How to disguise from brunette to blonde

Sometimes a simple popryadnoe lighting at templesIt changes the emphasis in the overall texture of the exterior. With all that talk about radical solutions: from light to light brown facial features copper, of ashy brown-haired brown-haired in red nuance. In this article, we will advise what to do in case of a fairly common female caprice "I want from brunette to blonde!".
Change the appearance is possible not only byPlastic surgery and weight loss systems. More rapid transformation - changing hairstyles, hair colors. Sometimes a simple popryadnoe lighting accents at the temples changes in the overall texture of the exterior. With all that talk about radical solutions: from light to light brown facial features copper, of ashy brown-haired brown-haired in red nuance. In this article, we will advise what to do in case of a fairly common female caprice "I want from brunette to blonde!".

In addition to the explicit transformation and admiring maleresponses own satisfaction a new image (if it really would be like themselves and others) you expect a number of difficulties, which means it is necessary to know in advance.

What you need to know before repainting

How to disguise from brunette to blonde
Remove the pigment that gives natural dark shadehair, is far from the first clarification. Holders Hair type 1 (thick, dense hair to the touch, generally east) would require three, and four sessions (average for half an hour each). More exposure blondatorami - more hair loss, effects of chemicals on the scalp (almost all are experiencing a burning sensation) may result in irritation. Healingandbodywork I advise readers to check first individual tolerability: maznut on the skin behind the ear, leaving 30-40 minutes.
To maintain the resulting blonde, every 3-4 weeks is necessary to clarify the roots and apply the tone. Each month, contacts with the Supra and cream paint guaranteed.
In general, at the initial stage of transformation, thatlater, the metamorphosis "from brunette to blonde" - a very expensive pleasure. It is terrible to imagine how you will count for the flow of funds and work in a beauty salon masters professionals. Cheaper to buy Clarifying powder needed Oxygen, cream yourself to coach and friend to all of these in principle, simple manipulations (for those who want to save more, we describe below). Finance allow stomp to the salon? Then choose the wizard, well-versed in blondirovanie, tone selection.

The negative side of clarification

If the girl problem skin, light hair that emphasize all the pimples, redness.
The use of dyes 1 group (aggressive, brightening) turn healthy hair with natural pigment in the loose, "burned." Forever. New - just grow back.
For the same reason, increased hair loss at times. This should be remembered if the density shag you is more important than its color.
Clarified "etched" hair for someonein more complex installation. If a natural base could dry the hair dryer and naturally decaying locks look more or less well, but now everything has changed. The shape of the curl and the direction of the strands will have to give hot or cold packing.
There will always be necessary to use a fabric softener andbalms for the hair! This is for blondes just as important ritual as immediate cleansing shampoo. No air conditioning, you will not be able to comb strands of bleached without tearing decent hair. The feeling is like when combing wet hair in the old Soviet puppet (for those who remember).
Still want to be a blonde ?! The image of a beautiful blonde woman with luminous in the light curls haunted the imagination? Good! Read on. In the end, the beauty demands victims. A really "nice" beauty - victims simply incredible.

From brunette to blonde

How to disguise from brunette to blonde
How to become a blonde myself? I recommend readers healingandbodywork use professional tools, not boxes for home use such as "Blond Plus" or "Henna for clarification" (which in itself is a distortion, as Henna - natural dye in shades of copper). For hair coloring in shades lighter natural base used Oxygen 6, 9, and 12% - transparent white liquid in large 1,5-2 l bottles. Sale and bottling. It is economical to buy a bottle once the required percentage of the bank and lightening powder (supra, in common parlance it is still called). The higher the percentage in oxygenation, the more aggressive he is working with hair. Some manufacturers have already removed from sale of 12-percent activators. Six or nine? With the "nine" is necessary to strictly control the exposure time, and you can really go without hair. With the "six" perederzhivat also not recommended, but it will work a little bit softer.
Mixing ratio blondatorov 1: 2. One measuring spoon of powder blue and two liquid oxigent. Mix in a plastic dish just before application to the hair. Work only with gloves and a special brush. Wear protective dressing gown and an apron over to the one who will lighten.
Divide the head into zones: vertical and horizontal parting ( "from ear to ear across the top of the head"). Secure hair clips. Root nizhnezatylochnoy area or parietal - as someone more convenient. The main thing at first clarification -. To retreat from the roots 2 cm Apply material should be quickly and generously to hair "bathed in paint", as hairdressers, then it will provide high-quality staining, without dark spots. Separate the strand width of 2 cm: we put blondator the entire length of the non-metallic comb to comb. After working for one zone, a rapid transition to the other. The need to define the application of skill, because the waiting time of 30-35 minutes starts with the preparation of the most recent locks when everything will be supremum. If you have already started 30 minutes ago, and are far from final, it is necessary to seriously worry about that area of ​​the head, with which it all started. In this case, it is necessary to quickly dokrasit all zones 15-20 minutes and wash off Supra contrive with the first zone. In general, quite inconvenient. So you'd better hurry up: faster to apply, quickly combing. It is best not to overdo and to make, if necessary, re-lighting in three days.
If successful outcome of the application and waiting time, no stimulus, we wash off Supra 30-35 minutes. My shampoo! It can be doubled. Apply the balm. Wash off, dried with a towel.
It is already possible to assess the degree of hair loss. If they climb frank tufts, a second lighting is better to postpone for a week or two. As a rule, have a natural brunette hair thick and healthy. If hair loss after the first clarification within the permissible norms, completely dry the hair dryer with cold air (gentle for just badly damaged head of hair), comb. Try the minimum horrified copper-yellow shade of hair. It is not yet the end result!
For the second time to apply the mixture of powder and oxygenationnecessary together with roots. Also quickly, the same waiting time, flushing and drying with cold air. Now it is necessary to evaluate the degree of preparedness for the application of colors. Repeat if necessary, the day after three or four a couple of times. Healthy natural dark hair should withstand such intensive, but necessary passivation of the pigment.

