How to get gorgeous lashes?


Even the most expressive eyes can not be seen, if the lashes are short and tight as clothes brush. What do you do if the nature of the data does not get longer lashes fall out, ugly?

Is there really an effective means for the growth of eyelashes or it is the next advertising campaign?


  • 1 What are the eyelashes?
  • 2 Improvement of eyelashes
  • 3 Some tools to stimulate the growth of eyelashes

What are the eyelashes?

The attractiveness of a person depends on hiseyes, their expression, and of considerable importance in this play eyelashes. Remember? "Her eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings ..." or "half-closed eyelashes, she looked at the object of his love ...".

Writers often use the eyelashes, theirmovement to enhance the expressiveness of a literary text. In addition aesthetic problems at the eyelashes have a purely practical purpose - protecting the eyes from dust, fine sand.

With age, people lose eyelashes, which become brittle, dull, sometimes lashes fall out due to the destruction folikull. The reasons are many, the result is visible on the face, or rather, on the face.

Improvement of eyelashes

Often the cause is a rare eyelashespoor-quality cosmetics, which also does not wash with the eyelashes before going to sleep at night. Stop using cheap poor-quality cosmetics, for recovery procedures will return your lashes health, shine, and long, even without the use of various tools for the growth of eyelashes.

If you carefully wash cosmetics with eyelashesovernight, then we can avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust to them. Thus, you do not give bacteria that inevitably accumulate with each layer of mascara is not washed off, to develop. Your eyelids will be healthy, folikully hair will grow actively, eyelashes become thicker.

We have to seek funds for the growth of eyelashes evenin the case when only the high-quality luxurious cosmetics with natural ingredients. Unfortunately, few of the ladies remember that cosmetics should not be used after the expiration date!

If the tube is still a lot of cream, and the expiration date ended months ago - dispose of it without mercy, the use of this tool will bring more harm than good.

Do not resort to the procedure of artificial nails, hair and eyelashes - it is harmful to the whole body, as preparations for the building can not be called harmless.

Some tools to stimulate the growth of eyelashes

The phenomenal results in the short term promisehandouts of hormonal agents for the growth of eyelashes, hair and nails. But in fact you just misleading, telling tales about the wonders of the "eternal youth."

It's real, it's true that eyelashes grow "as ayeast ", as part of such drugs include physiologically active substances lipid prostaglandins, which are hormone-like substances of human body tissues. Besides the fact that these funds can cause allergic reactions, it is rapidly developing the effect of adjusting to hormonal methods.

You stop taking them, and your appearanceinstantly returns to the starting point. Constant reception means based on hormones definitely lead to disruptions in the functioning of your body systems. And who needs these sacrifices? For example, here are several companies that produce drugs with prostaglandin - Almea Xlash, Revitalash, Evolash, Careprost, AdvancedLash, MD Lash Factor, Latisse.

One of the oldest means of attorneys -eyelash growth stimulators can be regarded as castor oil, which can be purchased in a normal pharmacy. This oil was used as an independent means, or in admixture with other substances of natural origin.

The correct vitamin complexnatural oils and medicinal plant extracts give a slow but correct the effect of the growth of eyelashes. A well-known producer of natural systems is a laboratory Laboratoires Richelet, markets its products under the brand Magic Glance.

Biologically active components, natural oils, antioxidants, vitamin complexes - all this creates trust, gives excellent effect that does not require constant confirmation.