How to choose a nail file

How to choose a nail file

Iron nail files with a largegrit is recommended to use for acrylic nails. These nail files can not be used to care for the natural nail plate, since they are highly scratch the surface of the nail and destroy its structure. The use of coarse metal nail file natural nails start to exfoliate and become brittle.

The ideal option for natural nailswill serve as a nail file, cardboard or rubber base. In addition, there are bilateral ceramic nail file. One of their side is used to correct the length of the nail plate, and the other - to smooth the edges.

Recently there were glass nail files. They have a smooth surface, do not break a nail, and are considered the best.

In addition, there are nail files and polishers,which can not only add luster to nails, but also to make and the surface smoother. However, such a procedure should not be performed more frequently than twice a year. A more frequent use of nail file polishing the nail plate can greatly thinned.

How to use the nail file?

Coarse-grained nail files, as a rule,are used to correct the length of the nail, and the fine - the nail plate to impart the desired shape. You can also get training manicure, pedicure, and become a true expert in the field of nail care.

There is one more important rule, which helps to prevent delamination - file nails should be exclusively in one direction.

To make nails oval raspshould be in the direction from the edges to the center. If it is necessary to give the nail plate of a rectangular shape, the saw blade must walk in a straight line perpendicular to the line of nail growth.