How to choose a kit for self-correction of the eyebrows?


Many women are not always satisfied with its featuresface and so they try to fix something on it. For this purpose, not only a variety of cosmetics, but also some tools to give greater beauty and elegance eyebrows. The move started up even tweezers for plucking eyebrows.

But before that it is beginning to pick up a set for correction of eyebrows, with which you can give your look more expressive. But what set can be used and what should be in it?


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Eyebrow correction

To make facial features look more accurate, it is necessary to try to correct your eyebrows. It very much depends on the expressiveness of view.

It has long been observed that not all men withconversation can look in the woman's eyes; they just can not stand outdoor feminine look, so they have to take their eyes away. Much of this depends on how the woman will choose the shape of eyebrows. If the shape of the eyebrows girl matched perfectly, then her eyes become more expressive.

But when choosing a kit for the correction of eyebrowsyou must be careful, because if it is wrong to correct them, we can mess up your face, no matter what it was not pleasant. Well-groomed face of a woman depends on the accuracy of the eyebrows.

Every woman's face is distinguished by itspersonality and eyebrow correction must be based on what kind of shape is the face - round or elongated. Although a woman may be skinny or full, but there are certain canons of correction of their brows. The shape of the eyebrows completely should not be changed, but only a little bit to adjust to clearly highlight their natural line.

There is a so-called "European Correctionthe eyebrows. " It is important not to miss during the adjustment and did not pull out something extra from the eyebrows, since such a blunder would be difficult to make up then with the help of mascara. When plucking the eyebrows is necessary to determine the point in order to properly orient, what form should have eyebrows.

How to define these terms? Quite simply, we must take a pencil to make it from the wing to his nose and the inner corner of the eye. This way you can determine exactly where the brow should begin. Thereafter, the pencil must be attached to the line that defines the two points if we take the lower side - that it will turn center of the upper lip, and on the top side - the pupil of the eye.

But the point to be in contact justpencil with eyebrow, and will be the highest point of eyebrows. With regard to the third line, with which you can determine exactly where the brow should end, it must be based on the points of the outer corner of the eye, and the nose and wing. That will immediately see which hairs on the eyebrows are superfluous and should be removed.

Set for correction

Note that there is now a trend to the natural shape of the eyebrows. So do not get too carried away by removing excess hair on the eyebrows.

If you choose a set of eyebrow correction, then tothis must be taken seriously. After all, every woman knows that having a good tool in the hands is already half the battle. The main thing at this choice to know what should be included in this set.

Since in any case it is necessary to adjust the eyebrows, while removing excess hair, the first in a set of tweezers should be.

Tweezers should only be with rounded ends. This is necessary to ensure that they can be more convenient to take the hair and on the other hand - to use tweezers have in the vicinity of the eye. And so as not to inflict self-injury the sharp end of the tweezers for eyebrows correction edges should be rounded.

It is mandatory in the set for correctioneyebrows should be present cosmetic pencil and a small brush to swipe, and brush with a little mirror - this set is often necessary to use the road, so no mirrors here can not do. To all of these tools were kept together and not scattered, should be present and cover. This is the easiest set.

It will be appreciated that it is possible to choose a set offor blondes, brunettes and well. But it is better to buy a professional set, which includes at least two different color shades: one shade for dark-haired girls, and the second - for the blonde.

But these shadows can be mixed and to pickmore perfect color. So you can choose the color shade under a more natural color of your eyebrows. The professional set includes one more essential thing for the correction of eyebrows - wax that it can be used to shape the eyebrows and fix the result.

Make-up artists in the beauty salons have long enjoyedto adjust eyebrow pencil women do not, and shadows. Often hair on the eyebrows are rebellious, and even when they do not vyschupyvayutsya excess hair, they need to give the correct form.

This is done using the gel, which alsoincluded in the kit. All women can have different hair on the eyebrows and in some cases, to give them a form to be sufficient to use only the gel, while others can only help to wax eyebrows.

How to pick up a set of

Not every young girl can correctlypick up a set for correction of eyebrows, so you should take advice adviser in the store. If need be, he can show you how to use all the tools.

When purchasing such a kit is not worth saving, and better to pick a reputable manufacturer.

Today, there are quite a lot ofwell-known companies that specialize in the production of more professional sets. This kit should be available at every woman who wants to be beautiful and attractive.

Before buying a set is not only necessaryconsult with the manager (some may praise any item just to sell it), but also to see and reviews about brands online. For example, a very popular set for the correction of "Oriflame" eyebrows.

While large claims for such recruitment there. But if we look at this as a set of Kit Sourcils Palette Pro otClarins, many women complain that this set is not used very high quality wax. Here, the wax has a very good consistency.

The fact is that when using waxEyebrow correction it should be warmed up on the fingers, soft, melt. And just at this brand bad wax melts. Very good reviews about this set of eyebrow brand as a Benefit. When you select should pay attention to the brush: the most user-friendly is not just tough, but beveled brush. With its help you can give a perfect shape of the eyebrows.

In general, then a good set for correction of eyebrows should be two brushes:

  1. Small brush for a point of correction.
  2. The broad brush that you can use it more convenient to distribute the powder.

Using a shadow can be applied to the eyebrows, and using the other - combing them.