How to make a beautiful make-up for brown eyes?


Among the huge number of different eye colors is most fortunate dark eyes - they sing songs, compose verses, tell about them in legends and fairy tales ...

"Dark eyes, passionate ...."- The song they know almost everything, and because it is sung on a dark brown, almost black eyes. Owners brown eyes almost never have to worry about some peculiar make-up, dark eyes themselves attract attention. But it is possible to emphasize the natural charm, enthusiasm and look to give rigor - it's all available to make up for brown eyes.

In a normal city street holders brownEyes are always visible and it is not in the clothes or walk. If blue-eyed girl will need a lot of time even on an ordinary morning makeup to make the skin and expressive face, the brown-eyed - there is no need for additional "decoration". A few precise strokes - and the beauty of this nature take its course without a fight. Several difficult girls with light brown eyes, but this is a completely different case.

In spite of the natural appeal,Makeup for brown eyes is still required, not so much to attract attention as to create a certain image. Let us consider what mascara and its shades, the color of lipstick, eye shadow used that highlight, underline natural beauty brown eyes.


  • 1 Types of makeup for brown eyes
  • 2 Shadow makeup brown eyes
  • 3 Mascara
  • 4 Make-up for special occasions

Types of makeup for brown eyes

Eyeliner make-up, or by which the owner of brown eyes turns into a temptress with oriental cut dark, sparkling eyes.

For brown eyes makeup in the Arab style eyelinercarried out directly from the most eyelashes of the upper eyelid, while the lower eyelid eyeliner is a very thin line. Connected lines at the outer edge of the eyelid graceful cat bend - is the completion of the image.

For eyeliner brown eyes use black, andenhancement of the effect is due to the shadow of golden chestnut, olive colors. Daylight color saturation in makeup brown eyes gradually - from light (at the inner corner of the century) to enhance color to the outer corner.

Shadow makeup brown eyes

The main rule is the use of shadows for brownthe eye is the same as for the other colors - a shade created for the color of eyes, and not vice versa! Just another means to emphasize your charm and beauty, and "drawing" of a person ... Do not all the available shade to use makeup, shadows a little adjusting, emphasize the shape of the eye.

To make brown eyes combined with darkfacial skin is very suitable range of olives, all shades of brown. Sometimes the best solution is the application of shadows in color dress in the most cilia, and shadows are applied with a wide brush, but only drawn. If the facial skin is bright, the makeup used cooler colors shades - aqua, blue or purple in color.

It is not used in makeup brown eyes orange hues.


This is a big issue, because many famousmake-up artists to the use of makeup brown eyes any mascara, but ... There's always a but ... If the girl has brown eyes and fluffy black hair, as a rule, eyelashes will also be thick and black.

Of course, makeup applying mascara would be superfluous, but if short eyelashes, rare - still have to use mascara, but only black!

Brown eyes require the use of only blackmascara, and it must be applied evenly and gently, otherwise the eyelashes will look ugly. It is the eye of attention, do not spoil your image ridiculously painted eyelashes.

Make-up for special occasions

Wedding or carnival makeup brown eyes allows the combination of all, the most unexpected shades, but there is one rule - makeup should be in harmony with the clothes or jewelry.