How to choose the right shade in the store

How to choose the right shade in the store

Choosing a shade in the shop, we are often faced with the fact that the color saturation is largely coming home and making eye make-up is different from what we saw in the store ..

Recall, in chronological order, as we choose cosmetics ..

First, we go around the windows, looking at the range, and then test the makeup, picking up the color of fingertips.

Here, actually, and this is our main mistake is.

On the balls of our fingers is allocated a lot of sebaceous glands, much more than in the eyes ... and so the color is brighter, almost as much as if you are dealt a shade wet!

How to make the right choice? Collect the shade with a cotton pad and apply them to the inside of your wrist. Thus, you will avoid disappointment and drain money on unnecessary cosmetics.