How to remove acrylic nails

Many women complain that the procedurebuilding and then removing the artificial nails very spoiled their nail plate. However, specialists in nail strongly disagree with this statement. As they have long noticed, the ladies are trying to save money on this procedure, your money and remove artificial nails yourself, using all that is at hand.

To your health does affect natural nogotochkinot the building process, and removal procedures - all the more so if it is wrong. healingandbodywork offers charming readers step by step in order to understand why women prefer to remove the nails at home and how to do it without loss.

nail extension

The desire of women to be beautiful and perfect notIt knows no boundaries and limits. There is an opinion that the status of women and grooming determines just three aspects: her hairstyle, shoes and nails. And if the first and second more or less clear: a visit to a first-class barber once a month, and shopping at shoe store easily solve these problems, it is not so easy to nail. Even visiting nail salonchik every three to four weeks, it is very difficult to keep the nails in perfect condition. Especially difficult is the women who themselves do all the housework, as such, of course, the vast majority.

And the reason for this rather banal: nails require a minimum of careful attitude to yourself. You understand that if your hair is constantly exposed to a variety of household chemicals, hair care needs would be multiplied tenfold or even a hundredfold. It's the same with your fingernails. They need to be the owner of a fully excluded housework, and it is simply impossible. And they become brittle, very quickly lose their shape and have a homely feel.

And then close the festival - a wedding girlfriendfather's anniversary, corporate at work the husband - and your nails are not ready. What to do? Today, millions of women prefer artificial nails, so as not to lose face. Species are many: some still prefer to stick the plastic, but the sight of them, unfortunately, quite unsightly, and some go to the salon and extend nails. Materials for the building, there are two - a gel and acrylic. The most popular of them - the last one. Nails look aesthetically pleasing, especially if you do not overdo it with the length. They are strong and, and beautiful, and not subject to external stimuli.

The procedure is certainly not cheap, butthe result is always worth it. But that can not stop. Now these nails require certain "infusion": it is necessary to attend the master on compensation. If suddenly, for whatever reason, you missed it, the nails just lose shape and take quite unsightly. What to do? The yield, no matter how sorry, only one - the removal of the nail. And, of course, here comes the very savings. And the women, rather than go to a salon and spend the removal procedure on all the rules, trying to remove the nails on their own and improvised means.

In the course is absolutely everything: nail scissors, nail files ... And, of course, together with the artificial nail off the top layer of natural nail. The result of these actions is thinned nail plate is damaged, and sometimes inflammation.

How to avoid it? The answer is simple. If you have already decided to carry out the procedure of removing the acrylic nails at home, do it at least correct. In fact, it is not difficult, the main thing to know technology. Let's try to understand it thoroughly.

Technology remove acrylic nails at home

So, for the most gentle removal of acrylic nails at home, we need:

  1. Nail polish remover with acetone (You can also simply acetone).
  2. Nail clippers.
  3. Cotton pads.
  4. Food foil.
  5. Shovel for a manicure.
  6. The fine-grain sandpaper and a piece of suede (excellent substitute for acrylic nail file and nail polish brusochek).

First, carefully remove the nail polish with the help ofmeans with acetone. Now, as much as possible to shorten the length. This is done using conventional nail clipper. Only this should be done with care and it is not necessary to cut at the root, so it is possible to damage the delicate skin under the nail. After all this, soak a cotton pad in a quarter of acetone and thus put on each nail individually.

Now we need the foil. It should be about the size of a square 10 x 10 centimeters. It recommended zamatyvat so that nail in a vacuum - there remains as little air as possible to minimize its penetration. Gently zamatyvaem each nail in foil and leave so about 20 minutes. You should feel the warmth in the nails.

Once you feel a rush of heat tofingers, quickly remove the foil and remove the entire fleece material with a nail. Acrylic at this time softened and removed very easily and quickly. But you must do it at once, otherwise the acrylic hardens again. So we do every finger. If an artificial nail slightly defies, scraped his spatula for manicure.

Then, polishing begins. This can be done using a special nail files wedges and polishing, and if they do not, as we have said, is perfect for fine-grained sandpaper. Its best to connect a piece of wood, and thus affect the nail. Only we must act carefully, do not press hard on the nail. Then take a piece of suede and go through each nogotochki.

How to care for the nails?

We have already mentioned above that require nailsattention to themselves. And those with which the removed artificial acrylic nails - and even more so. And it does not depend on how "gently" you tried to remove the artificial layer, your nails will need time to recover properly.

In order to charge an initial base for nailsrecovery, take any vegetable oil: sunflower, olive, apricot. Slightly warm it in a water bath and a massage of the nail plate, causing the oil to it.

The best way to do this massage beforeproceed to polishing chamois. This will prevent possible delamination of nails in the future. Incidentally, this procedure can be performed to polish, which is not subjected to capacity.

Also healingandbodywork is yourattention a few recipes nail care after extension. Through these procedures consistently, keeping order and orderliness, perhaps a little later, your nails will look even better than before the increase.

Recipe №1. Take a little salt, you can use absolutely any - and the sea, and the food, and iodized, dissolved in warm water, add a little lemon juice and bring it down into the tub. Subject minutes at 15. It is important to carry out the procedures after massage with warm vegetable oil as described above.

Recipe №2. It is very useful, not only to rub the oil into the nails, but also make him a bath. It is also very good, if you add a little lemon juice to. By the way, the lemon juice alone can wipe nails at least once a week - the result will not take long.

Recipe №3. If it is summer, take these berries: cranberries, black or red currants, mash them to a pulp and apply on your nails. If it is not too convenient, put the pulp in a bowl and dip the tips of the nails there for a while.