How to grow a beard

Beard has always been considered a sign of masculinitymen. Today it is also a stylish element in the image. The man with the beard always attracts attention and is perceived by the people around them as the owner of inner freedom and determination.

You want to change your image and add a fewpoints to the art to motivate? Then go ahead! Get rid of razor terror which every day takes you precious morning minutes! The main thing - to decide, and it will be the first step towards the desired. A healingandbodywork help you in this important matter, and tell you how to grow a beard?

Forget about his beard

If you want quick results and thinkgrow a beard easy, a bit disappointed you. This process takes quite a long time - this is the problem. Perhaps you have every chance to grow a super-stubble, but you are constantly interfering with itself and - then trimmed a bit, then podstrizhete superfluous. Interested in friends and family, whether you go a new way, is idle at the mirror with full confidence that this process will help the growth of your bearded head of hair. But this is a major mistake. The first few weeks - the most difficult because of your hesitation and constant striving to "help" the growth of beard. Therefore, the basic rule of the first month - do not disturb! Do not do anything. Absolutely nothing - no shave, no trimming, do not cut too much, sticking and uneven. Of course, it is not easy. Especially against the background of permanent advisors, relatives. They will always argue that you do not have a beard to his face and ask her to shave. But remember - you have an iron character and unwavering will! Be confident - you do not just visit the doubt and thought that beard you probably do not need, and the bristles do not - grow hair badly awry and rare. Drives away negativity and stay away.


Bearded men with many years of warning: do not succumb to the temptation to start forming the beard as soon as it began to appear on his face. This is the main mistake beginners who want to give their hair a neat appearance. More often than not it ends up shaving almost all "the bearded potential."

We determine the form

You could not resist and a half monthstouched to grow hair? So, it's time to start forming the beard. Of course, too early to talk about some unimaginable shorn curls, but to begin marking the upper and lower boundaries longer necessary:

  • lower boundary is designated in two inches above the Adam's apple;
  • the upper limit, located on the cheeks, while it is not necessary to touch.

Trimming the hairs best with a trimmer. Work it gently and carefully. Do not hurry, so as not to spoil all your work and spent several weeks:

  • start to work out the sides of his beard, and the movement should be from top to bottom;
  • the front part being worked out to give a more correct form possible;
  • ask the right direction trimmer fingers;
  • Field termination haircut, check if there are any irregularities in length or form. To do this, hold your fingers against the hair growth.
  • least - work on the mustache. For their study need clippers with a long blade. Finally correct protruding hairs with scissors.

Regularly remove protruding hairs and beard trimming border growth.

Caring properly

You finally achieved the desired and grow a beard. Now is the time to think about caring for your ornament:

  • when to wash, rinse and do not forget his beard. A couple of times a week, it is desirable to wash it with shampoo and balm. So you can make the beard more docile;
  • after washing do not dry beard hair dryer - this hair can be deformed. Use a towel;
  • do not forget to cut or carefully remove the protruding hairs, trim them on the cheeks;
  • to give the desired shape and growth of hair, a beard comb on a daily basis;
  • if your beard is not very thick, you can give it some volume in this way: after washing comb the hair against the growth, and when they are dry - the direction, smoothing his hands;
  • choose to take care of the beard comb with wide teeth;
  • to the extent that, as the beard will grow, you cansee that it is slightly different from the color of hair on his head. If you are confused by this fact, a special tint means you can pick up hair on his beard. It is best to consult a specialist who will select the desired tone.

Is it possible to accelerate the growth of the beard?

Ways to accelerate beard growth is not very different from those that improve the growth of hair on the head. This application is a complex of vitamins and a variety of cosmetic products as well as massage.

  1. Proper diet and use vitamins.
  2. At the pharmacy you can buy vitamin complexto improve hair growth. As for the food, then the diet you need to focus on protein foods, fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products. Eat fish, eggs, nuts. Drink more water.

  3. Massage.
  4. To accelerate the growth of the beard and you can with a regular massage the cheeks and chin. Do it every day to improve circulation:

    • circular movements massage the palms produce cheeks from the ears up and down;
    • chin and cheek pat in different directions;
    • when there will be a sufficient length of hair, comb massage desire.
  5. Burdock and castor oil.
  6. These funds will accelerate the growth of your bristles make hair shiny and thick. The result can be seen after two weeks of regular use. It can be used separately or mix the two oils:

    • Take 10 ml of oil and mix;
    • two times per week to rub this structure places where the bristles increases, leaving 1 hour. After that, wash oil cleanser.
  7. Vitamin complex.
  8. Take vitamins that strengthen hair andcontributing to their growth - A and E is used together they have to be fully assimilated by the body. In commercially available vitamin complexes, which are calculated on a monthly course. Also, do not be amiss to calcium intake, which will help strengthen the hair.

Physical activity and good sleep

Many people know that the intensity of hair growthIt determines the hormone testosterone. Therefore, regular exercise and training will contribute to accelerating the growth of your beard. Also do not forget to restore your health a good sleep and rest, because at this time the body is not only recovering, activates hair growth. Sleep at least eight hours per day.

Few Tricks

It also happens that all the efforts to grow a nice thick beard and do not bring the desired effect. Then you come to the aid of special tools for creating the illusion of density:

  • Spray a thickening agent;
  • Oil for beard;
  • Wax beards.

These miracle-funds will be especially necessary for those who have thin hair and bald spots available. They are sold in small jars and do not require rinsing.

5 important rules for those who decided to grow a beard

  1. Never think about the reaction of the people on your beard.
  2. The minimum amount of time when you can not shave his beard at all - four weeks. Even if you want to form a small beard.
  3. After a month, you can start working beards and start its formation.
  4. If itching and irritation, use special tools. This is a temporary phenomenon should not prevent you achieve your goal.
  5. Put yourself installation - not to shave his beard inover a number of weeks. Only after this, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", you will be able to decide - whether to keep a beard or shave it.

The most important thing - to carry out all procedures and regularly monitor the beard. Only then can we achieve unsurpassed style.

Grow a beard - it is not just one of the steps on the way to a new way. Yet this kind of adventure, which will help to discover. Become a freer and more original.