How to get rid of spots on the skin of the face?

Cream of the stains on the face

There are world-famous, and I can even say,widely popular aphorism that says, as if the sun, there are also spots. In fact, it is quite truthful, scientifically-proven fact, they (spot), so it spoils the "face" of our precious light.

Of course, most often it is said with regards tothe reputation of a man who had previously seemed flawless, but we'll talk about it at all, but about the trivial and banal spots on the face, which may have been significantly spoil us with your life, just by appearing.


  • 1 There were spots on the face - first of all, to the beautician
  • 2 What are the reasons you may receive unwanted pigmentation on the skin of the face
  • 3 How to deal with it and win
  • 4 What's in a cream of the stains on the face should alert you, and what is not

There were spots on the face - first of all, to the beautician

Cream of wrinkles around the eyes The reasons for the emergence of a variety of spotson the face can be a huge amount. For example, some girls with the onset of spring each year covered by the cheerful redhead spots, freckles who called in the people, sometimes spots appear during pregnancy, when all the forces of the body to create and care for a new life.

Happens and so that the spots on the skin, as theis excessive pigmentation appear at all without any apparent reason, and find them quite difficult. And there are such dark spots are not only the face but also on other parts of the body such as arms, shoulders, stomach and so on, though it happens rarely.

The first thing to do when you firstWe noticed that on your little face formed ugly, or even quite nice, specks or dots, it's like a personal, that is, the individual cosmetologist, which will help determine the cause of such changes in the body.

It is quite possible that your body of somethinghard you "signals", trying his best to get your precious attention to the problem. In addition, it may recommend a cosmetologist cream spots on the face, your best bet is to choose and use. Depending on the circumstances and evidence. All the more so inept treatment may just hurt, let alone that nobody wants.

What are the reasons you may receive unwanted pigmentation on the skin of the face

As already mentioned, the reasons for the occurrence,sometimes, quite unexpectedly, spots on the face, there may be many. Moreover, it can be as completely harmless cosmetic problem, and quite serious disease.

Because no real doctor do happen barely, only he can reassure you and explain what to do to remove hyperpigmentation from his face:

  1. The most basic and simple, justelementary reason that there are these spots, it is imprudent to the skin, the open sunlight, in our case - the face of various essential oils, perfume, eau de toilette or eau de cologne. They may cause excessive production of melanin, under the influence of solar radiation.
  2. With long-term, or even excessive, exposure to the sun, ultra-violet can also cause sunburn, the result of which may well address these dark spots.
  3. Brown spots may also occur ifThis hormonal imbalance in the human body. Cream of the stains on the face, in such cases, often simply powerless and need to heal first, the reason for their appearance, and only then taken for pigmentation. This may be the very pregnancy, lactation period, that is, breast-feeding and the production of milk, a violation of the right work "thyroid", or, it could be banal use of hormonal contraceptives.
  4. Spots on the skin of the face may even come fromThe wrong cosmetic products, such as scrub or peel, as well as from the consequences of its use. In addition, the local occurrence of micro traumas, for example, on the same inept home peeling, ugly spots may also appear. Cream of the stains on the face in such cases, have to choose a beautician, so as not to exacerbate the problem.

Uneven pigmentation of the face, as well as spotsThey may also indicate a hidden, internal diseases, such as kidney disease or liver, gastrointestinal, or genitourinary systems.

Therefore advised to initially apply it todoctor. And so to the beautician to avoid possible risks. Although, of course, an experienced beautician with experience, can usually distinguish the different causes of pigmentation, and he is likely to send you to the doctor.

How to fight it and win

How to choose a cream for normal skin?Naturally, if there are internal reasons for the appearance of age spots, most of all, a simple cream from spots on the face, would be ineffective, if at all, useless.

It is necessary to solve problems as they occur, for example, during pregnancy or breast-feeding, the fight against pigment spots can be dangerous for the baby.

Because without a doctor's advice, it is better not to do anythingdo. Cream of the stains on the face can only be used with neutral ingredients that will not harm either mother or crumbs, and so on. They say, for a while to stop the problem may be with the help of tanning, but see to it that he was also completely neutral and do not contain any harmful substances.

Moreover, in various diseases, the bestrefrain from the use of cosmetic products before you install the final diagnosis. For chemistry, which is contained in either cream, manufactured industrially, can significantly worsen, aggravate medical condition.

And, moreover, it is not the fact that bleachingCream of the stains on the face. You just help, if the cause of their origin lies in the disease. Be sure to first should undergo a course of treatment, and then to destroy excess pigmentation.

Try to remove excess pigmentation canalso trying to fill the deficiency of folic acid in the body, for example, due to power. Eat more lemons, sverhpoleznogo, but somehow not very beloved, spinach, cabbage, especially in fermented form, all kinds of greens, parsley, dill, cilantro, rhubarb, various salads, and so on.

Well, if there were dark spotssolely on the fact that you are overheated in the sun, then you can buy bleaching cream on the spots on the face, and boldly rush into battle with the opposing pigmentation.

What should alert you in a cream of the stains on the face, and what does not

Cosmetic industry, and behind her, andmarket of such products, flooded with the most variety of means, including creams from excessive pigmentation. So the choice is, just get up in front of you, at all hard.

When the medical, that is, the actual medicalrecommendations and contraindications are met, it remains only to choose the right cream and successfully get rid of the stains on the face and at the same time, a bad mood, and self-doubt.

The bulk of bleaching agents thatpresented in the domestic as well as foreign cosmetics market, it contains a very tough substance called hydroquinone. Furthermore, there may also be added derivatives thereof, for example hydroquinone glycoside.

In fact, this substance is extremely toxicand, for example, for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or it fully and unconditionally contraindicated. And the other girls and women, is considered a safe concentration of the substance in the cream of the stains, no more than 1-3 percent of the total amount of the components!

In it you should definitely pay attention to, in order to avoid health problems. You can not use these creams and for a long time, well, more than that rate, which is indicated on the packaging.

Often, in the creams include a wide variety ofacids including fruit. Cream Facial spots may contain salicylic, glycolic, tartaric, lactic, etc., acids. As is clear, acidic creams are extremely caustic.

And act otshelushivaya dissolving the top,horny layer cells of the epidermis, including excessive and pigmented areas. Because these creams may be contraindicated for those with thin, dry skin, or dermis is extremely sensitive and prone to irritation and allergies.

There are also creams with natural ingredients,anti-pigmentation, which operates smoothly and accurately. These components include parsley, lemon juice, the most ordinary cucumber, milk and honey, as well as extract from oats and black currants, and much more.

Cream of the stains on the face, based on natural, natural ingredients, is suitable in most cases for all, because the choice in favor of such funds is clearly noticeable.