How to quickly grow nails

Almost every woman dreams about longbeautiful nails. Of course, you can ask someone for help, and many do, and then for a few hours of hands look well groomed. And you can try to take advantage of the advice beauticians how to quickly grow the nails themselves, especially today, the, natural nails are at the peak of popularity.

Nail care home

As researchers found, fingernails, on averagegrow to 2 mm per week. But at this rate it affects a number of factors, such as how a person eats, takes there any vitamins and minerals, such as nail care implements and much more. In addition, nail growth rate is affected by the season of the year, so they grow faster in summer than in winter. This is related to the amount of vitamins, which the person receiving the food and the sun, in particular on the amount of vitamin D in human blood. It was also observed that pregnant women nails grow faster, and this is due primarily to the hormonal changes in the body, and the second - with a balanced diet of the future mother. In order to grow the nails, the diet must be a fatty acid "omega-3", zinc and calcium.

Many believe that a healthy and beautiful nails -is the result of heredity. But the girl, who by nature are not very good state of polish, if will make efforts for their recovery, can achieve remarkable results. After all, just from time to time to trim nails and rasp enough. They also need to cherish, and regularly, correctly and professionally, if possible.

The first step in proper care is a manicure. There are no hands look well groomed, if mindlessly cut the nail plate in all directions. Secondly, as with the hair, the nails have a porous structure and they imbibe from its surface and is very useful substance. Therefore, they need to be protected from harmful substances, wear gloves, do not often apply toxic varnishes, especially if you do not use foundation under varnish. Marigold is necessary to feed, process oils, lotions and special varnishes. Thirdly, the need to acquire individual means of hygiene and do not forget to handle the tools every time, when you're done working manicure.

There are some basic guidelines that will help to grow your nails at home:

  1. To nail grew well, often do massagefingers. This will speed up blood circulation and provide blood flow to the nails, and blood, respectively, to arrive at their destination and the nutrients and minerals. Ideally, do this massage every day.
  2. No less useful massage - paraffin. This procedure is considered the most effective cosmetologists. It is necessary to take the wax or paraffin cosmetic, melt it and apply on your nails and cuticles. By the action of the wax similar to a massage, it provokes an active blood circulation, the flow of oxygen and nutrients.
  3. Benefit hands and bring the bath. Since nails are very fond of moisture, is often simply dipping them into the water, and soon you will notice that they started to grow faster. To multiply the effect in the bath add a little lemon and olive oil. In order to eliminate brittleness and fragility need to add to the water a little bit of sea salt. Keep your hands in the water must be within five minutes, and then wet them with a napkin. Rinse your hands under the water is not necessary, as it will wash away all the nutrients. After the procedure, you need to put on your hands nourishing cream.
  4. Good to influence the growth of nails and vitamins. Especially liquid vitamin E, it can be bought at the pharmacy, and rub into the nail plate or replace it with a conventional iodine. It is applied with a brush, like nail polish. Yellow tint disappears within a few hours.
  5. You can make a homemade cream. For this it is necessary to mix half a teaspoon of red pepper and the same baby cream, a mixture of water added twenty drops and heat it all in a water bath. After the mixture has cooled slightly, put it on the nails.
  6. If the nails are dry and brittle, so they do not havefat, and therefore, it is necessary to include them in your diet. Increase consumption of vegetables, fruits and liver, because they have enough vitamin A, and it also speeds up the growth of nails.
  7. Use cosmetics, nail care with even a simple varnish can strengthen the nail plate.

Recipes to accelerate nail growth

Most often, hand care women choosebaths with iodine and sodium chloride. We need to take half a liter of heated water and dissolve in it 2 tablespoons of salt, and add 10 drops of iodine. Dip your hands in the tub and soak for 10 minutes.

Beneficial effect on the growth of nails and lemon juice, you just need to lubricate them nail plate or sink nails into the flesh of the fruit for a couple of minutes. After the procedure, lubricate your hands and nails with a nourishing cream.

Ointment can be cooked at home,which promotes intensive growth of the nails. To do this, take 40 ml of oil calendula, yolk of an egg, hard-boiled and 5 grams of beeswax. First you need a water bath to heat the wax, then add the butter and egg yolk, without removing from the water bath, all this stir. When the mixture is thick, about as sour cream, then remove from heat. This ointment should be rubbed into the nails before going to bed.

To slightly accelerate nail growth can beto prepare a cream. To do this, mix 30 ml of aloe juice, 2 tablespoons of cream and 40 drops of oil of sea buckthorn, calendula and burdock. Rub this cream should be in the nail plate and cuticles.

Good action for nails, have sodatrays. For their preparation you need to take a tablespoon of baking soda, diluted in a glass of water and add a few drops of iodine. Hold your hands in the solution for 15 minutes, then smear with cream or butter. The procedure is repeated twice a week.

Benefits the nails and oil bath, you need to warm up any vegetable oil, add a few drops of iodine and glycerin and lower arms for 20 minutes, then blot with a napkin.

Well strengthens nails, so-called "smart enamel" - a special medical coating, which can be bought at the pharmacy, it has no color, it is therefore well suited as a base for varnish.

Choose a gentle liquid without acetone removerlacquer, with homework wear gloves outside in cold weather too warm gloves protect hands and nails from the rest, let's polish, at least for a couple of weeks in the year, even if they just podyshat oxygen.

healingandbodywork recommends not forgetquality food. Make sure that your meals are rich in iron, calcium and vitamins. A lot of calcium contained in the cheese, meat, dairy products, all kinds of cabbage, spinach, eggs, figs and nuts. Better calcium absorption contributes to vitamin D. It is found in fish, especially in the liver, cottage cheese, butter and milk, and is produced under the influence of sunlight. Many of iodine contained in seaweed, in fish and shellfish. A small amount of it is, carrots, lettuce, spinach, pineapple and milk. Magnesium enters the body together with legumes, seeds and nuts, cheeses, cereals, potatoes, pepper, poultry, bananas and blackberries.

Carrying out these simple tips, you can accelerate the growth of nails and make them healthy and shiny!