How to remove the lashes

As you know, the eyes are the mirror of the soul,probably why they always attract the eye of the opposite sex. What tricks do not go to the girls that their eyes look even more attractive. Most often, increasing artificial eyelashes, but then faced with another problem - these lashes to remove.

Debonder against artificial eyelashes

I must say that the lashes holdabout 20 days, unless they are well looked after. After that, they need to be removed, it is clear that in the interior due to this is not tired with running: and grow, and shoot, so you can try to remove the eyelashes itself. healingandbodywork recommends several popular ways to remove the lashes at home. And the first way is based on the use of special tools Debondera. Usually, they are experts in salons, but that does not mean that any woman can use it to withdraw its own eyelashes. This drug dissolves the glue which holds the eyelashes. It is sold in any cosmetic shop or salon. And is relatively inexpensive. A single bottle is enough for a long time. It acts on the lashes Debonder gently removes efficiently and safely.

Methods of removing the eyelashes:

  1. Under the lower eyelid enclose the swab or cotton pad.
  2. Take a cotton swab and gently put a drug on the lashes and wait two minutes.
  3. Take the brush out of the carcasses, and gently remove theartificial lashes, moving from top to bottom. If the solution was for ever, you may feel a slight tingling. Make sure that the drug is not hit in the eye.
  4. Wipe the tonic lashes to remove excess solution on their eyelashes, you can do it and after washing with plain water.
  5. If you feel a burning sensation in the eyes, it can be applied to the eye surface, soaked in chamomile a cotton swab solution.
  6. After the procedure, carefully lubricate their cilia castor oil, it will help them quickly to come into a healthy shape.

After you remove the false lashes using Debondera new can be built on or after the day that there was no depletion of native eyelashes.

Removing eyelashes using oil

This method is popular with those who like to save money. Normally, to remove the lashes take a burdock or castor. It must be said that the use of oil in their effect is not worse than expensive drugs. Rather, on the contrary, the oil also nourishes the lashes and promotes their growth.

How to remove oil eyelashes:

  1. Carefully and thoroughly remove make-up from the face and especially the eyes.
  2. Use scissors to cut the cotton pad in half to get two semicircle. Cut two holes therein to the eye.
  3. Put cotton harvesting in oil, pre-warmed, and well saturated. Next, remove the cotton and squeeze it well.
  4. Now, put a semi-circle on the lower eyelid, the eyes close, and carefully, not to get oil into lubricate eyelashes. Just treat the other eye.
  5. Now you can sit down and relax. To dissolve the glue must pass a half-hour.
  6. Gently massage your eyelashes. Usually, if the adhesive is melted, the cilia themselves will be removed. Pull them impossible.
  7. When you notice that the lashes moved, thegently pry them pintsetikom and remove. If they do not want to appear, repeat the whole process and leave the oil longer. Or try one of the other methods.
  8. When you remove the lashes, then on their ownApply burdock oil. Do it more often to maintain the eyelashes, nourish them and make them stronger. Since after the eyelash changes the structure of its own.

Removing eyelashes using cream

This is perhaps the most easily accessible method of removallashes home because the usual fat cream there almost every woman in the beautician. You can use the cream for the face or hands. This method is usually preferred by those who stuck lashes once only, and is not going to get involved in this procedure often. Another advantage of the method with a cream that additional cost is not required.

Choosing cream, pay attention to what heto be bold, because it is at the expense of fat soluble glue on the lashes. Apply it should be very careful not to hit on the mucosa, or will cause severe irritation. If you still got the cream in the eyes, you should rinse it with water.

Methods of removing the artificial eyelash creamis the same as in other cases. You must first remove the make-up, carefully pay attention to the skin around the eyes. Then gently apply the cream on the lashes, and wait for the dissolution of the cream. Once cilia tweezers, remove the remaining natural oiled, to treat them a bit and recover.

Do I need to do to remove the eyelashes?

Many women are not in a hurry to shoot Naroschenyeyelashes special preparations or improvised means, citing the fact that when their grow up, and so they disappear. But experts forbidden to let things take their course. Firstly, aesthetically otrosshie lashes do not look. They did not fall away all at once, but gradually. After the first lashes fall out, your mind will be not very nice, you can even say painful. And secondly, if the glue for eyelashes will remain long on the eyes, it would not be beneficial to your vision, it's still a chemical. In addition, when the mass sypyatsya eyelashes, they may get in his eyes, and damage the soft texture. A person is unpleasant, if one eyelash enters the eye, what can I say about the whole bundle.

Therefore, be sure to remove the accrued cilia, the more it is quite possible to do it yourself at home.

Care after the eyelash extension

The adhesive or resin, which are pastedartificial lashes to your own, is not very useful in the past. Therefore, after the procedures for removing foreign bodies from the eyes, it is necessary for several days to properly care for the eyes. To do this well, and use traditional methods. Won great popularity burdock oil, it is applied along the entire length of the cilia. These procedures are not made one-off and regular.

By selecting a suitable oil, rub it every dayin cilia have roots, but at the same time, make sure that you do not stretch the eyelid. In addition, there is a time limit of day, not recommended healthier your lashes in the evening just before bedtime, because in the morning you can see the swollen eyelids.

When choosing a carcass pay attention to itwas invigorating and caring components included in its composition. It should be effortlessly removed from the eyelashes to in any case not to damage without this weak cilia. He washed, rubbed his eyes is not enough to be just wet them gently with a towel.

If you would like after the removal of the eyelashes, build new again, do it after a short break. If you wait at least two days, the effect of lashes will be even better.

But to remove the lashes, right after allseek help from a specialist shop, and will be good, if to the same, that the eyelashes grow. Well, if you decide to carry out this procedure at home, listening to the advice, it is possible to do this without sacrificing beauty.