How to slow down the process of aging, rejuvenation

To increase the life expectancy was considerednecessary to exercise a minimum of physical activity. Later the theory was untenable. Today formulated several major science-based theories of aging, on the basis of which healingandbodywork give advice to those who want to prolong youthfulness of his body. How to slow down the aging process One of the first theories about the life expectancyIt was formulated in 1908 and was called "energy theory of aging." The gist of it was, depending on the length of the body weight of life with the following pattern - the more weight, the longer the life. To increase the life expectancy was considered necessary to exercise a minimum of physical activity. Later the theory was untenable.
Today formulated several major science-based theories of aging, on the basis of which healingandbodywork give advice to those who want to prolong youthfulness of his body.

take antioxidants

antioxidants level can be adjusted by adding and dieting in diet products or products containing antioxidants Scientists have found that in the process of lifeand as a result of oxygen consumption in the body are formed specific molecules that are called free radicals or peroxides. From this came the name of the theory - "theory of free radicals." Such molecules possess high activity in conjunction with other molecules and causes oxidation of organic molecules. This leads to disruption of the cell, it loses its normal function and healthy tissue becomes altered. Typically, free radical oxidation occurs during inflammation. Normally, the body has an antioxidant system which recognizes and destroys the molecule radicals. But with age, they are more and more activated, and the protective system of man ceases to cope with them.
However, you can adjust the level of antioxidantsthrough dieting and add to the diet products or products containing antioxidants. The essence of the food slows aging primarily is to replace animal fats plant as they contain natural antioxidants. These are the ascorbic and succinic acids, vitamin E, B vitamins, trace minerals zinc and selenium. You can also take a multivitamin containing these substances in pure form. The use of antioxidants can help slow the aging process.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Lowers cholesterol levels With age, the human body tissues loseits elasticity. This is due to the occurrence of bridges or the so-called cross-linking between protein molecules. These age-related changes are most pronounced in the connective tissues, blood vessels and muscles. The theory that considers the aging process through the accumulation of cholesterol, called "aging of the crosslinks." The people are called "cholesteric plaques." The main idea of ​​this theory is that the cause of aging lies in atherosclerosis. Slowing the process of atherosclerosis, it is possible to increase the duration of life and prolong youth. That is why healingandbodywork recommends following these simple rules:

  • Adhere to proper nutrition. The main part of the diet should be fish, poultry, vegetable oils, in large quantities fruits and vegetables, as vegetable fiber prevents the absorption of cholesterol. At the same time reduce the consumption of animal fats (lard, fatty meat, butter, cream), eggs, salt, coffee, sugar, flour;
  • Stop smoking and other bad habits. It is interesting that alcohol helps cleanse the blood vessels of cholesterol, but it must be remembered about the strong negative impact on other human organs (dehydration, at least);
  • Maintain an active life - sports, or at least charge in the morning at times reduces the level of cholesterol accumulation in the body.

Do not worry

To slow down the aging process should be as much as possible to be in good spirits Scientists have developed a theory called"Regulatory theory of aging." She says that all of life's functions are regulated by two systems - endocrine (responsible for hormone production) and nervous. Moreover, these systems are very thin intertwined. Their work leads to the accumulation of higher regulatory agencies substance that prevents aging - L-dopa. Development depends on its state of equilibrium of the nervous system, affecting the hormones rights.
Simply put, to slow down the aging processyou need as much as possible to be in a good mood! Therefore, application of the theory of output was the idea that old age will help push the state of antidepressants. There are a number of products containing natural anti-depressant - amino acid tryptophan. These include dairy products, meat, chicken and turkey, cereals, eggs, soy. To relieve stress and depressed, you can use herbs such as St. John's wort, peppermint, Melissa, as well as "velvet beans", containing a large amount of the substance L-dopa.
Sunlight regulates the active statenervous system. Its absence in sufficient quantity (e.g., winter) causes depression. But apart from that, getting on a skin eyes, sunlight stimulates the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which slows down the aging process.

Walk in the cold

Walk in the cold Today, scientists are actively developing the theoryaging associated with the accumulation of mutations in the human body. They can be caused by viruses in a living cell, irradiation, radiation and so on. Many diseases are caused in the process of mutations are inherited and transferred from generation to generation. Treatment of such diseases is possible by genetic engineering.
But, there is a preventive way to slowaging by reducing metabolic rate. This is achieved by lowering the temperature. Not in vain northern women are much longer retain a young and flourishing appearance in contrast to the women living in hot countries.

It remains to add that in fact theremore than 300 hypotheses and theories of aging. In this article I have listed the most wealthy and popular ones. However, summing up, healingandbodywork would like to give a general advice - watch your health, eat healthy, exercise and enjoy life. Because today's health - is, above all, life capital.