How to reduce stomach

The vast majority of people today are inclined toovereating. And this is connected not only with banal "gluttony", but also with the current pace of life: lack of time, seizing stress, eating while working or just in front of the computer - all this inevitably leads to a stretching of the stomach wall, and, as a consequence, to absorb all more food, poor health and obesity.

The main reasons for increasing the volume of the stomach

In addition to the banal habit very densebreakfast, lunch and dinner, there are a number of reasons due to which the stomach wall expands. For example, having a habit of talking at the table, we have to swallow a lot of air, so that the increase in the volume of the stomach. Another quite common cause is too hot food - while we her studio, once swallowed air.

Quite a common habit - drink foodanything, be it a hot tea or coffee, carbonated drinks. All this is only able to do much harm to the size of our stomach and be profitable absolutely no. It is necessary to suffer a little bit, at least 30 minutes, after which you can drink some fluids. Pretty soon it will become a habit, and you will no longer want to drink immediately after a meal. By the way, fluid intake during and immediately after food delays the digestion process, which is also not very beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

Of course, the use of large quantities of beer(Hence the beer belly), watching TV or sitting in front of computer at lunch time, which inevitably leads to overeating, - all this gradually stretches the stomach. And stretch it very simple, but bring it back to normal - will need a lot of time and patience. However, it's worth it: in a month you will see a dramatic change, as in a mirror, and the general state of health, and, of course, in their diets.

Radical ways to reduce stomach

Let's start with the introduction of famous, but verypainful procedures. And the first of them - surgery - excision of part of the stomach. In fact, this operation is carried out with a stomach ulcer, but it sometimes resort is particularly desperate to lose weight and bring myself up people. In this operation a lot more minuses than pluses. Firstly, this way the operation, which is carried out within a few hours, under general anesthesia. That is all the charm of postoperative recovery is inevitable. Second, stay in the hospital will have a very long time, and nutrition and diet will recover even longer: one can say that the first month of a person is only yogurt. It's hard not to lose weight in such a diet. But there is great danger that in a few years people will return and continue to weight and diet, and the volume of the stomach, as do the surgery, it is unlikely to have been able to change something in my head, and weight loss begins there.

There is a second, more gentle wayreduce stomach has long common in Europe. The stomach introduced a special balloon filled with silicone, which fills a part in the absorption of food and the brain is signaled faster saturation. But this method also has some disadvantages: while the balloon is inside, you need to constantly take drugs which will reduce the production of gastric juice. Also, after the removal of the cylinder is very great danger to return to the previous volume of food intake. Such a procedure is prohibited in many diseases of the stomach, esophagus, as well as during pregnancy.

Whatever it was, what method you have for yourself orchosen, the conclusion should be the same: you need to change your eating habits. We need to completely rethink what, how and when you eat and drink. Then enter a new mode in his ordinary life.

A diet to reduce stomach volume

The easiest way to eat and not get better andthus also reduce the amount of absorbed food is a fractional power. It is quite simple in design, most importantly, enter it into a habit. So, here are its basic principles:

  1. Eat need 5-6 times a day with an interval of not more than 2-3 hours (and no less). serving size should not exceed 250-300 g, this includes liquid food.
  2. Leave breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is better to make a carbohydrate, and lunch and dinner with an emphasis on protein. The snacking eat something light, but nutritious, such as fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, low-fat dairy products, cooked fish.
  3. Pay attention to the thermal treatment of what you eat: give priority to the boiled and baked food.
  4. Consume at least 2 liters of pure, still water a day, but not earlier and not later than 20-30 minutes before and after meals.

If you stick to these principles,very soon cease to feel the need to eat, appetite will decrease markedly, and the body will cease to get fat "in reserve". By the way, if you're not ready to change the diet, you can simply reduce the amount of the usual food, best 2 times. The main thing, eat fiber and do not forget about protein.

Another quite important advice on dietis the emphasis on the separate power supply, that is, formed a kind of hybrid of fractional and separate power supply. The essence of the separate power supply is based on the fact that a person starts to eat foods that are easily digested and quickly being combined, are not deposited on the sides.

food Culture

A considerable part of the contribution to the reduction of the stomach necessary to give it food culture. healingandbodywork offers a detailed review of its basic principles:

  1. Eat from a beautiful, neat and aesthetically pleasing dishes. It is better if it is only your set: forks, spoons, plates, bowls. Do not buy too large dishes.
  2. Try to decorate each meal: porridge put a sprig of greenery on a saucer tube of cinnamon. Food intake will be more pleasant.
  3. Eat without looking at the TV, remove the computer from itself, just enjoy the food.
  4. Chew slowly and enjoy every bite.

How not to break?

Failures are absolutely everyone,that changes something in their lives. Of course, much depends on self-discipline, willpower and desire to do something. But if it has already happened, not worth much to blame yourself, but better to take a few steps that will help and will get used to the new diet and reduce the risk of break, and will help to achieve faster results:

  1. Be sure to include sport in their lives. At least a 20 minute charge allows you to see changes in yourself faster, which is a great motivator!
  2. Eat a teaspoon. This will increase the meal times, respectively, quickly comes a feeling of satiety and small portions that fall into the stomach, it is better digested and quickly digested.
  3. The basis of the diet of fruits and vegetables do, it will significantly reduce the number of servings of fatty, flour, unwholesome food. And it brings more the result.
  4. A hearty breakfast should be a daily basis. In no case do not miss it. This is the ideal breakfast menu: porridge or muesli in the low-fat milk, cheese sandwich, a banana or an apple.
  5. We should not exclude completely from the menu what youvery fond of. Review the amount eaten, for example, allow yourself treats 200 g per week. You can split up to 50 grams per day or at a time to eat everything, but most do not allow yourself frills this week. Also review your favorite "unprofitable": milk chocolate to replace the bitter, marshmallows and jelly replace other sweets include low-calorie biscuits or waffles. With a strong desire to eat something sweet, grab a spoon of honey or jam. All these measures are much better than break and overeat.
  6. If the failure still occurs, try thefasting day. Eat only fruits, vegetables and water. It can be another piece of boiled meat and a little low-fat dairy products. Easy come back very quickly.
  7. Do not let feelings of hunger. If you currently have a little nuts or fruits. So the body will cease to panic that you do not feed him.
  8. Remember that if you give yourself to slacksome festival, then it will inevitably expand the walls of the stomach, though not to the previous level. Because as much as possible, avoid overeating feeling. If it still happened, carry an enzyme tablets - they help digest food more quickly and forget about the consequences of a feast.