How to stick false eyelashes

If nature has endowed you have thick and longeyelashes - you're in luck. And what about those whose cilia are not allocated? To do this, invented false eyelashes. They will give your look visually expressive and open their eyes.

To time and money were not spent in vain, and your long cilia not ceased to exist before the time, you need to learn how to stick them.

What are the artificial eyelashes?

Large selection of cosmetics and all sortsaccessories to create a unique image will not surprise anybody. One only false eyelashes for sale represented a lot. On windows you can see the classic and colored tufts of cilia with feathers and even stones! The latter may not be used frequently. MirSovetov offers to get acquainted with the two types of false eyelashes and learn how to stick properly.

eyelashes Types

Eyelashes are tape or beam.

Consider what their differences:

  1. Conveyor eyelashes are thin substrate (tape), which are glued eyelashes. Most often they are made of synthetic materials, but it is almost completely mimic natural.
  2. Beam as follows: it is a few cilia (five to ten), which are glued to one beam. They come in both natural and artificial.

In addition, in the form of artificial hairs arebe smooth and curved. There are also several eyelashes and dimensions, which can be glued at all as a lid, and a part of it (such as the outer corner of the eye).

auxiliary materials

Apart from the cilia, you will need glue,Eyeliner. Glue is desirable to buy a special. Ignore the unscrupulous sellers tips that can recommend to buy medical glue or too cheap. In this case, together with the beauty can "earn" an allergic reaction of the mucous membranes eye.

The adhesive may be colored or colorless. It is advisable to buy the product with water-repellent effect.

If your eyes are sensitive or if you wear contact lenses, you should buy a hypoallergenic adhesive.

The purse every woman should be several pencils of different colors. Choose a soft pencil.


If you wish to artificial hairs are perfectly combined with the natural lashes before applying your lashes need to tweak. For this purpose there are special tweezers.

To get the maximum effect, stylists recommend to warm up tool eyelash curler hairdryer. Turn it to the maximum, to the warm air heated tongs, hold them to two or three seconds.

When twisting eyelashes try to curling located closer to the base of the eyelash growth.

Next, you need to make up your lashes mascara. This must be done in case they are short. Long eyelashes can make up after fixing artificial hairs.

Pick suitable false eyelashes. If you are going to wear them during the day, then you can opt for the product on the tape. The hair should not be too long. If you are going out on a date - you can buy bundles. For a party more suitable eyelashes with decorative elements - with rhinestones, sequins or feathers.

Before proceeding with the gluing, you must have an idea of ​​how to settle the eyelashes. Try tape eyelashes and trim the edges so that they went through the century.

How to stick eyelashes

To stick the false eyelashes, you will need:

  • glue;
  • cilia (or beams);
  • toothpick;
  • thin brush or cotton swab;
  • or cosmetic eyeliner pencil;
  • a spoon;
  • tweezers or tongs (for beams).

How to paste:

  1. Take a pencil or shadow and draw a line onthe edge of the century, so that it is positioned as close to the lashes. Remove the lashes and apply them to a century. If they are long, cut off the excess, but not "on line", because then the lashes will not seem natural.
  2. Unscrew the cap of the tube with glue, takecotton swab and brush. Enter a drop of glue and put on the lash area. Wait a few seconds and paste this line of artificial eyelashes. There is a second version of the bonding: the glue evenly on the tape and attach it to the age.
  3. Try to press harder, so they are well stuck. Begin to press the finger from the middle to the edge. Be particularly careful to push the edge.
  4. Take a toothpick and check whether the seized lashes well.
  5. Now you need to give false eyelashesmaximum naturalness. Eyeliner or grease pencil, draw a line at the base of the eyelashes. Move from the edge of the eye to the temple. Take an ordinary metal spoon (tea) and bring the convex portion to the lashes. So you will press a little and smooth out the line.
  6. Take mascara and finish your makeup. If you want to apply the shadow, do it immediately after the drawing eyeliner.
  7. Recheck the toothpick as heldfalse eyelashes. If the base of false eyelashes still - you are well glued eyelashes. If you feel that the tape stuck badly, toothpick, apply a little glue on the lashes.

How to glue beams

, You need to stick tufts of false eyelashesfirst try them on to the natural lashes to compare length. Take the tweezers and apply the hair to the eyelashes. If they are different, you need do nothing. If the lashes do not look natural, you can cut them a little bit.

How to glue beams:

  1. Take one beam tweezers.
  2. Open drip glue and a little on the flat surface (it is possible on the plastic cover).
  3. Ground beam dip into the glue. If you overdo it, it is possible to remove the excess tissue.
  4. Carefully lift the lid by hand and glue eyelashes so that the beam is located between your eyelashes.
  5. Take a toothpick and push the stick to the eyelid. Wait until the glue dries. This typically assigned one or two minutes.
  6. Continue to glue the next beam.

The advantage of beam eyelashes that theyIt looks more natural than the whole eyelashes on the tape. In addition, by using separate beams can be adjusted density lashes. This recommendation is more concerned with the outer corner of the eye area.

How to remove false eyelashes

Remove false eyelashes simple - forever need to impose a warm compress. Take a cotton ball, soak it in water and apply on the eyelids. Hold for three minutes.

To bundles or whole eyelashes wellpeeled off, you need to take a cotton swab and moisten it with fat cream or lotion to remove makeup. Walk a stick on the edge of the lash. You can wait a bit and then very gently pull the tape edge (from the outside corner of the eye). If you peel off the beam eyelashes, cilia pull the tip.

After removing the eyelashes need to remove the remnants of makeup from the face.

Do not forget to pay attention to false eyelashes: they need to be cleaned from ink and adhesive.

How to store

Now you can buy artificial eyelashes reusable. Therefore, after wearing them must be stored properly.

How to extend the life of your lashes:

  1. After removing the wash cilia in soapy water to remove residues of glue and cosmetics. If the adhesive is not removed, carefully remove it with tweezers.
  2. Good dry and put them in a box.
  3. If a container gets wet, the beams may be damaged.

Remember that you can not pull out eyelashes, because together with the artificial and can damage your.