How to keep weight after dieting

This article is intended for women whotend to lose excess weight at any cost, but they somehow did not get anything. And this despite all their efforts. Diets, gyms hiking, jogging, all kinds of food "miracle" supplements. The effect, of course, there is. But not in all cases and for a short while. The issue of control of its own weight remains unresolved.
First of all, I want to say that this articledesigned for women who seek to lose excess weight at any cost, but they somehow did not get anything. Or they think that it does not work for all their efforts. The effort and, although applied a lot. This diet and going to the gyms and jogging in expensive branded suits, and all kinds of food "miracle" supplements, and all-Misc even with eggs of worms (about which women do not realize, and sometimes know).
The effect, of course, there is. But not in all cases and for a short while. And why? And because we do not all know about the causes of obesity. And all the forces fighting with the consequences.

Causes of obesity

The girl is sitting on the scales
So, the most famous causes of excess weight:

  • illiterate food;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • disturbed metabolism;
  • dissatisfaction with life.

What is meant by malnutrition?
In conventional manner, this means the dominationfatty foods over low-fat diet, the use of salt and sugar, fried in a pan, and spicy foods. All this is true. But clearly it is difficult to argue. For example, the most common fat, as it turned out, a very useful and does not contribute to overweight. And absolutely not harmful. But if fat without heat treatment. But it's fat fried - is not desirable. By the way, all products have certain properties in one form or dosage, and completely opposite properties, modify or overdose.
Think, for example, snake venom (killstreats), coffee (with an overdose of sleeping pills has an effect), yogurt (fresh promotes digestion, not fresh - the development of constipation). Scrolling can be long and hard.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition
You and I just need to know that the head of the entire chemical reaction.
What we represent? And we have nothing but a walking biological laboratories where chemical reactions occur continuously. What I mean is that in addition to everything else, we would do well to choose the most suitable food is to our body. Perfect selection does not work, at least in view of the fact that we, the people, so still know little about our bodies and its properties, as well as everything that surrounds us. But even from the perspective of today's knowledge for the sake of our physical shell, we can treat it with great respect.
Feeding on blood groups. Since my childhood I lived with the feeling that our blood is something very special meaning. I do not mean simply the knowledge of our group and rhesus. Namely, that each group represents something for each of us. What is the chemical composition of our blood carries a secret. And when accidentally saw a book about nutrition on blood groups (where, by the way, and by analogy astrology painted and qualities of character), I lost the rest. But most of all I was struck by the fact that this teaching so few years. To date these studies (released) at least 50 years.
I immediately rushed to her friend, she is a biologist,and clung to it so that it would be good to capitalize on this knowledge. That, they say, blood group nutrition will eventually lead to the fact that it is possible without any diets and cost-effectively normalize your weight by improving metabolism, which will contribute to the food according to their blood group. Sama I accountant by training and create something without a formal education is not possible. And I do not have the terminology. And who will listen to the accountant in health ?!
Here's my shock was due to the fact that I heard in response. Say, it does not believe that whether it will write a little, just to earn money. I began to explain to her that now I will write to you.
Dear ladies, when you buy yourself makeup,You choose it, given what your skin color, any color of hair, eyes, etc. We all know that cosmetics for women divided into four types: female spring-summer woman, woman and woman fall-winter. You know very well that the same perfume on the skin of different people will smell differently (and therefore something should apply perfume on your clothes). Moreover, we all know that the lilies are growing in the shade and moisture, and melon field in open sunny space. And if they land on the contrary, we never wait or lily of the valley or watermelons. So why many of us to understand that when the same products are placed in different conditions (organisms), and the reaction and hence the effect of them is different? Why suddenly, for example, cabbage panacea for all? To some it is generally contraindicated. In general, "that the Russian well, the German death." Somewhere so.
The first step is to "drop weight" we have done with you - know that you need to eat according to their blood group. We not only slimmer, but also healthier.
meal time
meal time. Also in the issue of food matters, when to eat and when to refrain.
How many of you, dear women, faced with the fact,that go to the gym (fitness club), but the effect is the opposite ?! Weight does not decrease, but rather increases! I was faced with this, too. I went to lose weight and "to shape". And he gave.
I noticed that after a few workouts notonly gained weight, but also "took shape". Since my childhood on the move, so it worked "muscle memory." It was summer. All my forms were quite foreseeable. I began to notice the envious glances of the boys, bullies. And I did not understand what had happened, until I was asked who I was swinging.
Naturally, I gave up training. And in a time when once again agreed to a "give form" to lose weight and went already on step aerobics. And there is exactly what we were told that if we want to not only make the form itself, but also to lose weight, you can not after school, eat or drink (even a few sips of plain water) for at least two hours. Otherwise the effect will be counterproductive. Thus, a few years later I realized why recovering, despite the grueling training. I came after them and "threw themselves" for food.
Well, we figured out the two reasons of overweight and found that you need to know: what to eat and when to eat.
The volume of supply
The amount of power. Now, if we talk about the amount of food eaten, we can say the following.
It is impossible to sharply limit their volume of food. Your body will experience a lot of stress, and you will constantly go hungry. When the hunger to win (and he most often will win), you will begin to load, and the body will start to stock up for the future by increasing their holdings in "pantries" that find immediately on their flanks and thighs. I advise readers healingandbodywork there is often little by little, gradually reducing the amount of food. Eat when you are asked about it your body, do not go hungry. Just be aware measure. The need for our body to eat there every 4 hours. But if you eat a little every two hours, you do not have time to get hungry, so eventually will eat less.
It would be great if you got the tableindicating the caloric content of products and exercises a list indicating the number of calories burned. Stick to these indicators. Incidentally, as can be reset to 5 kg per week. However, I consumed 10 times less than normal, and burned 10 times more than if I had consumed calories at a rate (as a result of 1/100). But the most surprising, that the hunger I have not experienced. In fairness, it must be said that this experiment myself arranged for up to 30 years of age. When the body is still relatively easy to tolerate such abuse.
If you can establish competent food (remember):

  • Blood group;
  • without overeating;
  • wild without fasting;
  • meal before exercise, rather than after ...

... Then you will be able to easily lose weight.

As our mood affects our weight?

The girl measures the weight
Now points: dissatisfaction with life and impaired metabolism.
Almost all diseases, including overweightweight originate from malnutrition and metabolic disorders. A disturbed metabolism is none other than as a result of dissatisfaction with life (I am not talking about the various pathologies). Therefore, to promote proper metabolism, therefore, normal weight, try to live life to please you. You know better than that can make you happy and content with their lives.
If you feel that your dreams are unrealistic,let me give humble advice: try to get out into nature, to walk several kilometers on foot, to undress and lie on the grass. Lying on his back look into the sky, listen to the environment you life. Believe me, the revolution will happen in your head. Much is overpriced, much of what you have so tormented, you will find a solid nonsense. On many questions there are answers. In any case, such a trip you will only benefit in all respects.
Now, if you stick to these tips, you will be able to lose weight without stress for yourself and without any extra costs.

And now the most important thing: how do you maintain your weight after weight loss? It's very simple. Keep a respectful, well and take good care of your body, and it will thank you self-control.