How to strengthen your nails

No wonder they say that the nails - a business cardwomen, they not only show how the lady appreciates your appearance, but also reflect the state of her health. But the bad nails - it does not warrant. Brittle nails layer can always help in the salon and at home.

Tips to strengthen nails

In order for your nails always look healthy and well-groomed, healingandbodywork recommends that adhere to certain rules:

  1. Try as much as possible to protect your nailsby contact with water. If you wash the dishes, then wear gloves, have also been reported and washing floors. Nails should be the minimum contact with household cleaning products.
  2. Doing manicure at home, use onlyglass nail file, which has a high abrasiveness. On the sides of the nails do not need much zapilivaem because of that injured the nail plate and begins to exfoliate.
  3. For the skin of hands and nails always choose onlyquality moisturizer, ideally nails should be processed oils. Buying a cream, it is necessary to pay attention to it were vitamins A and E, lanolin, as the nails are in need of nourishment. Once a week will be useful masochki oil.
  4. Long wearing artificial nails is not recommended, because then their natural thinning. We need to take breaks between capacity.
  5. Build your nails in the salon needs only if itsThey are in good condition, and they will keep for myself acrylic or other means. Otherwise, you can put your order and to not harm healthy nails.
  6. What harm varnishes nails - a myth. High-quality paint, on the contrary, helping them to strengthen and minimize the impact of the external environment.
  7. More attention should be paid to his hands and nails in the winter. To protect them from frost and wind, lubricate nourishing cream.

Usually, if the nails are weak, they both exfoliate and break, and do not grow very well, but it so happens that the problem is only one, so there are recipes for every occasion.

Strengthening layered nail

The reason that nails exfoliate, lies indeficiency in the body of essential fatty acids such as linoleic. To solve this problem, you need to revise your diet, add more vegetable oils. You can also make masks and vegetable oils.

It is useful to do twice a week, mineralsealing. To do this, soak in water a bit of sea salt to make it wet, and massage her nails, putting in a soft chamois or flannel cloth. Then remove the salt in a bowl and melt a piece of beeswax, add to it two drops of evening primrose oil, and grape seed. At the same fabric, which was salt, put the cooked mixture and rub it on each nail. Next you need to take a soft nail file and polish the nail plate.

It is useful to rub into the nails blend of tablespoonfulshoney, coconut oil and cocoa. She lavishly wipe your hands, keep the mixture for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. It is best to carry out this procedure before going to bed, after lubrication is necessary to wear gloves of cotton and go to bed in the morning will be well-groomed hands, the skin is saturated with useful substances.

Strengthen brittle nails

The most frequent causes of brittle nails - it is hypothyroidism, when not properly performing its work the thyroid gland, and low hemoglobin in the blood.

To add necessary to solve this problem in theirmenu more greens, especially spinach, cabbage, turnips, eat wheat germ. And be sure to consult an endocrinologist, most likely, he will advise you to take additional B vitamins

Useful for such nails do wrap. To do this, you need to take silk stickers, you can buy them in any cosmetic shop. Polish the first to shine nail, cuticle to gently push a wooden stick. Each piece of silk dipped in rose water and wrap them each nail. Sticky patch should be transparent. Now you need to polish your nails again. This method allows you to quickly deal with the problem and does not give the rest of the nails to break.

You can "please" their nails this recipe: a drop of myrrh oil, pepper and lemon drop in a tablespoon of sea salt. There also drip a little water to salt softened. The mixture should be dipped fingers and rub it thoroughly on each nail. This procedure can be done in just a day, nails will be stronger and stronger each time.

The slow growth of nails

Nails can not grow for various reasons, oftenoften this occurs after severe stress, if you have any chronic illness or in the body of a little protein. To solve this problem, it is necessary to change its menu may it lacks foods that contain protein, is primarily meat, fish, dairy products, eggs. Do not forget the gym for the hands, after it improves blood circulation, to the nails comes more nutrients and begin their rapid growth.

Most often the problem when Estheticiansappoint strengthen nails Biogel. It will do you any good in the cabin. But it is possible to carry out this procedure and at home. To do this will need to purchase a special set consisting of primer, very bio-gel, UV lamp and finish coating. First you need to push back cuticles with a wooden stick, to disinfect hands, then degrease the nails and apply a coat of primer and then two coats of bio-gel, each layer must be dried under a lamp with ultraviolet light. Now you need to wipe the liquid nail polish remover, in which no acetone, cuticle oil to lubricate any nutrient. At the finish nails apply varnish and dried under a lamp. This procedure is completed, will help to strengthen bio-gel nail plate and give a boost to their growth.

You can use folk remedy andmake a mask for the nails. To do this you need to mix a spoonful of olive and almond oil, add one tomato without peel and drop four drops of rosemary oil. This mixture is well lubricated fingers and nails to hold the mask for five minutes and rinse with warm water.

Traditional recipes strengthen nails

For dry and brittle nails are prone to the foliation,It helps mask of lemon. It is not only bleach the regrown nail plate is yellow, but also affect the growth of the cuticle, so manicure can be done less frequently. This is a favorite method of many women because it does not require any preparation, you just need to cut a lemon along and thrust into his flesh nails. So sit for about 15 minutes, it is possible at this time to watch TV, then rinse under running water and rub into the nails nutritious oil. You can make a bath of lemon, it is necessary to squeeze in a bowl two tablespoons of lemon juice, sprinkle two pinches of sea salt, stir and lower the nails in this mixture for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. And you can apply this mixture on your nails with a brush and wait until it dries, but after 15 minutes still need to wash it.

If your body lacks iodine, it nailsthis too will feel. Therefore it is useful to make the bath of iodine and sea salt, in the ratio - a glass of water and five drops of iodine salt spoon. This will be useful bath twice a week. Iodine can be applied with a brush on the nails, but this should be done carefully so as not to hit the cuticle and did not cause burns. A few hours later the nails will return its natural color.

And do not forget about vitamins, especially in winter and spring, keep your body from the inside, and he will give you beauty.