How to get rid of nail fungus on your feet?


Nail fungus, the medical name "athlete's foot" is an infectious disease, which affects almost every tenth person in the world.

Moreover, the infection most often affects males. Ill "mycosis" everyone can not limited number of times. The early stage of the disease can be treated with simple and basic procedures, but running shape requires a long and serious treatment.


  • 1 Causes
  • 2 Symptoms of nail fungus
  • 3 Methods fungus treatment
  • 4 Traditional methods of treatment
  • 5 How to treat nail fungus launched
  • 6 Prevention of fungus

Causes of disease

What is the main cause offungus on your feet? Can I protect myself? The nature of all human infectious fungal disease, in other words, their reason - it is disease-causing fungi. Typically, infection of a contact character. The fungus is transmitted from a sick person to a healthy, resulting in non-human personal hygiene.

In fact, to protect themselves from infectioncompletely impossible. You can be infected and not even understand where and how it happened. For example, the fungus can be picked up during a pedicure or manicure, after a failed try on "guest" slippers. And, of course, one of the main foci of infection are public places - pools, gyms, spas. This danger is caused by these spaces sufficiently high temperature and a high probability to contact with an exposed surface.

It is worth noting that not only walking barefootor wearing someone else's shoes can be the cause of the fungus, but it can also be caused by wearing even his own cramped and uncomfortable shoes, causing sweating feet.

Therefore, choosing shoes, especially in the summer, give preference to that which is made of natural materials offers the convenience and has a "ventilation".

If someone in your family suffers from a fungus feet, then you are also at risk of infection. So be sure to follow the rules of personal hygiene.

Symptoms of nail fungus

As a rule, when the fungus enters the body itIt penetrates the interdigital folds on the feet. Once in the skin, the fungus causes the peeling of the skin, provoking the emergence of bubbles, their cracking over time.

After the bubbles burst, they leavebehind cracks and sores. The first and very noticeable symptom - is the emergence of a very strong itching in the interdigital area. Delays in treatment allows the fungus to hit the nail plate.

As a result, growth and reproduction, it turns yellow andcoarsens. Fungus toenails not only changes the color of the nail and deforms, it also affects the nail bed, resulting in swelling phalanx arise pain and in some cases even weeping sores. After some time, the pathology begins to spread already on the fingers. Very rare cases when the fungal process is observed even in internal organs.

With regard to the appearance of the affected nails, they may look differently. At this affects the species of fungus belonging directly and stage of pathological process.

Usually, the nail surface coveredyellow spots or stripes which cover the lateral surface of the nail plate. In some cases, you may experience the bright yellow spots and stripes in the center of the nail. The nail, the victim of yeast fungus becomes yellow, thinning on the sides and starts to move away from his bed.

If the infection does not resolve in a timely manner, then the situation may be complicated by the development of purulent process.

Methods of treatment of fungus

Of course, no one will get pleasure from parasitic fungi skin. Their presence on certain parts of the body can bring down even the most staunch optimist.

Particularly negative impact on this diseaseemotional state of women for whom their appearance is of great importance. But in fact, the discomfort is not only in cracking and peeling of affected skin. Everything is much more serious than it may seem at first glance.

The main mistake made by many - it is self-diagnosis of the disease by analyzing the appearance of the nail.

In fact, at the same time can strike the nailSeveral different kinds of fungi. And in order to get rid of them, you need to undergo a thorough medical examination and a prolonged specialized treatment.

fungus treatment in no way bepostponed. This should be done carefully and in a timely manner. Because nail fungus does not pass by itself, and eventually started nail fungus can enhance allergies and even hit the groin, abdomen, armpits, chest and skin.

Choice of treatment depends on such factors:

  • species of parasite that caused the fungus
  • extent of the area affected
  • the nature of the pathology and changes
  • extent of the disease neglect
  • general state of health of the patient.

Traditional methods of treatment

Of course, to toe fungus treatment to be effective, you must take the help of a specialist, but also should not be neglected and traditional treatment methods as an additional tool.

We put things in the most popular folk remedies that have proven effective:

  1. For the treatment of fungal feet is recommendedbath with the addition of broth celandine herbs. To prepare the broth chopped herbs (4 tbsp) filled with water (6 tablespoons.) And boil for about five minutes. In the strained broth need to soar legs 30 min. Also useful is the use of lotions of this decoction, which are applied several times a day to the affected places.
    Celandine can be replaced with baking soda (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).
  2. The positive effect also has burdock. From it compresses made daily for 3 weeks. Fresh sheet must be wiped with a cloth, a hammer and smash streaks a rolling pin to roll. Thus leaf leg wrapped in the morning and at night.
  3. A 20% alcohol tincture of propolis also improves the condition of the affected nail. From it are made daily lotion.
  4. Also can be applied to the nail once a day pharmaceutical few drops of iodine. Processing is necessary not only to the affected nails, but also to neighboring healthy.
  5. You can try to do daily 15-minute bath with the addition of sea salt.

How to treat nail fungus launched

If your body was struck by a fungus alreadya long time ago, and you still could not get rid of it, the disease has become a running character, respectively, to overcome it will be much harder. This will require a lot of time, and some local funds will no longer suffice.

In this situation, only the people and petsmoney will not help. After contact with blood and tsirkulirovaniiparazita, local ointments, solutions, plasters, paints, creams and lotions should be supplemented by more effective methods of treatment, such as tablets and capsules.

One of the most effective treatments for neglectednail fungus is ozone therapy. The method consists in the use of ozone injection having antifungal activity. This procedure enhances local immunity and reduce inflammation.

To increase the effectiveness of such treatments is running fungus stage it is also necessary to conscientiously implement the recommendations and are listed below:

  • use disinfectant baths should be a regular
  • daily use of antifungal creams and drops
  • minimizing sugar intake, which is beneficial environment for the spread, growth and strengthening of fungi.

Preventing mold

To prevent fungal disease, it is necessary to abide by these simple rules:

  • on the beach walk only in footwear
  • in swimming pools, saunas or showers walk in a special rubber covered shoes that protect the foot from water and splashing drops
  • after the adoption of water treatment whole foot wipe and put on her antimikoticheskiepreparaty
  • wearing only his shoes
  • stockings and socks should be changed daily.