Choosing a cream-paint

How to disguise from brunette to blonde
Dye prepared hair in the desired shadeblond can again professional or household paint ( "Palette", "Garnier," etc.). It is better to buy the paint pros and separate her Oxygen 3% or 1.5% - for dyeing hair tone in tone or one tone higher. Your hair and so subjected to strong chemical attack and in boxes for home coloring oxygenation in small bags 6% or 9%. On the other hand, if you are ready for additional sacrifices for the sake of further clarification of the period of direct dyeing, it can be used with oxygen for blondirovanija. Cream paint for professionals is sold in tubes (like toothpaste), convenient dimensional limiters on the packaging. The proportions of mixing paint and activator of 1: 1. Mix, apply, wait. In the salons begins with roots all over the head, then passed back to the zones and modify locks along the entire length. Combed. The holding time of 35-40 minutes. It's not so bad a little bit overdo.
We should also talk about choosing a shade of blonde,they, too, are different. Cold: pearl, gray and pinkish nuances. Warm: the golden tones all levels. The need to determine what the blonde get, depending on the color of the eyes and skin. You can try all the options gradually. Diverse, and at the same time help to clearly define what is best. All the same, more than one month, the tone does not last long. Moreover, to support the absence of yellow (trouble all cold blondes) will have with the help of specialized tools and toning balms, shampoos.

Down with the yellow hue!

How to disguise from brunette to blonde
If you have decided, and decided to stay coldblonde, punching yellowness is frankly annoying and frustrating. According to the laws of color yellow purple extinguished. In order for a month is not spent many times on the professional cream, you can buy a tinting dye (which works with the hair surface that is washed off quickly and does not harm), dilute it with some water and rinse hair after every wash. The main thing is to do it evenly, so that the result was spotless. Combed and not overdo, so as not to become a strong purple. What is purchase - depending on the financial capacity to cost to your favorite looks.
Recently, the market of professional tools released special "antizheltye" paint. They promise to eliminate yellowing forever.
As for the not professional, but it is popularadvertised shampoos type «Nivea», «Gliss Kur» and other - series specifically for blondes, you should know: they placed the emphasis on the golden Blondeau, not cold. That is money directly added to the yellowish shades with fine glitter. Cold blondes it is not necessary.

Care for damaged hair

A popular means to care for blond hair is considered a decoction of chamomile
A popular folk remedy to care for blond hair is considered a decoction of chamomile. Definitely chamomile help natural light-based, artificially clarified - only give yellow.
In such a serious matter as "of the brunette in theblonde "some herbs can not do. Needed specific professional products for damaged hair and light - that is, health care products and color. In each line there are cosmetic products. Suggesting something concrete does not make sense, since everything here is very individual. For example, the "blue" one shampoo company will hold you with their effect, others - no. You will be able to cope with a democratic unprofessional "tonic", but a colleague did not like it. Decide to stay Blondet - for one or two months to work out their tricks.
For the gradual recovery of the hair shaft,smoothing its upper layer of the cuticle (supra scattered flakes) in addition to the balm for every hair washing it is necessary to use a mask intense recovery. Flushed Away. I recommend readers healingandbodywork apply it once a week. Well, if it will also be some "for the blonde" orientation purple or blue tint (for those to whom it is important to remove the yellowing).
Express tools for hair care(Indelible) can give curls severity, a specific film. They are applied to clean damp hair or dry. Day or two - and will want to wash your hair faster. Although, the higher the price tag have means the more it is considered to be a luxury, and therefore more comfortable to use.

To be unnatural blonde nicely done -great work, a bunch of time and financial investment. If you wish to be it will overcome all these difficulties will be corrected and lifestyle. Tired? It is better not to hurry with the repainting back to the dark, as the former condition of the hair still does not return. And more time for care and styling remains are now in your life for a long time. Not yet fully grown new hair.