How to mask fatigue

All we had to look in the mirror aftersleepless nights and horrified. Well even if it is after a stormy party or romantic date - at least remained fond memories - and if after zubreniya question papers or work involving all hands at work, it seems, nothing is no longer able to lift the mood ... However, we must urgently do something do with these dark circles under the eyes.

How to mask fatigue

First of all, you have to calm down, both literallysense and portable. Do not hurry, take a cool shower. Soothe tired eyes help us ice spoon, pre-harvested in the freezer, and eye cream with aloe. Apply the first spoonful to one century later - to another, and then apply to the upper and lower eyelids cream with aloe.

However, despite the fact that these funds will help reduce bags and circles under the eyes, they do not get rid of them completely, so we still have to use masking agents.

If you are using a tone make-up foundation,the dark circles become much less noticeable, if you apply it, including on the eyelids, and up to the eyelashes. This will smooth the transition from a light tone to the face a darker tone century.

If the circles under the eyes are too dark, it is notdo without concealer pencil or masking. Apply the product better than your fingers because it melts so too quickly, and a special brush. Apply the product dots on dark areas and blend with a brush. Necessary to shade from dark to light areas. Be sure not noticeably clear boundaries between the areas where you applied and where there is no remedy. Top fix powder - it further hides the border.

If you can afford something betterbuy concealer two shades: lighter you'll mask the darkest areas, and darker - all the rest. This will help preserve natural complexion. In addition, you can choose the right shade based on the scale of the disaster.

But, of course, do not forget that the best doctor for our eyes - this is a good relaxation and restful sleep.