How to get a neat nails?


Every woman wants to look beautiful andmanicured healthy nails that only contribute. We should not be limited only to a manicure. We must not forget about the beauty and nail care Foot, namely, to do a pedicure.

And if a second is enough to do 2-3 times a week,something with his hands, things are somewhat different. In fact, the woman is constantly working hand - washing dishes, laundry, use of household chemicals and everything that does not make our nails better. And how untidy looks shabby paint, everyone knows.


  • 1 Proper care - the key to success
  • 2 Why is broken nails

Proper care - the key to success

Tastes are different. Some people prefer long nails, some prefer Naroscheny or short. No matter what your shape and length of nails, manicured they be required.

Perhaps the best way to achieve a good gloss andhealth, is to pay attention to nutrition. It is useful for the whole organism and polish in particular will be carrots, gelatin, green vegetables, dairy products. Furthermore, it is useful to make weekly special trays. The most popular is the bath with the addition of 1 spoon of sea salt and any flavor.

Nails, as well as our skin is useful to make a mask. Good influence of masks from vitamins E, A, D, which are rubbed into the fingertips. Such masochki should be done every month for laziness.

A full manicure recommend doing at leastevery two weeks, although the procedure may be repeated more frequently if necessary. For a good result there is no need to visit the salon - buy a set of fit and learn to do it yourself. Transparent basis under the lacquer has to be curative and restorative. Thus, you can protect your nails from the harmful effects of colored lacquer.

During the summer, when most of the work onearth, hand care and nail to become more intently. So, every day under the nails and cuticles will get dirt particles and this can lead to infection.

Why break your nails

Brittle nails are, for various reasons, but the situation can be corrected if you regularly engage in to strengthen them. The main thing in this case, the regularity and patience.

Of course, you can take the help ofcosmetics, but it will eliminate external sign, and will not solve the real problem. So before you begin the procedures will be examined is why do you have brittle nails.

Very often, the real reason for the bad condition of the nails are:

  • stress and motionless lifestyle that contributes to disruption of metabolic processes and deterioration of overall health;
  • some chronic diseases, including kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract, etc .;
  • inadequate intake of essential trace elements, unbalanced diet;
  • bad habits: smoking, alcohol;
  • work involving direct contact with harmful or corrosive chemicals, as well as abuse of detergents, frequent washing
  • utensils, hand wash without the use of special gloves, etc.

All these factors are somehow cause brittle nails. So, if you have identified the cause of this condition, it's time to take a comprehensive approach to solving the problem.

One of the most effective means in the struggle for beautiful nails are essential oils. Indeed, the oil can help the nail plate at times even better than lemon, iodine and sea salt.

Essential oils are used to strengthen andrecovering the structure of the plate itself and for its softening cuticles and proper preparation for the rapid and safe removal. Good use tools such as grapefruit oil, eucalyptus, lavender, almond. Although, if you have more, it will also work fine.

Whatever means you choose, in the endAfter all, should not be excluded and the sight of a number of factors affecting the condition of nails. Proper care, proper nutrition, the use of popular recipes and special cosmetic products, will help solve the problem of breakage and separation of the nail plate, cuticle improve the situation and to give hands manicured appearance.