How to choose a massage table

The doctor in treating the patient's bed helps. In particular, if the doctor or therapist chiropractor. To be precise, we do not mean the usual bed, and high-tech massage table, looking at that you realize that not all the tables are the same. So tell me what do they differ from each other, and give some tips on how to choose the right.
The Japanese have a saying popular in the exemplarytranslation sounded like "the patient bed and the gold will not help." Indeed, when it comes to disease, we go not to the salon furniture, and a doctor. But the doctor in treating the patient's bed helps. In particular, if the doctor or therapist chiropractor.
How to choose a massage table
To be precise, we have in mind is not normalbed and high-tech massage table, looking at the endless string which inevitably begin to understand that not all the tables are the same. So tell me what do they differ from each other, and give a few tips on how to choose the most suitable.

And if they are needed at all?

The cost of a good massage table clearly higherthe cost of a simple couch, which is also possible to produce wellness. And if you can, whether it is necessary to pay more? To some extent this is true, because the real master is able to work in all conditions. However, a couple of important arguments in defense of the professional tables, we still give.
Firstly, massage are inextricably linked torelaxation of the patient, and the more complete relaxation, the greater therapeutic effect. For this to be so, desk or bed should be comfortable, regardless of the patient's anthropometric parameters. Simply put - couch should be able to adapt to it, regardless of the weight, height or completeness.
Second, work hard massage therapistphysically, and even a slight facilitation of its any doctor will accept with gratitude. Massage tables are the result of years of engineering work and serious clinical trials as a result it is ideal in terms of ergonomics. In other words - they facilitate the daily hard work.
And finally, the third. People who have devoted their lives to this work, are entitled to material compensation. But its size is directly related to how to look your office or room. Image - an essential element of the physician work, and it's not just about money but also about the effectiveness of treatment - it should inspire confidence in his performance. In this situation, a luxury massage table will make it much more than any diplomas and certificates that are hanging on the wall.

Let's start from the end: how not to make the wrong choice

The question is, how many there are types of massage,able to confound even the professional. In fact, they are not so many experts to reduce the classification of all 15 basic techniques, about the same in the world and the companies that produce high-quality tools for their implementation.
Of course, it is necessary in selecting a particular modelpay attention to the versatility of the product, but more importantly - to choose the right company. Give the exact recommendation here is difficult - because each, presented on our site manufacturers, has its own "flavor", which is to try to be able to taste only the purchaser.
However, if there is no experience in choosing the wisergive preference to someone from the obvious market leaders. So today is the undisputed leader of the US Medica, which produces a full line of massage tables. The latter are not only gained recognition from practicing massage therapists, but also have more than good value for the price, functionality and quality.
Small and large
Here we will mention not the size of specific models,are approximately equal, and allow a person to comfortably accommodate the couch, regardless of body. We'll talk about weight, and most of all we are interested in weight is not a patient and a doctor.
Please note that some options for tablescalculated for 350 kg. This is not a bug and not advertising: simply by performing procedures device often takes on a double burden, which in addition to the weight of the patient includes also the weight of the masseur. So if you have a solid physique, the same has to be solid, and a massage table with which to work.

Fixed and mobile

masseur work is often associated with visitingcustomer service. Specially designed for this mobile tables, unlike stationary counterparts, have a relatively low weight. In addition, they are equipped with a convenient bag, facilitating transport and makes it possible, even in public transport.
How to choose a massage table

Champion mobility is a US-Medica SuperLight, which weighs only 10.68 kg. With a lightweight and compact when folded, US-Medica Super Light is in the working position almost instantly, and without any effort. This is due to a simple and convenient system transformation, which is also still the most reliable.
By US-Medica Super Light features includeremovable headrest, having a cutout for the face and smooth stepless adjustment of the angle of inclination. In this case the height of the table can be changed in the range of 60 to 80 cm, which is sufficient for all other types of massage and physical therapy.
Please note that all mobile massagetables have legs, the ends of which are plastic baits, excluding damage to flooring installed in combination with the compact removes virtually all restrictions on use. With this the legs are designed so that the massage tables can be reliably installed even on uneven floors, which provides for adjustments to the system
better for stationary use areOlimp model and Bali from all the same US-Medica, which can be attributed to the high-tech masterpieces of American designers. Of such devices usually say - they have it all. List the advantages of pointless, but the disadvantage is perhaps the only one - is higher than that of other stationary tables, price. However, the latter is fully justified functionality, ergonomics and image parameters.

