How to keep longer tan?

We, the girls that just do not do in order to get a golden tan in summer. Admit that even on holiday you are going on the lion's share of it for a tan!

However, it is sad when, taking all the necessary steps for the acquisition and preservation of bronze skin, you are still faced with the fact that your skin begins to climb round.

Why is this happening?

The fact is that in this way your body signals the oversaturation of ultraviolet light. Due to his overdose top layer of skin dies, revealing a deeper layer of the skin.
Of course, this regenerating function of the skin is very important for the body, but what do you do with a tan? How to save it? We'll tell you how to deal with the problem of peeling of the skin.

Body Scrub

In order to not further traumatize the skin and does not lose the Sun completely, pick up for your body soft, easy peeling without sharp abrasive particles.
You can buy a ready-made scrub in a beauty shop or cook itself, but most importantly, that it helped you get rid of the top layer of skin gently and without injury.
The most suitable option - a sugar scrubnatural almond oil, olive or avocado or scrub of coffee. Such scrub not only exfoliate dead skin cells, but also moisturizes the skin, restoring its elasticity and even color. After using any of these scrubs the oily film left on the skin. Do not try to wash or wipe it, give it to fully sink in, just soaked towel.

Moisturizing the skin

Pick the right moisturizer for the body. In this case, choose those that contain in their composition medicinal and soothing ingredients calendula, aloe and chamomile.

You can resort to home remedies. Very good moisturize dairy products - you can put on a body yogurt, cream or sour cream.
Also, you can choose as a moisturizer olive oil or other vegetable oil - it is also an excellent and completely natural product.
Moisturizes the skin twice a day - morning and evening after showering.

Water and food

Take care of this problem also from the inside. To do this, increase your water consumption to 2.5 liters per day. Give preference to green tea, natural juices or plain water. Equally useful is the milk - it has a lot of protein, which will help in restoring the skin.
Lean on products in which a large number ofvitamin A (apricots, eggs, spinach, liver), vitamin E (vegetable oils and animal fats, nuts, seeds), Beauty vitamins - B group (black bread, seafood, tomatoes).