How to keep youth

Youth is given to every man and graduallyleaves. Even a century ago, many people were trying to look younger. Now, when the medicine is seemingly already on top, you can look much younger than his years. However, take care of themselves, it is desirable to begin as early as the age when age should still not noticeable either on the face or on the move.
Youth is given to every man and graduallyleaves. Even a century ago, many people were trying to look younger, using various methods. Now, when the medicine is seemingly already on top, you can look much younger than his years. However, take care of themselves, it is desirable to begin as early as the age when age should not significantly nor on the face or in the movements.
Watching TV, it seems that secretsyoung stars are expensive surgery or braces, but if you look closely, it is clear that the rejuvenation - is hard work, which needs to start at a young age.

skin rejuvenation Means

skin rejuvenation Means
As of the skin, we often judge the age. Caring for the skin should be started as early as possible, it is much easier to prevent wrinkles than to remove them. On the appearance of wrinkles affect the natural processes occurring in the body. With age comes hormonal changes, reduced speed and the number of outbreaks of skin cells accumulate decay products, it slows down the metabolism. Also on the appearance of wrinkles is influenced by external factors. For example, the sun's rays dry out the outer lipid layer of the skin, which protects the skin from various contaminants and moisture loss, the appearance of free radicals, which negatively affect the skin. The skin becomes thinner, thinner collagen and elastin fibers that make up its foundation. One of the main problems in addition to age-related wrinkles - wrinkles, which are formed in places of reducing facial muscles.
In order to prevent aging of the skin, currently use a variety of means. The main areas in which the means are developed for the prevention of skin aging:

  1. Cleansers that remove contamination from the surface of the skin.
  2. The exfoliating agent - they removed the toplayer of the skin, cleansing the skin from the old keratinized skin cells, preparing it for the application of other means. Different procedures, removes the upper horny layer can significantly improve the condition of the skin, to reduce skin roughness and make the complexion uniform.
  3. Sunscreens that prevent skin damage the sun's rays;
  4. Means antioxidants that bind free radicals.
  5. Means containing various substances feed skin collagen and elastin fibers;
  6. Moisturizers that preserve skin moisture;
  7. Drugs affecting the muscles underskin, e.g., agents containing botulinum toxin. Under the action of the toxin on a muscle, it ceases to fall, and wrinkles are smoothed.
  8. Various nutritive agents containing vitamins, trace elements and other skin benefit agents.
  9. Firming agents - these are different lifting systems that tighten sagging skin.

All these tools are available in various brands of cosmetics they can be used both at home skin care, as well as in various treatments at the salon.
If we talk about the results of the application of differentmeans, of course, the greatest effect gives a comprehensive skin care. All the planning program of skin rejuvenation, based on what they believe in, as well as your income. I think readers healingandbodywork there are cases where in the pursuit of the beauty of both women and men is clearly overdone and were funny and sometimes lamentable result. For example, the face, Botox shot up very often noticeably unnatural sparse facial expressions, besides for a few days after the procedure, the skin can be seen traces of injections. But recently I met with a group of friends who in skin care for several years used the butter (!). As they say - the result on the face! More precisely on the face! In their 50-55 they had a rare facial wrinkles, but in general - a beautiful complexion, all smart, young and beautiful! The surprise was great! They are 2 times a day after washing was applied to the face a little bit of butter (it melts on contact with the skin). This should not be a Finnish or Italian oil, and, best of all, rustic. Apply on the need to massage lines, massaging little remains of wet cloth. In fact, no strong fat on the face is not, and can then properly apply makeup.
Fans of natural products for skin careused vegetable oils and animal products. For example, to nourish the skin using masks of different vegetables and fruits. For pulling power and is very popular double egg mask: first apply the protein to hold a little wash, then apply egg yolk, also hold and rinse. Oils, various, the most popular olive, peach, apricot, aroma oils are also added. To combat free radicals used oil solutions of vitamins A and E, these vitamins are good antioxidants.

Food for youth

Food for youth
So what to eat to look younger? This question has long been concerned about people. Scientists study the effects of different foods on the human body, trying to invent an elixir of eternal youth.
What can help us to maintain youth:

  1. For cleaning and maintenance of moisture in the bodyit is very important to drink water, but it is also important what kind of water to drink. It is believed that on the day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of fresh water a conventional (non-beverage). Now, many are experimenting, using water treated in different ways. For example, it is considered useful meltwater used live and dead water (rich in positive and negative ions) - you can prepare yourself with the help of the ionizer, has good properties of water, infused with Shungite. To be honest, I'm more than a year enjoyed by virtually all new-fangled methods of water treatment, special difference has not noticed. The only obvious result - is that when using water in an amount of at least 1.5 liters a day of purification processes are easier to leave signs of dehydration.
  2. Cleansing. intoxication Remedy helps to maintain the body in a young state.
    Cleansing the liver and intestines is very important formaintaining our body healthy and young state. During normal operation of the intestine and liver skin look better. For bowel cleansing enema is often used, but it is much better to balance your diet, add to it more vegetables rich in fiber, so as not to have to resort to enemas. Constipation is a very bad effect on the whole body, promotes intoxication. Cleansing the liver is usually divided into two main areas - improving the outflow of bile from the biliary tract and the purification and recovery of the liver cells directly. Choleretic herbs different great variety, they improve secretion of bile into the intestine to help digestion. mineral water and various tyubazh also apply. Healthy digestion - a pledge of preserving youth and health of the body.
    Before using any means to cleanse the body consultation with a doctor is required!
  3. Antioxidants. Antioxidants bind free radicals that damage cells. To include antioxidants, such as vitamin A and E, selenium, vitamin C, degidrokvertsetin. It is considered the most successful combination of vitamins E and C, selenium, beta-carotene, and coenzyme Q10. Antioxidants are found mainly in fresh fruits, most grapes are rich in antioxidants, blueberries, cranberries, Rowan, currants, red wine, green tea, cocoa, dark chocolate, noni juice. In general, a lot of antioxidants in plants. Deteriorating situation fast foods, drinks such as Coca-cola, smoking, solarium.
  4. Substances warning hormonal aging. To prevent hormonal changes women are advised to use the B vitamins and folic kistotu. It is also known that the hormone estrogen prolong the young woman, so you need to pay attention, for example, phytoestrogens.
  5. Substances that enhance the production of collagen - are vitamins C and E, as well as some amino acids, such as lysine (contained in Perlovka).

