How to get rid of the fungus on the nails?


In the treatment of fungal nail disease should always be borne in mind that this problem is not only aesthetic.

Fungus - a disease that requires a comprehensive,correct and timely decision. It signals about changes in the body's immune system, so the appearance of the fungus should be taken very seriously. The first signs that point to the fungus on nails, becoming an important reason for the visit to the dermatologist and mycologist. They will be able to make an accurate analysis of the type of fungus, pick the most effective and safe treatment.

Pathogens are highly fungusresistance to various environmental factors. They are not afraid of conventional cosmetics (soap, gel), which are used for swimming. Well tolerated and very high temperature, freezing. Many types of fungi are not afraid and disinfectants, why so difficult to overcome seemingly simple problem.


  • 1 The first signs of the disease
  • 2 Where can I catch the disease?
  • 3 Prevention
  • 4 Medication
  • 5 Traditional recipes for the treatment of fungus
  • 6 Self-Care

The first signs of the disease

Initially fungal pathogens colonize the skinbetween the toes, on the foot. It is easy to notice the unpleasant itching, flaking, which then passes even small ulcers. Gradually, the infection goes on the nail surface, it penetrates the nail bed.

If time does not refer to specialists, over time, all fungus toenails are infected.

The most dangerous option, infection of internal organs is rare, but it is not necessary to test the strength of your body:

  1. In nature, there are several types of fungus that can infect humans. Therefore, the outward signs of the disease itself and can appear a little differently.
  2. Spots on the nail plate - signs of dermatophytes. Sometimes the fungus can occur on the nails of hands and small light spots.
  3. If damage is observed on the edges of the nails and has a yellowish color, are signs of yeast.
  4. Against the background of other nail diseases may appear mold fungus in which the nail changes color to brown, green and others.

Where can I catch the disease?

Hearth mold are such places assauna, swimming pool, sauna. Failure to follow simple rules of hygiene, security, as well as a reduced level of immune protection is very easy to catch the source of infection.
Also, the infection can also occur through household items.

They can be nail clippers, nail files and sponges. All these things definitely need to be disinfected to the fungus could not be passed from one person to another.


The most important rule preventing fungus on his feet is cleanliness.

  1. Bathroom accessories (sponges, sponges), as well as slippers, nail clippers must be individual.
  2. It is necessary to choose the shoes exactly in size. Particularly harmful is wearing tight shoes.
  3. Socks, stockings advisable to buy from a natural material, because synthetics creates a heightened humid microclimate inside the shoe, and is a perfect environment for the spread of the fungus.
  4. If the legs were abrasions, scratches,worn, they must be properly processed, disinfected. foot skin always needs a good cream, otherwise it cracks. Any violation of the integrity of the skin - vulnerability to the risk of infection by microorganisms.


The first step that needs to be donefungus treatment - trip to the doctor (dermatologist, mycologist). But he, on the basis of tests, can prescribe the correct treatment and to identify the necessary preventive measures for the further spread of the disease. The pharmacy have many different tools to deal with lesions of the nail, it gels, ointments, creams, solutions. After consultation with the doctor and the acquisition of a designated drug should immediately begin treatment, the changes in the structure of the nail does not spread further.

Before taking medication,should be disinfected with a solution of special shoes and socks. Disinfection through time will need to be repeated. You also need a good handle surface of the bath, shower tray.

The most popular drugs that areused for external treatment and can be used at the initial stage of infection include ointment "Canison" cream (spray) "Lamizin" patches "microspore", "Exoderil" solution. Before applying the drug should be well washed the affected area to soften, as far as possible to remove the horny layer on the nail. After this preparation the drug will penetrate deeper into the nail structure.

Duration of treatment depends on the type of drugs and is indicated in the instructions, as well as the application of the scheme.

If the fungus on the nails penetrated very deeply, the disease started, the doctor will prescribe medicines not only for external use, and oral systemic medication, with a characteristic common action.

It is important to comply strictly with all appointments and doctor's advice.

Traditional recipes for the treatment of fungus

In the arsenal of traditional medicine there are also a few simple recipes for treatment. They can be applied if the fungus on the nails too deeply penetrated into the nail covers.

  1. Traditional methods are advised to apply to the fight againstThis problem iodine. Prescription on the affected nail (clean and dry) in the evening and in the morning it is necessary to apply a 5% solution is useful for cotton swab procedure. It is desirable to process and adjacent nails, once every three days. If you have light discomfort, they should quickly pass. The disadvantage of this method - the duration of treatment, during which the need to walk with painted nails.
  2. It can be applied to the affected nail fresh juicecelandine (twice a day). The course continues until the complete disappearance of the fungus. Minus - the juice of celandine in certain periods need to buy in the drugstore, find the plant on their own can only be in the spring and summer.
  3. Soda solution. Three liters of hot water should be well dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda. In such fonts should be good to steam the affected nails, then brush them with oil of the same celandine.

In the collections of folk recipes can be foundTips for treatment using garlic, but it is unlikely someone now wants to go a whole day, "smelling" a sharp and specific smell. After all, there are many other methods, effective, does not attract the attention of others.


Modern medical treatment of fungal diseases, effective and safe. Very rarely require surgery, in most cases it is sufficient external preparations.

Only in the laboratory can determine the type of fungus and select the necessary means, so it is not necessary to resort to folk recipes or to choose an ointment at a pharmacy.

Treatment is very long, and in the worst case, and quite ineffective, with the spread of the lesion. The surest way - to appeal to the specialist. And do not forget about prevention.