How to adjust the eyebrows using a thread?


All women have long watched the beautyhis face, lines of the eyebrows, eyes and lips - everything must be perfect! In the East, the girls from early childhood taught how to make unique and attractive look.

Today's ladies are still paying muchthe time of his appearance, and there is no woman who would not have bought yourself or forceps are not used the services of salons to correct eyebrows. Makeup Artists all over the world believe that this line of eyebrows is an important piece in the beautiful and trendy makeup.

To achieve a perfect image correction willEyebrow thread - a way to make a charming look and a woman will always be attractive. European fashionista called this method "triddingom". For them, it is not new, as beauties from different countries has been used for a long time.


  • 1 eyebrow correction technique thread
  • 2 Benefits of Eyebrow correction using thread
  • 3 How long will the effect be saved?

Equipment eyebrow correction thread

It should be noted that by using this methodYou can remove excess hair on the face alone. With just one strand of hair is removed, not only himself, but also the fluff that is difficult to remove with tweezers or hot wax.

Equipment of this method lies in the fact that the thread is pulled, make a loop in the hair is getting better, which is easy to pull out the wrist.

Indian women produce this process, holding one end in his mouth, but it is convenient only if you simulate eyebrow another person. If you do yourself, then held the ends of the arms.

The thread is better to use cotton, since the synthetic will slip and electrify. Therefore, only the cotton will be able to create the necessary tension.

In the salons of beauty eyebrow correction thread makesspecialist, who uses a special cosmetic thin piece of string, consisting of a thin nylon fibers. However, for attending this session beauty will have to pay some amount of money, while any woman can do it yourself at home, especially since all the materials at hand.

Benefits of Eyebrow correction using thread

This method of adjusting the hair lineIt is very popular among women, thanks to numerous advantages. The procedure for the first time can seem quite painful, but she has high performance. Over time, the hair becomes thinner and softer and therefore the subsequent modeling process will be almost painless.

This simple and effective tool as eyebrow shaping using strands is still a lot of advantages, these include:

  1. No risk of infection, as inmodeling tweezers. All metal instruments always need to be processed before use alcohol, while the thread will always be clean and safe to health.
  2. No risk of damage to the hair bulb, so will not appear ingrown hairs.
  3. With this method you can get rid from several hairs, which is good for adjusting his thick eyebrows and remove hair between the eyebrows.
  4. The thread perfectly and quickly removes fluff under the eyebrow base line, which can not be done using conventional metal tweezers.
  5. This type of hair removal does not cause irritation, but it is very good for sensitive and delicate skin.
  6. If a woman would use this methodthread eyebrow correction, then there will appear redness, as in the removal of other tools. Therefore, this type of modeling can be done at any time, even before you leave home.
  7. If the procedure is done properly, then it will be visible not only excellent results remove hair, but also exfoliate effect. The thread is excellent and removes dead skin cells.

How long will the effect be saved?

After the correction of eyebrows using yarn form a line of this part of the face is retained for about a month. Then the hair grow again, but more rare and thin.

Therefore, each successive treatment will be lesspainful, and it will need to spend no more than once a month. It must be remembered that the adjustment lines on the face is not performed if there is any inflammation.

Do not start doing modeling at very tired, because at this time weakened immune system and the body needs rest.