How to keep a tan until next summer?

Do you want to sunbathe without harm to health? In the arsenal of cosmetic companies have a lot of protective equipment for every taste and budget. And these tips will help permanently preserve chocolate hue.

• For severe aggression sunlight dermatologiststan rank near the equator, in the mountains, with water sports (surfing, water skiing), long stay on the boat deck and afternoon hours from 12.00 to 15.00. For this category of exposure to the sun, choose funds with protection 50+, and only when your body gets used to the southern sun (after 5-6 days), you can reduce the SPF to 15-20.

• Korean scientists have found that for goodtanning in the sun is necessary before the release of an ordinary drinking glass of green tea with lemon. And lemon, and green tea contain high amounts of vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process of our skin.

• Do not forget to protect the delicate skin from the sunaround the eyes, which is four times thicker skin. Going to the beach, grab a hat and sunglasses, which delay the majority of the sun's rays of type A and B, and thus protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation is not only the eyes, but the entire area around.

• How long will your tan and how heIt will depend not only on time spent in the sun, but also on how you care for your skin. The sun gives us a bronze shade, but severely dehydrated, stripping moisture of the skin cells. Therefore, your main beauty-products should be moisturizing lotions, gels and creams after sunburn. Using them, you can even return home, because such products are not only comfort, but also perfectly moisturize the skin, for which tan - the strongest stress.

• If you can not indulge in make-up, evensea, use cunning reception - before going to the beach put on the cheeks a little bronzer. The tool will replace the blush, do face relief, expressive, and not be spread after bathing. Cosmetics use only in the evening, highlighting the cheekbones with powder bronzer and highlighting ink eyes.

• Get a smooth, beautiful and most importantly,healthy tan may be taking before holiday or a few days before his fortified vitamins and cocktails. The structure of such means include carrot juice extract, palm tree oil or beta-carotene. Dermatologists recommend the use of these products to those who suffer from an allergy to the sun.

• If you like the look of the hair afterBathing in the sea water, try to ensure that his shock of hair supplementary feeding and hydration. Grab Beach protective hair oil and apply it on the tips after each swim.

• If you have a wide nose, apply it (bybridge of the nose to the tip) pinstriped cream with a high protection factor. Then, this part will be light that visually make the nose thinner and give it the right shape.

• Do not sunbathe with wet skin - water droplets like lenses enhance the impact of solar radiation, and you can get burnt easily.