How do Ombre on nails

Species manicure exists todaya huge set. Making it possible to independently mastered the basic skills, as well as a beauty salon, where a specialist will realize all your fantasies: whether it's the European manicure, classic, paraffin, gel or hot.

At the beauty salon you can order the service"Ombre". This date and fashionable design nail coating, which combines the smooth transitions of bright nail polish shades. Such a manicure can be matched to any image, experimenting and playing with a color palette.

Rainbow effect Ombre

In the life of almost every modern womanmanicure on the hands is a part, and perhaps the main highlight of the finished image. Hands should always be well groomed and nails did not bitten, because this manicure is able to outshine even the most well-chosen outfit.

If we talk about the nail coating, the latteryears to replace the monotonous and boring explanation comes extravagant style Ombre, who immediately came to the liking of all admirers of the new and extraordinary. Decorate your nails in this style, you can not go out of the house because of special skills and equipment that is not necessary. By the way, it looks pretty pedicure Ombre "perky" and attractive.

Before you make yourself a manicure, it is important toaccurately assess the complexity of the work and mentally imagine how should look like the end result. You should know that Ombre - a combination of several shades of similar colors. This creates a smooth transition effect, as it were, from one color to another. Otherwise, this style of varnishing is also called gradient.

Work with a color gradient can be vertically and horizontally, but the latter option Ombre looks beautiful in a special way.

Manicure nail Ombre can absolutelyany length, in the square, or their extensions. Use can and gel nail polish, most importantly, to apply shades combined well and in harmony with each other.

Chromatic coloring mainly divided into two types:

  • Nail shades vary from base smoothly interchangeably. Closer to the roots impose a lighter tone, the tips make darker;
  • It uses gradient color, passing from nail to nail. In this case, use a color scheme or a colorful, contrasting shades.

This staining technique is practiced on long and short nails, and depending on the shades, perfect Ombre very young girls and women of a more mature age.

Preparation to manicure

Ombre at home - it is an opportunity to spend a little experiment. To make your own gradient is necessary to have in the arsenal of at least two different color nail polish.

Pre-polish the nails, removecuticles and hangnails. This is required because it is very important to the nails as a result look attractive and neat. The tips of the nails and file off to give them the right shape using a nail file and clipper. Seal and sand the nail plate. Wash hands, dry nails and cover them with a base layer. Then you can start to spray lacquer.

To create Ombre you will need:

  • nail polish remover without acetone;
  • base coat (base coat);
  • varnishes selected colors;
  • sponge or sponge;
  • fixative lacquer;
  • foil;
  • Vaseline or any fat cream.

Stages of manicure Ombre:

  1. Apply a base layer: transparent else you like. To make it brighter, make two or three layers.
  2. On a piece of foil with a brush distribute the remaining shades of lacquer as you would like to see them on the nails. This dark color is better to leave at the base of the nail.
  3. Sponge or sponzhikom blot varnish and transfer to the nail, being careful not to squeeze. Quite a few approaches for one finger.
  4. Before painting each nail update the palette of colors on the foil.
  5. When finished with the last nail and after paint dries well, apply a fixative. For this fit a regular clearcoat.
  6. Then moisten a cotton swab in the liquidnail polish remover, gently wipe excess coating. If you do not want to do that, the pre-think over special sticker around the nail plate or, for example, the colorless adhesive tape.

Method №2 - for beginners

This method of applying the gradient coating OmbreIt has some differences from the first, but in general, the final effect is the same, only the colors come out more clearly the boundaries. Here are the basic nuances of the nail and, in fact, the technology of its creation:

  • replace white or transparent base layer comes a brighter and more colorful hue;
  • second tone, try to distribute the sponge, not touching the base of the nail, but touching the edge of the middle;
  • third layer is the dark, gently put the tip of the nail plate. This will visually lengthen the fingers and fingernails in general;
  • the final stage - a glossy layer that will give your manicure durability and strength.

Method №3 - Ombre with gel polish

If you already have experience with conventionalvarnishes, you know all the nuances of the application of the nail coatings, the Ombre using gel polish will seem elementary procedure. The fact is that the gel coat, unlike the usual, hard to remove. The slightest misstep can turn into spoiled manicure.

To work you will need:

  • UV lamp;
  • set of colored gels, the foundation under varnish;
  • Bondex that the gel well was fixed;
  • soft nail file;
  • nail polish remover and cotton pads.

So, when you create a manicure style Ombre using gel polish, use the following instructions:

  1. After removing the cuticle and any irregularities, cover the basic gel nails dry and well under the lamp.
  2. In a familiar piece of technology on the foil distribute 2 or 3 colors of lacquer on the basis of the gel. Toothpick bit blend edge transitions from one color to another.
  3. Using a sponge, transfer varnish foil on nails.
  4. The amount of varnish on the skin, immediately wipe with a special liquid.
  5. Dry nails, and then repeat the process to achieve a contrasting shade.
  6. Cover all the top-end high-gloss gel and dry again.

Tips for beginners:

  1. Your fingers will look elegant, if dark varnish applied directly on the tips of the nail plate. Visually, you make them longer and more accurately. This manicure will always be relevant.
  2. MirSovetov recommends dry the varnish well andespecially if you are working with a gel coating. If nails are not dry out until the end, then at the slightest touch to anything, you lose your luxurious manicure Ombre style. For quick drying, you can take advantage of special formulations and sprays. If there are none, it is sufficient to lower the fingers in cold water.
  3. Evening Ombre manicure can be further decorate with sequins or small rhinestones on the tips of the nails. In conjunction with the gradient will quite original and festive pattern.
  4. Usually Ombre style involves the use of light, delicate and pastel shades.

Create a luxurious way for your fingers -it is quite simple, but more than that, an exciting experience. At home, you can create a modern, original and beautiful manicure with effect smooth color transitions.