How to keep skin tone while dieting?

How to keep skin tone while dieting?

Morning should begin with a smile! What kind of smile can be a question if you have morning tiredness, difficult to wake up, not in the mood? Do you dream of only one thing, to live for a second day and fall on the bed? But what about a romantic walk in the fresh air, a good job and a good time during the holidays, weekends? Taking advantage of a few tips above will become real for you, and a radiant smile will please not only you but also others.
* Council first "to sleep"
Even if you are unable to plan to go to sleep strictly in the same time (which is very positive for the health), try to sleep at least observe a few simple rules:
- 4 hours before bedtime. Knowing, even approximately, what time you go to bed, stop all actions associated with the absorption of food. No snacking!
- 1 hour before sleep. Positively adjust themselves to sleep and a good rest will help the rejection of watching TV. Strongly advised to watch the news and different "horror stories"!
-last 30 minutes. Council to take water treatments, such as a bath of lavender. Favorably disposed to the night's rest.
- 20 minutes as a sedative for the nervous system, drink a glass of warm milk or water with honey.
Be sure to learn how to sleep "high quality." That is, even for a few hours, completely disassemble the bed, turn off all the "light-emitting" - mobile, TV, lamps, computer ... For the rest need silence and darkness.
* Second Council 'ability to wake up "
Under drumbeat hardly anyone would wake up withmood. Therefore, ringtone for the alarm clock must be unobtrusive and pleasant. Even if you are late, do not rush to jump. Just open your eyes first thing you need to do - "put on" smile. Yes, yes, "put on". That is, in the morning, you can not feel any emotion so simply "drag" her lips into a smile. Such mimicry send impulses to your "think tank" and voila! Do you feel? Do you have a good mood! Good morning!!! Now you can make a "potyagushi", which made happy childhood.
* Tip the third "step-up according to the rules"
Even if you do not like to engage in exercise,try to at least make a few swings with his hands and feet, you can turn on your favorite music and dance. Excellent! You feel the blood ran in all the veins and capillaries? Now it's time to go to the shower. But do not forget to water treatments drinking a glass of water (would be nice with lemon juice). Everything is done, it's time for breakfast.
* Tip Four "showering"
Recommended only douche. Hot - cold, cold - hot ... Well, you feel the invigorating effect? It's hard to get used to? Then gradually accustom your body, lowering the temperature of the water to warm up to maximum cold. Also, while taking a shower massage your body, how to use the water jets and massage mitten with rigid natural basis.
* Tip Five "invigorating breakfast"
If "refuel" your body is not so thanneed (proteins), then do not complain that you will experience drowsiness or lethargy. Would be correct to drink a glass of fresh juice, such as orange, eat steamed vegetables, porridge. Complex carbohydrates should make up 3/5 of your breakfast. And then, slowly enjoy a cup of coffee with a piece of dark chocolate and think about the upcoming day.

Well that's all, you can go to do business! Your companions throughout the day vigor and high spirits!

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