How to make children's manicure

My five year old daughter is always watching with interestfor the way I do yourself a manicure. Often it takes a nail file and tries to repeat after me. And from her constant requests "covered and my nails with red lacquer" I do not know where to go. Maybe we should try to make the child a manicure?

Many mothers believe that children do not need to domanicure, enough to use scissors to cut regrown nails. But actually it is not. Children's manicure may also include other measures to nails were manicured and healthy.

Direction "children's manicure service" in ourcountry only develops. Most parents believe that it is necessary not to children's hands to various manipulations in the salons. But the masters of nail service think differently and believe that children need to do manicures for children aged five to sixteen.

We all remember the childhood moments when my mothercosmetic and other accessories for body care did not give us rest. We were curious to get to these "treasures" and everything to try in person. Can you imagine what interest are experiencing now our children? So why deny them the satisfaction?

We will not punish our little fashionistas for trying to become more mature and become better gradually accustom to care for themselves.

There are two options - you can make the children's manicureindependently and take my daughter to a beauty salon. Recently, in the big cities there were even specialized salons in which services are provided for children. It can be done, and a children's manicure. But do not grieve for those readers who do not live in big cities. healingandbodywork hurry to put you at ease - this procedure you can have in a store, and in some - even at a discount.

In this there is an advantage?

Yes, the procedure is considered not only necessary, butand benefits. First, the child will be very happy, and he will surely enjoy manipulation. And secondly, we accustom the baby to take care of themselves from a young age.

There is another significant nuance - manyGirls between the ages of six and ten years are beginning to bite his nails. According to statistics, twenty-five per cent of girls have this bad habit, and in adolescence the number of children with this habit increases. Parents do not know how to wean a child biting his nails. There are times when they cry, and even beat him on his fingers. But the problem is not going anywhere, and it joined the aggression, and the habit is strengthened.

Children's manicure procedure makes it easyget rid of Onychophagia. After all, nobody wants to "eat" the beauty. Girls will try to maintain its "nail art" that boasts a beautiful manicure to her friends.

Procedure on the principle of "do no harm"

Important! Children should not be doing manicure! Nail regrown edge to remove the scissors (or forceps) can be, but in the matrix skin (area of ​​formation of the nail plate) can not. If you do not adhere to this rule, it is possible to deform the plate and on the nail will always be crooked!

Children need to do a dry manicure. But he will be somewhat different from that of an adult. The difference is that the children's nails should not be subjected to grinding and polishing, because the nail plate is still very thin and unformed. These manipulations will be available in fifteen or sixteen years old when the nail plate is strengthened. At this age, you can also have to do spa manicure, trim or hardware.

It is also a distinctive feature of the children's nails is the fact that the plate grows large pterygium, and the cuticle and skin around the edge of the roller okolonogtevogo very thin.

Do not be afraid of such features asthe appearance of white spots on the nails. Doctors often call this phenomenon "false Leukonychia" because nail growth area is not always long enough and therefore may appear spots.

Manicure together

So you've decided not to resort to the master and do a manicure to the child yourself? This is welcome, because you have a chance to close communication with your child.

Incremental steps:

  1. Prepare an antibacterial spray (if not, you can wash your hands with soap and water).
  2. Also do not forget that all the tools that you will use, you need to be pre-treated with antiseptic.
  3. Prepare a small cotton towel.
  4. Take special nail file (not less than 240 abrasive grit) and carefully file off the free edge of the nail.
  5. If the nail is long - cut superfluous childrennail scissors or clippers. You can not cut the nail at the root, it can cause discomfort. It is necessary to leave a few millimeters of the free edge.
  6. Clean the dirt from under the nail (if available).
  7. There are times when a child does not really likevibration nail files. In this case, you can take the clippers and process edge. The same tool can be gently remove burrs (they often deliver the child pain). Deal with antiseptic disposal.
  8. To cuticle separation process waspainless, you immerse the child's hand for a few minutes in a warm bath (add a few drops of liquid baby soap). The skin softens and it will be easier to remove.
  9. With the help of an orange tree sticksgently move the cuticle. Trim it is not necessary! If it is "captured" a large part of the nail, then you can remove it with a special balm, which itself it will dissolve. Apply a couple of drops of and wait a minute or two.
  10. Once you have clipped the free edge of the nail,the child can have a massage (in the cabin he called "paraffin"). This procedure is the children are very fond of. Take baby cream and make baby massage brushes. Try not to rub it vigorously enough light stroking movements.
  11. All your first manicure ready. can be covered with marigold baby varnish if desired. Such a lacquer is made on the basis of water, so it is not harmful and is easily removed with water and liquid soap.

In some cases, if a child suffers leykohiniey, the nails coated with a special varnish that has a bitter taste. In this case, the process of withdrawal biting his nails easier.

Children school age to wean fromthis habit can be using special stickers on your nails. Beautiful pattern on your nails really like girls and they are unlikely to want to spoil it.

Subtleties manicure

To the procedure for the implementation of a manicure does not cause discomfort, follow these rules:

  1. If you file nails, choose a glass nail file. This tool does not create vibrations and unpleasant sensations.
  2. Do not buy a nail file with a low abrasiveness, because they are designed for thick or artificial nails.
  3. When choosing scissors, give preference to an instrument with rounded edges. This is necessary in order not to injure the baby.
  4. If you do softening bath, theit can be enriched with natural additives: a decoction of herbs. Use chamomile and celandine. In the tub, you can add essential oil of lavender (two liters of fluid - a drop of oil).
  5. the bath temperature should not exceed 37 degrees. But it is better to ask the child if he is hot - the temperature can be reduced.
  6. To avoid allergies, choose a children's hand cream.
  7. To moisturize baby's skin, you can use almond oil. It is allowed to use, even for delicate newborn skin.

Now you can make your own kids manicure. Remember that this procedure should be fun for you and your child.