard lynx tips beveled shape, apply makeup uncomfortable using the applicator.

Despite certain criteria, choose the shade is very simple eyebrow. They are sold sets consisting of several tones.

Here are some tips from professional stylists to those who wish to choose the right shade ideal for coloring eyebrows:

  1. Blondes can not direct his eyebrows too darksaturated colors, especially on the background of light skin, blue eyes and golden hair. Such women are better to choose a light brown shade. Owners of ashen hair, you can use a gray shadow, and in the presence of gray hair will look good eyebrow of brown and gray shades.
  2. Brunettes with fair skin professionals are advised to use the shade of dark gray or brown. Dark-skinned girl with black hair suit blackness.
  3. Red-haired better to pay attention to the shade of eyebrow with chocolate-brown palette. For women with fiery red hair ideal option would be a terracotta shade.
  4. Brown hair can be dyed eyebrows dark brown or dark gray. Brown, in particular, will look good on a background of brown hair.

Eyebrow Shape - it is also a very important partcreating eye makeup. You must know that for a broad face unacceptable horizontally placed eyebrows, which visually enhance it even more. In this case, the ends of the eyebrows should be rising. Those who have a high forehead, eyebrows are horizontal, and women with narrow chins outer tips of the eyebrows is better to send down.

If your area does not sell special shadefor tinting eyebrows, you can use the usual matte shadows desired shade. This is not critical, but it is important in this case not to use pearlescent shadow and glitter, which is categorically not suitable for these purposes. In turn, applied eye shadow and eyebrow can be forever, it will not be a big mistake, and they look pretty is not bad, sometimes even better than normal.

The technology of drawing shadows on brows

Before painting the eyebrows do you needtake care of their form. Adjust the appearance can be a specialist in a beauty salon or on their own, using tweezers or thread. Remember that eyebrows should not be too thin, like a thread, because the trend has always been a natural.

For the application of shadows is important to choose a convenient accessory. Alternatively, it may be a small brush or a comb, a brush with oblique tip. In most cases, brushes are supplied with shadows.

Thus, the sequence of your actions will be as follows:

  1. Comb the brows using a special brush.
  2. Then, use an eyebrow pencil andsmall strokes fill empty areas in the direction of hair growth. Do not make the lines too clear, and do not need to put the finishing touches very densely. Pencil choose soft.
  3. Prepared by a brush Scoop some shadowsand apply them across the length of the eyebrow, slightly shading finger. Do the same with the other eyebrow. Work carefully, gently distribute the shadows and be careful not to overdo it with the color saturation.
  4. Outlines slightly move the pencil, then secure everything with a conventional hair spray.
  5. If you want to use two colors, then apply a lighter shade in the middle and towards the base.

For natural no harm will slightly tint under the upper eyelid lashes.

This is the default option to create a beautiful andNatural eyebrow, but you can always add something of his own. For example, you can paint or make very intense light shade, making the shape of eyebrows wider or visually narrow line by a few shades.

To make your salon look like after the procedure, under the bottom line of the eyebrows, apply a little foundation or light corrector - it will make the eyebrows contrasting and expressive.

This make-up is very easy to create, at the same time can be used as powder shadows and liquid.

Secrets durable makeup:

  • to the shade of powder held out as long as possible on the face, you need to pre-process wax eyebrows. So you can not worry about the condition and appearance of your eyebrows;
  • after application of shadows, gently pat the site of tissue paper - it will prevent the shedding of the upper layers of shadows under the eyes;
  • in addition to the varnish also secure shade of the eyebrows can be with a transparent gel.

When applied shadows on the damp brow, and thenthe result will be brighter, however MirSovetov recommends experimenting with this with caution, because not every type of person is suitable as a contrast option.

Unlike the pencil, eye shadow, eyebrow helpto create the most natural makeup. Small crystals of cosmetic products simply weightless, easy to fall, enveloping each hair without creating the effect of drawn lines, which is often the case after using a pencil. Shadows are applied much more easily, and the desired shape is created just instantly.