How to make a thin face

What risks are not only willing to womenalways striving to look attractive. This desire was certainly inherent in the very nature of each of the fairer sex. Pace yourself diets, hiking in beauty salons and fitness clubs - in short, doing everything to appear at any age for all 18.

Reasons for change in the face shape

Often the reason for the change of facial contoursIt becomes of age. Moreover, it concerns not only women but also men. Over the years, on the background of weight fluctuations and reduce the elasticity of the skin, weakens muscle tone and face, slowly but surely begins to grow round. This factor can also contribute to bad habits and incorrect reading in a horizontal position when the maximum flattened chin to the neck, as well as continued walking with his head down. And, of course, often negative changes on the face in adulthood occur as a result of sharp fluctuations in weight, that is, rapid weight loss or a set of extra kilos. Disturbances in the endocrine system can also be an agent provocateur of the problem.

Ways to solve excessive roundness of the faceThere are several. However, you must apply them all at once, that is complex. This technique includes a special diet, exercise and certain rules: sleeping at a low cushion, keep a flat back and lift the chin while walking. For greater effect, it is designed as a massage and facial mask with lifting effect.

Diet Slimming Face

In this case, it should be understood that the specialdiet chubby cheeks does not exist, for the most part any diet involves reducing the volume of the entire body. Nutritionists recommend not to use the so-called "shock" diet, where for three days or a week you need your body becomes fatigued starvation. It will be much better if the struggle for thin cheeks, you take it a rule long-term or permanent use only accurate and useful products, besides promoting weight loss face.

From diet to exclude or limit the consumption of these products:

  • flour and sweet;
  • sugar in pure form;
  • salt, with the exception of the allowable standards for the body (5-8 grams per day);
  • chips, rye crackers with spices, peanuts, and beer;
  • butter;
  • mayonnaise.

The first two weeks, try to completely remove thesefoods from your diet. After two weeks of unbearable restrictions when you want you can treat yourself to a sweet, but only in the morning. At this time, the most active metabolism. Sol still try not to overeat because it retains fluid in the body and as a result, provokes swelling of the face and waist. Drink pure water and green tea, it displays the excess fluid.

Exercises with the full face

face a lot of gymnastic exercises asand nutritional programs. In order to face was thin, take it a rule to perform daily facial gymnastics. Choose exercises that suit you, or if classes will be a burden, and the results from them will not. The most effective exercises for the face are:

  1. Correction of facial contours. This exercise should be carried out in the morning, it can improve muscle tone. On a deep breath inflate the cheeks. Lips should be kept tightly closed. Then place the palms on the cheeks, ears, fingers closed, and start to press. At the same time you should feel resistance palms. Soak 6 seconds and repeat 8 times.
  2. Train cheeks elasticity. If done correctly, this method will catch up muscles and chin, and nasolabial folds disappear. Lips make a letter "O", and the mouth is open. Uprites tongue in cheek so that she resisted stop. Keeping his language, make it 15 circular motions on the cheek. Repeat on the other side.
  3. The following exercise will strengthen the muscles of the mouth,eye and tongue. Open your mouth and round it by the letter "O". Press lips to the teeth, with the index fingers of both hands touch the lower edge of the orbit, the press do not need much. So, your lips should be moved apart from the starting position into a smile, and again in the letter "O". At the same fingers you should feel tension in the eye area. Repeat the exercise 25 times.
  4. Forget about the second chin and improve muscle tonechin will help this gym. Open your mouth and pull his lips to the teeth. Then the fingers move the fingers from the chin to the eyes. Do not apply pressure to the skin, but just slowly moving your fingers until there is a tingling in the facial muscles. After the exercise, relax, inhale and exhale, pulling his lips forward.

Try every day to carry out a complex of simple exercises, the first result will please you within 14 days.

Benefits of Gymnastics for the face:

  • It gives visible results faster than a diet;
  • He corrects the shape of the face;
  • exercises can be performed anywhere and at any time.

Disadvantages of gymnastics for the face:

  • the result is not momentary. To achieve it requires time and willpower.

slimming face mask

Before applying the mask healingandbodyworkrecommends a facial massage. The best time for him - this is the morning after awakening, and water treatment. In the evening, prepare a special infusion of herbs. You can use sage, chamomile, linden flowers, yarrow. Approximately 1 tbsp. l. Grass should pour 2 cups boiling water. Let it brew for 30 minutes and drain. Prepare also a soft towel.

Moisten it in the solution and wring out, then take the edges and sharp your arms, turned to cotton. Thus, a little pat on the chin with a 3-second intervals of about 15 times.

All masks are designed for a face-lift,It should certainly be applied to the face, neck, chin and neck areas. Soaking them in the face should be up to 15 minutes with his head thrown back, in order to achieve maximum muscle tension.

In normal skin, dry basis masks braces should include bran, oat flakes (not fast brew), vitamin 'A' based on the oil (about 3 drops).

To lift oily skin it is best to agree a mask with egg white, lemon juice and yeast.

Once a week, make a solution and apply it to the above-mentioned areas.

Drastic measures

Such a method for reducing the shape of the face resortthe most desperate. Go under the knife of a plastic surgeon dare not everyone, but a method such as surgery or liposuction of the fat layer on the cheeks can get rid of annoying problems.

Typically, the greatest amount of fatIt concentrates the lower part of the cheeks. The surgeon makes an incision on the inside of the cheeks and removes excess fat accumulation. As a result of the patient's face becomes thinner, and cheeks will not be long to sag. It will be appreciated that the appearance of the cheeks fat - is a consequence of the overall weight gain. That is, if you get better, then your face will again acquire a circular shape.

Surgeons also warn that young person of 25 years may be circular, but after this age may change its shape naturally. This point is also worth considering.

Reducing the face with makeup and hairstyles

Miracles of modern MakeUp dazzling. With such diversity of color palette of cosmetics makeup artists can visually make face anything: extending, expanding, making it "square" or "round". The main thing - to put right accents.

  1. E you have excess fat face, then hisreduce the use of visual dark powder with a bronze tint. Brush gently should apply this powder on the chin, keep moving along the jaw, moving around his neck.
  2. Different shades of blush is also useful. Conditionally divided in half horizontally cheeks, apply bright blush on the upper part. Dark colors blend on the bottom. Blush should not have the gloss, it is important to choose only matte tones.
  3. Bright lipstick becomes distraction and switch the attention of the non-ideal face shape.
  4. Hairstyle - is another important focus, which can besuccessfully hide a round face and make it smaller. The most successful option - it is smooth locks along the face. Also effectively hide the cheeks and cheekbones to help voluminous hairstyles with bushy tops, cut with uneven strands. Just do not put too much hair, they just will not solve your problem, and multiply it.
  5. Long bangs make a person less and uneven, slightly bolted locks visually hide unwanted facial contours.

Before applying the complex weight loss programperson you have to decide for themselves whether or not it should be, really? Weigh the pros and cons, as well as to take into account the fact that a woman with a full face look more youthful. Wrinkles on the face that appear later, they are almost negligible. If nature has given you just such a face shape, then why not accept her and love for what is.