How to choose a cream for normal skin?

Normal skin is the dream of every girl. However, to become a happy owner of a skin, to have, in fact, not many. This type of skin is found in no more than ten per cent of girls and women, so that more and more at a young age. This is a real godsend, normal skin long zhirneet remains moisturized throughout the day, do not peel off and not prone to the emergence of a variety of pimples and irritation. Because many people think that you can just let it go, and take no steps to care, because the skin and so, surprisingly good.


  • 1 Caring for the need and normal skin!
  • 2 Normal skin. What are we doing wrong?
  • 3 What makes "perfect" cream for normal skin. Always read the label!
  • 4 Practical advice for owners of normal skin
  • 5 What to pay attention when buying a cream shop

Caring for the need and normal skin!

But to do so, it is absolutely wrong, andMoreover, even harmful, because a successful acquisition, and given to you for free, you need to take care of, cherish. Neglect can result in the skin, after a while, gradually cease to please you, there will be all kinds of problems, which can be easily avoided if you give the skin the necessary care and attention on time and correctly.

However, the cream for normal skin rather chooseIt is not easy, because on the shelves of cosmetic shops is now a huge selection of just the eyes diverge from the abundance of the full variety of means, and the hype on TV, just full of beautiful jars, tubes and bottles. And the promise, literally everything, and at once. Cream for normal skin should be selected with even greater care than any other, so you do not accidentally spoil gift given destiny.

Normal skin. What are we doing wrong?

The most common mistake - "bust" withcosmetics, you should never overdo it, because the result of such care will be visible almost immediately. And he'll certainly not happy. The skin of this type require a minimum of maintenance, and the cream for normal skin should be special, not overloaded with unnecessary various components of it.

  • Paraffin
  • Petrolatum
  • Ozokerite
  • ceresin

By themselves, mineral oil - a pieceextremely useful, and their presence in the cream is good, but you need to make sure that the presence of such substances has been specified somewhere in the bottom of the list of ingredients that appear on the label. Mineral oils tend to normalize lipid metabolism in the epidermis, but their chemical, and quite complex structure, is not always good for the skin. Because they can cause clogging of the pores and even the appearance of pimples.

What makes "perfect" cream for normal skin. Always read the label!

If "harmful" components understandquite simply, it is to be useful, to be a little more difficult as the number of them and much more. The main thing to remember is that all and always should be in moderation, that is, ideally, the minimum number, and the reaction of your skin, she will show that suits you best, and which ones you need, after all, refuse.

Vegetable oils

  • Soybean
  • Apricot
  • karite
  • Olive
  • Avocado and other

Oils of vegetable origin, in fact,thing is very important and useful, since they also act as a source of polyunsaturated acids, fat-soluble vitamins (group E, A). These components of the cream increases the skin to restore the property, greatly enhance its properties to the protective functions, and so on.

Hoods and plant extracts

  • Cucumber
  • Calendula
  • Aloe vera
  • Green tea
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender

Medicinal plants are a realfount of all sorts of "goodies". They soothe and strikingly slow down the skin aging process. In addition, it extracts and extracts from plant material can protect the skin from the cold, wind, solar radiation and so on.


  • Retinol (A)
  • Tocopherol (E)
  • Ascorbic acid (C)
  • Niacin (PP)

The benefits of vitamins and even say nothing, allit knows from early childhood. They are easy, literally "one left" can cope with free radicals, which slows down the process of decay and aging skin. This vitamin can run self-regeneration processes of the skin, give it elasticity, youth and beauty.

Practical advice for owners of normal skin

  • The first thing to understand it as alreadyIt said that care should not be too much. For an intelligent care enough to pick up a cream for normal skin one day and another at night. And then, twenty-five years, it is better to use simple wetting agents, emulsions or gels, for example, as a cream to pass after specified age.
  • Do not also forget about the cleansing of the skin,before being put on it a layer of the same one magic bullet, and you have chosen. First of all you need to clean the skin from make-up residue, dust that has settled on it for a whole day, and the like "charms." You can simply wash with water, but you can pick up and cosmetic cleansers, good thing, the choice of the store is very large.
  • Cream must first rub on the tipsfingers, so he warmed up a little, and only after that, clean and easy movements applied to the skin. When normal skin cream leaves traces, it is possible and wet cloth, but this is an occasion to reflect whether the tool is right for you.
  • Night cream for normal skin should be applied no less than an hour or two before bedtime, so he had time to absorb.
  • In the morning you need to start the day well with cleansing, and then move on to the day cream, and you can go out almost immediately.
  • The cream can be, and should be, applied immediately after the cleaning procedure, since moist skin more receptive to it, it will be absorbed faster and better, and the action of its components will be brighter.

On what to pay attention when buying a cream shop

  1. Only go to the shop, which has a certain reputation, buying "a tray" on the market can play a cruel joke with you.
  2. Not much trust in television commercials, andalso advice girlfriends. What suits one woman can be absolutely contraindicated another, and advertising can be a blatant lie, though not in all cases.
  3. Consult a beautician, and only with him. Exclusively specialist will give practical advice, which can vouch for.
  4. Always (this is important!) Read what is written on the label.
  5. Choose a cream for normal skin packed intube, instead of in the jar, it means preserved better, less contact with the air. If you need money in a tube not buy at the same time a special cosmetic spatula, which can scoop up the cream.
  6. Shelf life should not be too big! The longer the period of storage of cream, the more it contains preservatives that we are completely useless.
  7. Do not be afraid to ask the seller tenfoldconsultant, if you do not understand something, the more information you have, the less likely to be trapped, and to get a cream that will be a long time afterwards to gather dust on the shelf in the bathroom, and then, though, to go to the destination, ie, in the trash .
  8. Pay attention to the consistency of cream, fornormal skin it should be airy and light. If the substance in the vial stratified, or curled up - put it back, and point to this seller - it is hopelessly flawed.

Keep in mind that a good cream may not be worth very muchcheap, so if you are offered to get the miracle cream for mere pennies, think ten times, and have not made it there in Odessa, on Little Arnaut Street, as would say the unforgettable Ostap Bender.