How to lose weight after giving birth

This question, of course, concerned about every youngmother. What added during pregnancy in the waist and hips, for some reason, after the birth has evaporated ... So what to do now? How to lose weight after giving birth, and become slim again birch? For weight loss there is plenty of ways. This tells healingandbodywork.

How to lose weight after giving birth

This question, of course, concerned about every youngmother. What added during pregnancy in the waist and hips, for some reason, after the birth has evaporated ... So what to do now? How to lose weight and become slim again birch? This tells healingandbodywork.

For weight loss there is plenty of ways. Women know prodigious number of diets and actively comply with them. But after giving birth, you need to take care not only about their shape. Now the child was in your life, and his health is most important. How to combine motherhood and weight loss? It is not easy, given the fact that due to breast-feeding you and your baby is still a single unit. Weight baby, the amniotic fluid and the placenta is about 10 kilograms. The rest - is deposited in different parts of your figure. It is this surplus you have to fight. But, nothing is impossible. The main thing is to have patience and lose weight properly, that is, to listen to the advice of experts.

Council №1. We sincerely looking forward to bringing to lose weight

Yes, it is genuine. You must have motivation that will overcome any "can not" or "do not want". In the first few months after delivery your lifestyle changed dramatically. Concerns about the kid now take up all your time, it strongly enough. And sometimes you would give everything that was in a day for at least 48 hours. This situation is all new mothers. But! Learn to manage your time so that minute and remained on a healthy sleep, and self-care. Do not be lazy, if it is good to try, everything is sure to succeed.

№2 Council. Take care of proper rest

Try to make your holiday complete. Comfortable bed, a shower before going to bed and 7-8 hours of sleep - that's what you need. Yes, the kid will make their adjustments in this mode, but, no matter what, do not sacrifice the precious minutes of sleep in favor of Home Affairs. The fact that chronic sleep deprivation leads to stress and nervous exhaustion. And this kind of neuroses disrupt the metabolism. This is the cause of excess weight.

№3 Council. breastfeed

If you are breastfeeding your baby in the first few months younot be able to afford to eat too much. A strict diet is required for setting up child ventricle, does its thing, and the weight will begin to melt slowly. Soups without zazharki, boiled meat and fish, porridge and mashed potatoes, eggs and dairy products - all this and have a healthy diet of lactating mothers.

The only advice - do not try to, as before,have "for two". Do not worry, the baby will get all the necessary nutrients to it, even if you have only a single cereal. How? Of those fat deposits around the waist, so that you do not like. Nature has thought of it all, and thank God! Breastfeed longer, and excess weight will melt before your eyes.

During the pregnancy I gained 20 kg. Quite a few, but I'm not worried. My mother instilled in me the fact that breastfeeding a child too much "suck." From the hospital, I brought 4-pound baby and 9 kg of fat. Six months later, without much effort, I weighed the same as before pregnancy. So breastfeeding babies and longer!

№4 Council. No strict diets!

Dietitians are not advised to go on a strict diet while breastfeeding

Dietitians are not advised to go on a strict dietbreastfeeding. It merely depletes the body and harm your health. It is better to eat tasty food with pleasure. Then you will not have a strong sense of hunger, and eliminate the need constantly snacking.

Normally strict diets postpartum followstars. Actresses and models count calories, train hard. But, they are limited by the terms of the contracts. Yes, and lose weight under the supervision of professional trainers.

One should not drink diuretic tea for weight lossand Supplements. Perhaps you will lose weight, but as soon stop taking them, the weight will return. You also need to be careful with vitamins. Vitamin complexes improve metabolism and increase hunger.

№5 Council. Take care of a balanced diet

Take care of a balanced diet

To begin with, I would say that you need to eat at least 3once a day. Some nutritionists recommend eating 5-6 times a day in small portions. And do not skip breakfast - it is the most important meal. Remember that food should not be abundant, it must be useful.