And what if ...

Note that always complicating pregnancyconduct massage making some of its forms practically impossible, and often had to be abandoned by procedures even in the case where more than those desired.
How to choose a massage table

And it was in this period spine womanexperiencing constant load, which is not very nice, and most importantly - do not always pass unnoticed. The problem was solved with the introduction of a unique massage table, which US-Medica company named affectionate name Panda. With its help expectant mothers not only get all the necessary procedures, but also to experience maximum comfort.
It is important that in addition to all of the speciesconventional massage, US-Medica Panda is suitable for performing reflexology, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, and most importantly - cosmetic procedures, without which the life of the modern woman is unthinkable.

Why do not they fly?

Distance from the classic couch to suchmassage table, like US-Medica Atlant or the Titan, about the same as the path that separates the airplane the Wright brothers and made of carbon fiber composite light sport aircraft, fighter aircraft capable of withstanding overload and at the same time striking its elegance.
How to choose a massage table

The apparent external laconic and strict lines- The results are accurate mathematical modeling. Judge for yourself: even compact US-medica Samurai Master and fitted with easy and reliable high-strength metal frame, and easily withstand the load in excess of 220-250 kilograms. And it is not a static load, when the patient lies quietly waiting. We are talking about a dynamic load, active, what is the guarantee that such a massage table reliably serve its owner for many years.
And, for all its lightness and strength, thoroughlydesigned swivel device allows almost effortless to lay down the entire structure and then place it in a compact and easy-bag cover. Note that in the roller joints used a special polymer that not only does not break or crack, but also allows you to transform virtually silent.

The coating material - something more than just design

So, what is covered by any massage table must be selected on several criteria:

  • the patient should feel comfortable;
  • the material must be durable - massage treatments often are associated with serious static and dynamic loads;
  • the coating must be resistant to abrasion and do not lose their original appearance for many years;
  • everything that is used in the construction of tables - from the cover and plastic hinges to paints and decorative plates - must be perfect ecologically;
  • the material must not get dirty and require complex care;
  • the coating must be simply beautiful.

All tables that we offer: from budget to luxury, fully satisfy all of the conditions listed above. The low-cost designs padding made of "breathable" materials, such as specially designed for the same purpose high-strength synthetic leather.
It can be almost any color thatIt allows you to choose a table in accordance with the design of your interior or office. To ensure comfort fillers are used based on gas-filled expanded materials, such as a soft, but at the same time or resilient polyurethane foam, which is easy to shape.
How to choose a massage table

Massage Premium tables are coveredawesome stuff that gave 21 century. We are talking about arpateke, material, originally created for the upholstery of chairs luxury cars, such as Lexus. Even the experts can not be distinguished by their appearance arpatek of genuine leather, but this padding does not lose its elegant and expensive species over the entire lifetime.
The latter gives grounds to say that choosingmassage tables for themselves, such as the US-medica Bora-Bora or of Tokyo, got devices that will never have to change more. If, however, are also important and image performance, the kind of Rolls-Royce in the world of massage is luxurious in every sense of the word US-medica Malibu, Titan, Olimp and Bali, padding which is made of arpateka Premium Skin-Touch, often referred to as " eternal material. "

Incidentally, this same kind of arpatekaused in special designs of tables, such as Bora-Bora, designed for conducting ayurvedic massage oil. This folding table also has a reinforced structure, and as a filler system applied Hard-foam, which is the know-how of US-medica.