How to remove the beer belly

Beer belly - this term refers to the fatdeposits in the abdomen and waist, which is often seen in amateur use foamy drink. With such a problem faced by both men and women, although often this phenomenon occurs just at the stronger sex.

Causes of beer belly

MirSovetov found out what the prerequisites for a beer belly for men and women:

  1. Fat deposits in the body can occur for a number ofreasons, the main of which are considered high calorie food consumed. With regard to beer, the main source of energy in it is alcohol, but as the alcohol content of the beverage is not very big, and too high-calorie foods can not be called beer. Depending on the variety, the energy value of the beer is from 40 to 60 kcal per 100 g of liquid. However, beer lovers can enjoy an evening at least 0.5-1 liters, which means that the body will get at least 200 extra calories. Besides, beer is rarely used simply because they enjoy a bit of sugar with a variety of crackers, chips, cheese, nuts, dried fish and other snacks. Each of these products contains a lot of calories and fat, not benefiting the figure, and salt, which abound like snacks, only makes drinking more beer and water retained in the body.
  2. The second reason that beer can becomethe cause of excess weight - is phytoestrogens that are part of the beverage. Such substances are contained in hops, and are analogous to the female hormone estrogen. Once in the body from the outside, phytoestrogens affect hormones and disrupt the endocrine system, which can result in dire consequences. For women who regularly consume beer in large quantities, sometimes an overabundance of estrogen causes infertility. Men under the influence of this hormone become more feminine, get fat and gain potency problems.
  3. The habit of drinking beer often has a negative impact onthe liver and kidneys. His contribution to the disease of these organs make salty and fatty foods, which are used as snacks for beer. The result of this influence becomes enlarged liver and poor outflow of fluid from the body, which also negatively affects the physical form.
  4. Another indirect cause of beerBelly is a sedentary lifestyle. A person regularly drinking beer and not blocked it is not a useful food waste should subsequently received calories. If not, the excess energy causes the accumulation of fat, which is usually deposited primarily in the waist and abdomen.

Proper nutrition - the first step to getting rid of the problem

If you are fortunate enough, you got a beerbelly and you want as soon as possible to arrange the figure, one should start with a review of the mode and method of feeding. First of all it is necessary to abandon the beer - the main culprit of the problem. If completely eliminate this product from the diet does not work, try to at least significantly reduce the number of drunk drink.

Look closely at what you drink than beer. Liquid - the most important part of the daily human diet and the main element of the body structure, so on its quality very much depends. Sweet drinks and store bought juices contain a lot of sugar - the source of calories for your body. Caffeine in large amounts causes dehydration, which also adversely affects the health. Ideal drink for humans is considered vulgaris purified water, which must be consumed in sufficient amounts - of at least 1.5 liters per day. But if you do not want to drink only water, MirSovetov following tips may help you to make your daily diet more harmless:

  1. Try to drink tea without sugar or give your drink sweetness using honey.
  2. Reduce the amount of coffee drunk. One small cup in the morning is more than enough.
  3. Avoid carbonated drinks and juice store. Replace them with freshly squeezed Frechet or stewed, cooked yourself.

Now let's talk about food. Most know that weight loss should be reduced in your daily menu amount of fatty, sugary and starchy foods. There is also a food on which should be avoided at all to such a food include:

  • Fast food semi-finished products;
  • fast food;
  • sweet pastries and white bread;
  • chocolates and candies;
  • snacks: crackers, nuts, chips, etc .;.
  • Smoked products: meat and fish;
  • food, fried in oil.

Useful food for those who want to adjustyour weight and stay in good shape, are considered to be fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and seafood, berries, herbs, grain cereals. Also important is the way of cooking. Most useful to cook steamed or baked it in the oven, but the products are also allowed to boil or stew, although in the latter two cases, the nutrients in the food saved less.

Here are some more tips on healthy eating principles:

  1. Those who want to get rid of the extra kilos,in particular beer from stomach should reduce the volume of the stomach. This can be done by using a fractional power. This means that it is better to use more food, but to eat smaller portions.
  2. It is advisable to breakfast, lunch and dinner takes place every day at a set time.
  3. Eating before bed - not a good idea, especiallyfor those who wish to lose weight. It is important to understand that the body is a night in a sleep state, and all other processes at the same time slowing down. As a result, products are eaten at night are not digested, and just lie in the stomach "dead weight", which may adversely affect the work of the digestive organs.

Physical culture - an effective means of combating the beer belly

Weight loss can occur only ifwhen the body spends more energy than it consumes. The best way to burn calories effectively considered exercise. A good tool to get rid of beer belly is to exercise muscles press, but it is understood that some of these loads will not be enough. Sport should be addressed comprehensively, the most effective in this case are considered aerobic exercises that promote rapid burning of body fat. These classes include swimming, running, fitness, active sports, cycling and much more.

By combining proper nutrition with physicalloads, as well as observing the regularity in this matter, you can achieve excellent results. As for men, weight training will help them to increase the level of testosterone in the body and thereby get rid of effeminate traits acquired through frequent use of beer.

As an example, I would like to give some effective exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles:

  1. Lie on the floor, under the bed or back karematmat. Bending at the knees at an angle of 90 ° and cupped his head, raise and lower torso. Follow the action as many times as you can, and then take rest and do another 1-2 sets. Gradually exercise should become longer.
  2. Another popular means of strengtheningPress - exercise "scissors". Lie down on a soft mat, place your hands along the trunk or hide them under the buttocks. Lift straight legs off the floor at an angle of about 30 ° and crossed them so that resembled mahi movement of scissors. Take about 15 swings, rest 3 minutes and repeat the exercise again.
  3. There is another effective exercise forstrengthening the abdominal muscles. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, hold arms around his waist. Inhale air deeply while sticking out his stomach. Make a sharp exhale through the mouth, stomach plunging as much as possible. Perform 15-20 repetitions.