What is good for you now? Any protein foods - meat, fish, protein omelet. How to cook it? Boiled, baked or steamed. Useful there will be low-fat dairy products - yogurt and cottage cheese. An important place in the diet Take fruits and vegetables. Now we need to lean on the cabbage, bell peppers, greens, carrots, beets, onions. If you have no time to make stew, please be various mixtures of frozen vegetables, they greatly save your time. From fruits are useful in citrus fruits, kiwi, apples. Say "No" dried fruit (raisins, dried apricots), bananas, any soda, especially sweet, different baking and seeds! Do not overuse salt and spices - they increase appetite. Focus on calorie intake for nursing mothers - 2200-2400 calories per day. And further. Drink at least two liters of fluid per day.

From the first days after birth, start to drink herbaltea nettle and chamomile. Drink this tea can be for 2-3 weeks in the morning and evening. A decoction of the herb and improves lactation, and displays the body of stagnant liquid, and this contributes to weight loss.

With this tea you need to start the morning. After 20-30 minutes, you can eat porridge with boiled meat or steam fish cakes and an apple. Afternoon snack is a cup of yogurt. Lunch - soup with chicken broth and steamed vegetables (stew). Again, herbal or black tea rather weak. At 16 o'clock we eat protein omelet and a salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil. Again tea. For dinner, porridge c meat or hard-boiled quail (or chicken) egg. Here is a sample diet young mother. Just do not eat each dish to the maximum. Eat slowly and slowly, so you shall be filled without harm to the figures.

№6 Council. Forget where the refrigerator

Many mothers after childbirth appetite remains the same as during pregnancy and to the refrigerator as a magnet attracts

Many moms appetite after childbirth remains thethe same as during pregnancy. In this case, I'm hungry all the time, and pulls to the fridge magnet. And not everyone will have enough forces out to indulge in something delicious. What to do in this case? Try to occupy yourself anything, because if the business is busy, not about food recalls.

A friend of mine, so do not think about food for hours,She was walking with her daughter on the street, and it helped her. A month later she began to eat less and get rid of "pregnant" appetite. And another friend start to lose weight after she became a freelancer. Every spare minute she dedicated the work, and the kilos began to simply "fly away."

№7 Council. Move again and move!

After birth, move and move again

Movement is life! And yet the movement burns extra calories. This does not mean that it is necessary immediately after birth recorded on fitness. Moreover, doctors prohibit the first time after giving birth to run and swing press. But no one has repealed walking with a stroller in the open air. It is this "exercise" good tightens the muscles of the legs and thighs.

If possible, you can occasionally use the pool. Underwater massage is very effective, and to do it you can do it yourself.

Do Kegel exercises, they train the musclescrotch and ass. They do not necessarily take special time. It consists of a set of exercises in the alternate contraction (10 seconds) and relaxation (10 seconds) of the pelvic floor muscles. Suffice 5 minutes a day and soon your buttocks and inner thigh muscles will come back to normal.

To get rid of the main problem of young mothers -belly - very well suited known since childhood, "bridge" and alternate "inflation" and "retraction" of the abdomen. After a couple of months after giving birth you can download the press and it will be good to sign up for "belly dancing". Your waist very quickly returns to normal.

But to make legs slim and toned help squats. Squat you have to often, so invisible to you, and thighs, and calves will become elastic again.

There are even special complexes staticexercise (callanetics) for moms, they can practice at home. Just start with the minimum load, and gradually raise it. Otherwise, it may even change the taste of milk, and it is possible that the child refuses the breast.

Council №8. Do not expect instant results

You "load" weight long 9 months, andnow expects that it will disappear within 30 days? In vain. So, do not jump up every morning on the scales and upset by the results. Forget about diets youth that allows you to reset all at once. Weight after the birth will go slowly, but surely. And be ready for it. And a replica of others about your excess weight to respond and does not worth it. You are now my mother, and this is important. And with such trifles as overweight, you can do it easily!