Eating yogurt is considered very useful andprolongs youth. I am familiar with the two women, who for several years to drink a glass of yogurt per day. I do not know, of course, this is related or not, but they look 15 years younger than his years. According to them, a friend, who advised him many years ago, this method of rejuvenation, and look young.
Thus, if you want to extend youryouth, it is necessary to pay attention to your diet - you need to give up fast food, smoked meat, pickles, soda and other inventions of recent times, and go for meals based on vegetables and fruits, and seafood (which also improve the condition of the body). Smoking should be avoided, because smoking - the most powerful factor of aging.

Working with the body

To extend the youthful body is always necessaryenough sleep. It is known that during sleep restores our internal reserves, the body rests, the maximum activates the skin's ability to regenerate. If a person often do not get enough sleep, it is not for the benefit of his health and appearance!
Even minimal physical activity prolongs youth, such as walking, dancing or yoga.
Effect of Yoga has long been known, but in recent years, thanks to well-known people who show the results of the work on the other, we can see them more clearly. For example, Madonna looks much younger than his years thanks to yoga classes.
The impact of yoga on the rejuvenation of the body can be divided into several areas:

  1. This is a healthy spine. From the spine moves a large number of nerves that innervate the muscles, internal organs, skin, etc. Of course, maintaining the spine in good shape helps to preserve health and youth;
  2. Relaxation. Most of the exercises (asanas) is aimed at relaxing the body, which helps to cope with the stress of everyday life and maintain their health. Relaxed and promote meditation, you need only about 15 minutes a day to a few months to see tangible results.
  3. Breathing exercises promote relaxation and enrichment of oxygen the body's cells, which also helps to rejuvenate the body.

A good anti-aging effect makes swimming. Vessels participating in the work all major muscle groups, so it is easier to lose weight and create a beautiful body relief.
It should be noted that people whosports in general look more youthful. First, they often lower the body weight, and secondly, they retain their health, and third, they have a good mental attitude, a cheerful, which also has a rejuvenating effect.
Perfect recipe for rejuvenation of your own body -This bath. Steam provides excellent exercises for vessels, improves blood circulation, which has the effect of skin respiration, increases the number of red blood cells. Of course, the contrasting procedures - from hot to cold and vice versa - is the apotheosis of gymnastics for the vessels, they first expanded, then narrowed. But MipCovetov readers should understand that this is for people with an iron health!

Our psyche and body rejuvenation

How to keep youth
It has long been observed that often look youngerpositive and energetic people. Kim Basinger said in an interview: "In order to look younger, you feel younger, enjoy life, to joke and fool around, flirt and laugh, and then the next birthday will not spoil your mood and will not add years!". It is very important how we relate to life, that it itself is programmable. Who we are aware of numerous cases of healing the sick after undergoing psychotherapy. People, do not despair and do not get depressed when any problem, and constructively solving all of life's troubles, able to express their emotions and love life, look much younger.
One way to feel younger - itset themselves the task of an earlier period of life, for example, to study at the Institute for 60 years. In any case, even for retirement should be treated as a period, which gives the great opportunities. You must be able to see any pluses in this situation.
We must learn to think positively. This means that if we focus on a disease or aging, we get frustrated, afraid, and thus exacerbates the situation. If we focus on health and youth, our thoughts and will work on it, to save our youth and beauty.
In fact, sometimes it seems that it is impossible toOnly positive attitude throughout, sometimes there are situations when it is very difficult not to upset or frightened. But we ourselves attach emotional everything that is happening around. Irritation, stress, conflicts with others - that we can all be avoided if we learn to think more adaptively. A lot of studies that show that emotionally balanced people report fewer symptoms than people with unstable mentality.
To help feel younger may visit topsychologist, meditation, holotropic breathing. It is necessary to work with their fears, because fear holds down not only our thinking mind, and body. Having dealt with it much easier to relax and live a full life.
It helps to think positively and psychologicalinstallation, affirmations. For example, you can hang on the mirror at any card with something pleasant to himself. Very often we only criticize ourselves and our discontent manifested in the domestic state. We must learn to love yourself, to love yourself for who is, then be able to harmonize their lives, stop internal conflict - a constant struggle with himself. Examples of affirmations: "I - clever, beautiful and young!", "No matter what I did in this life - all right!", Etc. The main thing is to say with full confidence that it is so. And it's not a lie. After all, we see mostly only what is bad, and do not notice the good. Let's notice and pay attention to the good.
We touched upon the main ways that will help us to keep our youth. This is all very important. But the main thing - keep a smile on your face and young at heart, and then the rest will follow!