How do depilation

Every woman always wants to look perfect,so she always tries to look after themselves. One of the main problems is smooth legs, bikini area and underarms. We women are always watching, so that these areas were not the hair, the more that men do not just love to look at beautiful women's legs, but also to touch them.
Female legs after depilation
Every woman always wants to look perfect,so she always tries to look after themselves. One of the main problems is smooth legs, bikini area and underarms. We women are always watching, so that these areas were not the hair, the more that men do not just love to look at beautiful women's legs, but also to touch them.

What is waxing?

Waxing - is hair removal from any part ofyour body. You may ask, what then is different from hair removal hair removal? The difference lies in the fact that destroys the hair depilation, but it leaves in the hair follicle and hair removal - a hair removal by destroying the hair bulb (electrolysis, epilation and laser hair removal). Types of hair removal, which healingandbodywork will introduce you to this article: shaving, using depilatory creams, bioepilyatsiya.


Depilation with a razor
Shaving, and understandably so, by means of the razor. Today, a large number of razors, but they are divided into two groups: electrical and simple machines.
All of them are single, double and trehlezvennye; fromadditional floating heads; with kremosoderzhaschimi plates and the like. Razor (if it is a machine with interchangeable tips) need to change 1 time a week or two. Also, if you want the hair to grow more slowly and after shaving your body was completely smooth and without hair, you should shave very slowly. In order to avoid the appearance of skin irritations have to use special gels for shaving. Often you can find on the net some of his ways to soften the skin while shaving: some women prefer to shave under the water without it gels, others use a hair conditioner. It meets and such. Essential to remember that when shaving against the hair growth there is a probability of occurrence of ingrown hairs, but at the same time the hair is removed in this way is better than when shaving their growth. Therefore healingandbodywork recommends to prepare the skin for the procedure, ie, the day two start using body scrub in those areas of the body where you want to remove unwanted hair. In this case, the hairs pripodnimut and it will be easier to remove.
It is recommended to shave the hair is in the morning, itwhile the skin is the most resilient and the least prone to damage. After shaving procedure should apply a moisturizing cream, and most importantly after shave, such as the legs and bikini should not immediately go to the sea, the skin needs to relax and recover.
Hair removal using a razor suitable for all zonesbody. However, doctors do not recommend using this method in the bikini area, as because of it there is a lot of irritation among women decreased sexual activity. If you use a razor for hair removal underarms, you need to be very careful, since the cut is likely entering the microbes that lead to the appearance of underarm lumps, which is very similar to the tumor. So be careful.
The main disadvantage of shaving is that the hairvery quickly it grows. Within hours, the hair begins to grow, so shaving in this regard is not very practical. But using it to remove hair can be virtually any length as the longest and the shortest.
This depilation method is one of the cheapestrazors are not very expensive, beginning from $ 0.60 you can buy a machine from $ 54 - an electric shaver. Everyone can choose what suits him and the quality and price.
Usually this method is used only in the home. In the salons of practicing other methods.

Using a depilatory cream

Depilatory cream Eveline
Hair Removal Cream - this is a very fast wayget rid of hair on your body. The method consists in the fact that in the right place to apply the cream on the body and lasts for 4-5 minutes (or more, specified in the instructions), and then slowly remove the cream machine without special plastic blade or wash off with a sponge. This method of twisting the hair at the root so as to curled hair, if they were on fire. Thus, the hair may be removed by any length.
In order to apply the cream to obtain a result anddesired effect, the skin should be clear that it is not greasy, then completely remove the hair. After a depilatory cream on the treated areas should not be applied moisturizer, as any compound of this cream with another substance may cause irritation.
Use depilatory creams are more suitableBody areas where the skin is the most delicate, e.g., the bikini area. But before healingandbodywork advises sure to check your skin for sensitivity to the components of the cream. To do this, apply a small amount of money to the area of ​​skin where in the case of irritation it will not be seen, and track whether an allergic reaction on the skin does not manifest itself.
After removal cream hair begins to growat least every other day. The effect can be maintained up to 4-5 days, everything enough individual and depends on the rate of growth of hair. In addition, in the cream may be added to such agents, retarding hair growth.
In addition, useful to know that in thedepilatory creams includes a large number of chemicals that can be detrimental to your skin. For this reason, the cream is not recommended to use more than one time per day, since this can cause skin burns.
Usually packages indicate what time you needkeep the cream on the body, so that all the hair has been removed. As a rule, it is not so, as the specified time - the time during which the substances contained in the cream are safe for your skin. Women, when they saw it, that the cream is not quite cope in the allotted time, keep it longer than specified in the instructions. This in turn can result in:
- Clogging of cells;
- Much to the irritation of the skin, which eventually will have to be treated.
Due to the fact that the cream is removed by means ofspecial machine or a sponge, along with the hair and lifted, and tan. In addition to sunbathe after using depilatory creams are not recommended for one to two days.
As you can see, this method of hair removal is easy toapplication, and therefore equally available in beauty salons or at home. The cost of this method is repelled from the cost of the cream, it can range from $ 1-3.


