How to lose weight at home

"How to lose weight?", "Why are all, and I'm not?? "," What kind of diet to choose "," How not to break? "- All of these questions every day asking themselves millions of women around the world. How to deal with their shortcomings so as not to break away from work and everyday activities, without prejudice to your diet and do not waste money on expensive gyms? There is a solution - do yourself at home.
"How to lose weight at home?"" Why do all they can, and I do not have "," What kind of diet to choose "," How not to break? "-? All these questions millions of women asking themselves every day around the world. Unfortunately, the glossy magazine with perfect bodies on the cover does not help in achieving the goal, but on the contrary, we have to create hundreds of facilities: full hips, drooping buttocks, imperfect breasts. How to deal with their shortcomings so as not to break away from work and everyday activities, without prejudice to your diet and do not waste money on expensive gyms and group sessions? There is a solution - do yourself at home.
The main rule - to love yourself. Trite, but true. Love of self begins with the construction of elementary his regime. Nobody says that the day should be painted by the minute, it's pretty boring, spontaneity in life should still be present. Council - to develop their own individual settings for yourself, find 30 minutes a day to think about yourself and your health.
It would be desirable to get a result in the past month,healingandbodywork readers should understand that losing weight - a complex process. The body goes through incredible changes, so give yourself time to get used to it and to a new way of life. Do not think that if you do not apply a monotone efforts all come to pass by itself.
So, where do we start.

Regular exercise

How to lose weight at home
Physical activity must be introduced gradually. So that the body did not experience constant stress from active employment and accustomed gradually, without overloading. The main rule - regularity. The duration of a workout can range from 30 minutes to an hour, this is the optimal time for which you can manage to work the major muscle groups. It is best to train in a day in the beginning. So your muscles will be able to come a little bit after the initial load. The fat layer begins to burn only on the passage of 24 hours of training, so that classes in a day - the best option for women.

Where to begin

To start, you just need to want it. Desire - the main motivator for weight loss. But from personal experience we can say that there are days when you just can not bring myself to exercise. Here comes to help another motivation for sports - look good even during training. Agree, much nicer to train in a beautiful tracksuit than the pants at home. Be creative - choose her clothes, which will be comfortable with the fact that you will look better than any celebrity. Do not spare the money. Motivate yourself every day as long as the first result will be. In the future, it was he who would be the main reason for your permanence in the classroom at home.

Driving elementary exercises

So, as has been said, to lose weight at home, it is important to perform regular exercises. Divide into two types of training: study of the top and bottom.

  1. Shoulders. Wiring dumbbells in hand while standing. Feet shoulder width apart, arms with dumbbells at your sides. Raise the arms to the sides to an angle of 90 degrees.
  2. How to lose weight at home

  3. Arms (biceps). Classic bench dumbbell from the "sitting". Flex arm at the elbow, raising its maximum weight.
  4. How to lose weight at home

  5. Arms (triceps). Standing pull the dumbbell over your head, hold it with both hands. Lower the dumbbell behind your head, bending the arms up to 90 degrees.
  6. Back. It is necessary to lay down on the bench (a bench in the home conditions can be replaced with a few chairs, and posed next to a flat board on them) by taking a dumbbell with both hands, pull it out in front of him, and from the initial position to lower his hands behind his head.
  7. How to lose weight at home

  8. Legs. Legs are well worked out conventional squats, just keep in mind that the heels should stand on the platform or board height of 3-4 cm. The inner thigh muscles pumped squats with weights in his hands and feet moved apart. Weight falls in the middle between the legs.
    And, of course, the classic attacks, where the load is on the legs and buttocks. With the help of attacks you can lose fat in this area.
  9. How to lose weight at home

  10. Press. Variants of exercises on the press - tens. The easiest from which to start - raise body lying on gym ball. This reduces the load on the back.

Beginners need to perform the exercises in 3 sets of 10 times. Gradually increasing to 15-20 times. The exercises can be added as habituation.

What to eat during the day - losing weight without dieting

How to lose weight at home
Diet - is a radical weight loss method thatIt gives results only for a time maintain a certain supply scheme. What we need to achieve stability, so we are working out a system of food consumption.
Compulsory breakfast. This can be low-fat cottage cheese, steamed oatmeal (mind you, not boiled, but simply steamed with boiling water), yogurt - all easy and nutritious product.
Avoid snacking. They prevent the body to absorb food in time. Deprive yourself of pleasure to eat fat and sweet. Perhaps this is the main deprivation that you have to endure during weight loss. The body will tell itself what it lacks - fish, liver, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit. As you can see, the choice of food is quite large. Healingandbodywork I advise readers just to get away from the idea that you lose weight. Eat right and delicious.
It is advisable to purchase a steamer or aerogrill. Cook them quickly, and most importantly - products retain their original value.
Another of our new rule - eat up to 19-00, or at least 4 hours before bedtime.

Water - our main ally

The following rule should be to iron for you. Observe it should be every day. Drink 1.5 liters of clean water, preferably without gas. It is quite difficult. Buy a bottle with a lid "sport", pour the water back. So it will be more convenient and drink, and keep track of your fluids. 1.5 liters a day - this is the norm for water only to drink this calculation does not include.

The result is around the corner

As you can see, the new rules are not so much. They are very real and achievable:

  • low-calorie food;
  • exercise every other day;
  • 1.5 liters of clean water;
  • regularity.

A month later comes the first smallresults, after which will present achievements. All in your hands. You can lose weight at home and it is - without deprivation diets and useless spending. Good luck in your new endeavors!