How to lose weight in a week

How to lose weight in a week or lose weight for 3-5days? Who has not asked himself this question on the eve of an important meeting ?! Girls are rarely satisfied with their figure - they think it's worth to lose weight for a certain number of kilos and you will be absolutely happy. healingandbodywork gathered nutritionists recommendations for fast and safe weight loss.

If you want to get rid of 10 kilograms perweek, do not entertain hopes. Reset a solid weight so quickly can only people with a weight of about 200 kilograms. The fact that the smaller the starting weight person sitting down on the diet, the slower it will lose weight. Therefore, it is not necessary to hope for a sharp loss of 10 kg with a total weight of 50 kilograms. The following techniques will help to lose up to 5 kilos per week. Adhere to these schemes, the power longer than 7 days is dangerous to health.

Efficient power supply circuit for weight loss

As you can imagine, quickly - does not mean safe. You can, of course, a week to eat or drink and find yourself in the emergency room. Only we do not want such an outcome. We desirable to lose weight, cleanse the body, so much so that after the diet did not gain more kilograms.

1 option. Strict fasting. We do not mean a complete rejection of food and eating. But for 3 days will have to forget about the food that is not harmful, but even useful for completely healthy person. Weight loss will be noticeable if done twice a day for bowel cleansing procedure. Drinking every day for 2 liters of purified mineral water, you can lose up to 3 days up to 5 kilograms. Just do not try to immediately go to the banquet! It is necessary to leave the fasting properly, slowly eating while fractional (and preferably lean food).

Option 2. Lose weight in a week is possible and with the help of mono-diet. They have long been used, and information about their weight. For example, kefir week, during which you daily drink (other than water) and a half liters of low-fat yogurt. Try to separate these techniques by 5-6 times. You can also use buckwheat day fruit or vegetable. With such a diet should be especially careful. Weight may return a hundredfold. Or simply stall the process of weight loss. Therefore, such a diet can not be abused: they do not last for more than 7 days and repeated no earlier than 10 days. If you can not boast of self-control and willpower, one week to eat the product you are unlikely to succeed.

3 variant. Reducing caloric intake with its further increase. If you consume 1200 calories daily (how to calculate caloric intake we have already told in the article "Counting calories") and sharply reduced rate of up to 600-800 calories, the result will not take long. Just keep in mind that to increase the number of calories consumed should be gradual. You can do this by going to use, for example, carrot and apple puree. Preparing it quickly and from low-priced products. But in 200 grams of this mix contains only 100 calories. That is the day you can eat about a kilogram of mashed potatoes. Do not forget about drinking regime! Such a diet is recommended for 3-5 days, the result is in the balance, you will see something like this, "-3 kg."

4 option. Weekly slimming complex, purification and recovery of the body. This program is designed with a mind and involves not just weight loss! Five days you eat a variety of food (it reduces the probability of failure), and then go out slowly from the diet.

So, eat apples, on the first day you drink water and2 hourly drink tablets sorbent (e.g. activated carbon). All this is done to improve the metabolism of toxins and output body. The water is drunk all week without restrictions on volume. During the second day you need to drink milk products (low-fat kefir liter) and eat up to 400 grams of fat-free yogurt with vanilla. So you're running is the bowels. The third day involves eating a handful of dried fruit and two tablespoons of honey. For the fourth day (protein) to eat 500 grams of boiled chicken with fresh herbs. Well, the fifth day - berry-fruit, but is allowed to include in the menu of whole grains. If you hang on all 5 days (and it is not as difficult as in the mono-diet), you can lose 5 kilograms or more. In addition, you feel the vivacity and lightness in the body.

5 option. Another way to lose weight in a week - to alternate various fasting days: water, cheese, meat, vegetables, fruit, etc. They choose the order in its sole discretion, based on a sense of comfortable digestion... With this method of weight loss is particularly noticeable kgs leave in the first week of the diet.

Physical exercise

To see the result, not only on the scales, but alsoin the mirror, compulsory sport. Nutritionists recommend aerobic exercise - exercise bike and treadmill. If you can not go to the gym, walk at least two hours a day. It is important to not just walk, and move as in race walking. It is better to plan a walk in the morning.

In order to lose weight in the waist and hips, dotilts forward and to the side, the body bends and squats. You can even sit on his haunches, sprinkle a handful of toothpicks around him and, without moving the hips (move only the upper part of the body), to collect them. It is also helpful to twist the hoop and swing press. This will tighten the skin, which loses elasticity during weight loss.

In order to lose weight, you need to fall in love. This is perhaps the best recommendation. Hormones happy doing their job. But, if you find a mate in the shortest possible time you could not, take a trip to the sea, on a walk in the woods, soak up the sun or just make yourself a nice gift. After all, the food - not the only way to become happier.