Using wax depilation (waxing)
Bioepilation - a hair removal using wax. Waxing is also called this method has three varieties:

  1. The cold - wax, which disrupts the hair, is applieda special tape, itself supported on the body of the tape is enough to warm hand. After a certain period of time tear tape against the hair growth. This type of bio epilation is suitable for small areas of the skin with soft hair, for example. For depilation thick and coarse hair is preferable to use the following two types of waxing.
  2. Warm wax. The basic structure of the wax - a resin compound of honey or beeswax. This type of special rollers applied. After him, the skin begins to breathe, because it opens the pores. It generally used various additives that soften hair removal. This type is suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  3. Hot - the most painful method, and the longest. It comprises resin and oil. Applied to the body is heated at a temperature of 38-42 degrees. This method in order to avoid burns, do not recommend that you use at home.

After bioepilyatsii doctors recommend to put onskin moisturizers which do not only moisturize the skin and hair growth slows further. Then your feet for a long time will remain smooth.
There is also a variety of bioepilyatsii forwhich is used instead of sugar paste wax - shugaring. The paste is applied as well as waxes, only it is brought to a boil, and then cooled and put in a cold condition. Then paste cloth and tear it against the hair growth. The main advantage of this method that allows you to delete the shortest hairs 1-2 mm long.
The main disadvantage of all kinds bioepilyatsii thatcompared with the first two methods of hair removal it is very painful. Furthermore depilatory wax requires that the hairs were not less than 4.5 mm, but with the removal of hair is too long even more painful. At the same time, there is an advantage bioepilyatsii - skin remains smooth and hair-free for the period of about two weeks.
Waxing is mainly suitable for the legs as the skin there is more coarse and less sensitive to pain. Bioepilation contraindicated, if the body has warts, moles, and if the wound goes monthly.
The medical centers such procedure costs typically cost from $ 25-60, at home - two times cheaper.

eyebrow Waxing

Waxing eyebrows with tweezers
This issue requires a separate clause. Under eyebrow waxing is understood not as the complete destruction of their unwanted hair, but only to give them a specific shape. Eyebrows are not just decoration on our face, but they also protect us from the sweat and dust that can fall, flowing down from the forehead.
Depilatory eyebrows are generally used onlythis kind of as the plucking with tweezers, which is not very painful, plus it is possible to remove those hairs that interfere with no problems. When waxing the eyebrows can also be used cold wax, but mostly it is necessary to men, since they are much thicker eyebrows and hair more rigid structure. Wax is applied from above and below the eyebrows, leaving the scalp thinner. After depilation wax still have to use tweezers for eyebrows give a clearer form.
Depilation of eyebrows can be done in salons as welland at home, alone. At home, you need only have a pair of tweezers, and in the salons of such a pleasure will cost $ 0.5-1.5. Time typically takes from 5-20 minutes, depending on the number of unwanted hair removed.

Girls, women, take care of yourself, because nothingso it does not attract a man, as a well-groomed, handsome, smooth female body. After a beautiful bathing suit with a narrow line of bikinis, beautiful women like shiny legs protruding from under a short skirt.