How to lose weight in 1 day

Slim now in the trend, however, assports, as well as proper nutrition. More and more people are interested in innovations in the field of diet and everyone is trying to develop its own individual detox program. How to lose weight in 1 day know the most avid fans of the strict diets.

One-day diet and its features

A lot of famous people looking greatand the secret of this is not only a great genetic, but also special recipes nutrition, which may be as a result of their own efforts, and the professional advice of nutritionists. The similarity is only in a positive result. Dietary programs can last for years, months and weeks, but it so happens that you need to lose weight just for 1 day, then come to the aid are proven ways to express slimming.

In order for a scheduled eventa day to appear in all its glory, you can take advantage of special cosmetics, which give the appearance of a slender body. For example, self-tanning cream is able to hide a few extra centimeters in the waist, because, as you know, tanned body visually seem slimmer. The effect of thin face helps to create a blush, making his cheekbones more vivid and eye-catching. The ability to apply themselves - an important detail in the case, if you want to complete your new look. Posture should be flat, heel - high, shoulders - are widely outstretched and chin - always upbeat. In the end, you can always take advantage of the laundry with sink marks to correct silhouette.

But what if even Waist Shorts are not able to save you from protruding tummy? In this case it is possible to use other methods.

How to lose weight in 1 day

fast weight loss methods:

  1. If one day you want to get rid of a couple of extrakg, then no harm will slightly go hungry. Drink only water is allowed. On the eve of this day it is recommended to drink a laxative and then for 24 hours should be discarded from the food and drinks. Pure water can be drunk in unlimited quantities.

    I feel uncomfortable? The mood is worse than ever, or a headache? Add the water a little honey and lemon juice. This refreshing drink is able to improve mood and at the same time does not affect the weight.

    In the evening after a full day of water permitted vegetable salad (with or without a small amount of vegetable oil). In this case, the weight loss will be due to the fact that the bowels.

  2. When water fasting is too strict for youweight loss measure, make fasting day. Surely it is a common phrase heard. The night before, eat a little cheese, porridge on the water or soup in the vegetable broth. The next day, select the suitable product for unloading. These products may be:
    • vegetables (the most popular pumpkin);
    • fruits (apples, kiwi and oranges);
    • buckwheat or oatmeal;
    • tea with milk;
    • fish and even lean meat.

    Many fans these days prefer yogurt, fat content of 1%. During the day it is only allowed to drink in unlimited quantities.

    Greater harm one fasting day the bodyman can not cause, in fact, nutritionists recommend giving the body "rest", allowing you to remove the load from the gastrointestinal tract. This cleans not only the intestine, but also the liver, and the body is easier to assimilate nutrients selected from the unloading products.

    Very go and switch on consumptionjunk food is not necessary. On a new day breakfast is best to eat unsweetened porridge without butter and milk. And that program is not lost came back, try not to eat sweet, flour, salt and roast.

  3. If you feel that the above methodsFast weight loss is not for you, then use one of the most popular weight loss methods - steam room or sauna. Sweating, which occurs as a result of staying in a room with a hot air contributes to the loss of excess fluid. To lose the maximum amount of water you need to use the sauna at least 5 times a day. In the absence of contraindications, such as heart problems, this method is not less effective than a one-day fasting.
  4. Go to the reception to a professional massage therapist. The specialist knows, where on your body you need to make an effort to get the result. After an active massage, you are guaranteed to be able to get into your favorite outfit. We must not forget that when you visit the steam room, the gym or a massage therapist's office need to drink a lot of mineral water without sugar.
  5. The good effect is able to bring complexdetox method. It is a sauna and a beauty salon. For example, you can go to the anti-cellulite massage for the entire body after a good warm-up. It can also be wrapping with honey or algae. After such treatments usually result is evident.
  6. In order to safely and effectively clean the small and large intestines, throwing off the extra kilos, adhere to the following menu:
    • morning cook porridge 2 tbsp. l. bran 1 hour. l. of vegetable oil and 200 grams of yogurt. This porridge produce absorbent effect and will contribute to the promotion of feces on the gastrointestinal tract.
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    This recipe is able to heal the intestines,but at the same time, it displays the body of toxins, it is possible that will be released and beneficial bacteria. Regular intake of cereal requires concurrent consumption of dairy products with useful lactobacilli.

    Choosing one or another way to lose weight, it should beto know that, for example, the steam room is not recommended for diabetics and hypertensive patients to visit, as well as those people who suffer from heart disease. If you are going to lose more than 2 kg, then our advice to you is also not suitable because these methods are aimed at eliminating puffiness and removing fluid from the body.

    For the short term we should not try to lose up to 10 kg as well can cause irreparable harm to their health.

    Contraindications for quick weight loss

    healingandbodywork not recommended to lose weight urgently because:

    1. Diet using diuretic drugs is dangerous, in any case, since a strong dehydration can lead to leaching of potassium, so - to the serious problems of the heart.
    2. Hypertensive patients is strictly prohibited the use of a long bath procedures. The same applies to the cores and diabetics.
    3. To avoid problems in the colon, refuse enemas.

    Having made the decision to lose weight in one day, you should avoid the following:

    • taking the pills that prevent the absorption of food. This can cause problems in the digestive tract and sometimes fatal;
    • drinking laxative tea. As a consequence, it will not be able to avoid a sharp pain in the abdomen, bloating, constipation and may even reduce blood hemoglobin.

    Decrease in appetite

    Reduce appetite on a diet will help compliance with several rules:

    • consumption of large quantities of liquid, particularly water. Also allowed to snack some vegetable or fruit;
    • satisfy your hunger will help decoctions based on flax seeds, dandelion root, nettle, fennel;
    • Special breathing exercises canto give the brain signals that override the urge to desire to eat. In this case, a very effective Chinese gymnastics tszyanfey. Feeling hunger attack, inhale, pull your stomach and fill the air chest. Then exhale slowly. Such approaches are repeated several times, and after another attempt, you will feel that hunger retreated.

    If you follow the recommendations, it is notwill be held a day like using laundry with sink marks or without practicing useful quick weight loss tips, you wear your favorite dress and in good shape go to a party with friends. Later, of course, will not be superfluous to make a healthy lifestyle of its norm, and you will forget about the extra kilograms obsessive when something has got to slim your silhouette.