How to make french gel nail

Many girls enjoy french manicure. And they really want to see this beauty is held on the nails as long as possible. What can you advise? Of course, to make the gel-coat varnish.

Everyone knows that the French manicure keeps onnails three or four days. To make it longer please you, healingandbodywork proposes to make french by gel varnish. This varnish is dried under a special ultraviolet lamp and will hold two or even three weeks! And worry about the fact that he messed up, you do not have.

What we need

Make yourself at home French manicure is as simple as usual. That he was faultless, it is necessary to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • UV lamp for drying nail gel. The lamp is desirable to have a 36-watt or LED-lamp. In the store you can offer a lamp 9 watts, but it will not be so powerful and you have to spend more time on the drying of each layer;
  • stick from an orange tree;
  • nail file (can be two different abrasion);
  • buff polishing the nail plate;
  • degreaser;
  • primer;
  • lint-free cloth;
  • base (database) for the first layer;
  • means for removing the adhesive layer (or alcohol);
  • gel nail French manicure (two colors);
  • stickers or paint brush to "smile";
  • fixer;
  • Cuticle Oil (if not, you can replace the usual olive);
  • remover gel nail.

Of course, the list is impressive, but it onlyfirst glance. In fact, better once to buy everything you need to manicure than attend master in the cabin. And this service today is not cheap. By simple mathematical calculations we conclude - is economically profitable to do manicure gel polish yourself. The more that you have enough supplies for a year, maybe more.

From where to begin?

Masters of nail recommended per day before applying gel nail manicure. Especially this rule must be followed if you are used to trim the cuticles.

Beautiful manicure can not be done withoutpreliminary preparation of nails. If you think that to remove the excess cuticle and cause the nails in order optional - you're wrong. Do not spare their time and prepare for the application of the gel nail varnish according to the rules:

  1. Take a little oil for cuticles and spread it on the skin around the nail.
  2. With orange sticks gently move the cuticle. If you're doing a European manicure (edging), you can apply a cuticle remover and treat the nails.
  3. oil residues were removed with nail wipe lint-free.
  4. Now it is possible to give the nail a desired shape. If you are used to leave the free edge rounded - file off his nail file. Use the tool to 180 grit for natural nails.


The procedure to be performed necessarily toremove the remaining oil. In addition, degreaser will help to ensure good adhesion of nail polish. In order not to spoil the process of applying the tunic, you should know that the use of hand cream is not desirable in this day.

You can also save - instead of special toolsuse nail polish remover. It has a similar effect. Also, in order to make savings can polish the tub. To do this, type in the bowl a little warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap. Lower the arms and hold for one minute. Then dry the hands and treat the nail plate with a paper towel, lint-free.

In addition to these funds, you can degrease the nail plate and alcohol, but you can not use it consistently.

If your agent is not a brush, it should be applied to the liquid on the nail only special napkins or paper, but without the fluff. Use cotton wool and cotton pads can not.

  1. Take the buff for polishing nails and go over the plate. Movement from the edge to the base of the nail growth. So you remove the shine from the nail.
  2. Now you need to degrease the nail plate. Take the special tool with a brush and apply to the nail. Try not to fall on the skin. Also not recommended to cover a large layer of nail degreaser, because you can dry up the plate. Go brush for each nail. Attention! Please handle with one hand, and after the completion of the tunic - to perform a manicure on the other hand.

Apply the primer and base

To get a good grip plategel lacquer, you must use a special tool - a primer. It certainly should be applied if you have thin, brittle or damaged nails. The primer will prevent the delamination of the coating.

The lamp does not need a primer to dry, but betweendegreaser and primer coating should be a small gap. It is enough to wait for one minute until the vehicle degrease the nail and can be applied primer.

How do the French cover

After applying the primer touching fingertips, and other items to the plate is undesirable. Therefore, unscrewing the cap base coat, do it as carefully as possible.

  1. Apply a clear base on the nail. The layer must be thin. Spread on the surface of the nail base. Be sure to seal the end of the nail to prevent peeling varnish.
  2. Turn on the lamp and dry base thirty seconds. Do not forget that the base drying time may be different and depend on the company's lacquer.
  3. Now you can apply the base color. For the French manicure nail polish color will suit peach or beige with a pink tinge. Apply a thin layer of lacquer and send the nails in the lamp for two minutes. Do not forget to walk through brush on the nail end. If you see that the color is saturated enough, you can apply another layer and dry it in the lamp for two minutes.
  4. Now came the crucial moment -drawing a "smile". You can do this in two ways: stick ready to strip and apply a coat of white paint or use a special fine brush. Apply white two layers need to be dried and in each lamp for two minutes. You also need to seal the nail and face.
  5. Apply a top coat. It protects the nail polish from chipping and scratching, as well as burnout. Apply a thin layer and be sure to seal the end of the nail. Dry the lamp in two minutes.
  6. At the end of french manicure is necessary to remove the stickycoating layer. Take special cloth and apply a little money. Clean the nail plate. MirSovetov will reveal a little secret: each time a new treat nail tissue, so you will be sure that the paint is well dried out. The adhesive layer is formed by applying each layer, but it needs to be removed only with the last layer.
  7. Apply oil to the cuticle and distribute it.

Now that you know how to make french gel nail inhome. With perfect nails you pass two or even three weeks. And when the time comes to remove the cover, use a special liquid to remove the gel polish, cotton pad and foil. The procedure does not take much time. Take a nail file and remove the top layer. On a cotton pad, apply a little liquid and place it on the nail plate. Wrap the foil.

Do this with each finger manipulation. Leave it on for thirty minutes to soften. Remove the foil with a cotton pad and gently remove the cover pusher.