How to quickly grow eyebrows

Remember, as in "office romances" prettysecretary Vera lectured unsightly Lyudmila Prokofievna? "The eyebrow should be thin, thin, thread-like, raised in surprise" - to such an ideal Soviet woman I have to strive to be. Today, promoting glossy magazines: the natural brow look, the better!

To rightfully considered their ideal eyebrow,women need only take care of what nature gave her. However, to strive for the better is not forbidden! The main thing in this endeavor not to overreact.

Physiognomy of eyebrows

Science that studies the facial features and their impact ona person's character, physiognomy, says that the eyebrows - is personal reputation, in other words, a business card. This part of the face determines the strength of our desire to please, to win the glory, find their place in the world. eyebrows knowledgeable person tell about the creative potential of its owner, how it overcomes obstacles and reach their goals.

Physiognomy also claims that the eyebrows - the mostspecific facial features, because it is able to express the greatest number of human emotions: surprise, anger, melancholy, disbelief, doubt and determination. "Take," a person eyebrows, and it will be similar to the eccentric representative of extraterrestrial civilizations! Without eyebrows, it appears nowhere ...

The ideal eyebrow - what is it?

Fashion trends and canons of beauty of the season 2014offer to all, without exception, the ladies refuse to tattoo eyebrows and put away dark pencils, which some used to outline drawn the brow arch. The motto of this year - all should be in moderation. This means that the natural eyebrow shape should be protected from the tweezers, as the apple of an eye, natural color (even if it is very light), too, must be left pristine. But this does not mean that the eyebrows can grow as they please - they still require very careful maintenance.

the shape and color of the brow Fashion arc is not on theplace yesterday fashionista mercilessly shortened eyebrows, but today it is universal paint them a dark color. However, there are some general guidelines, as no matter what, give your eyebrows groomed and attractive appearance, thus emphasizing the advantageous appearance. So:

  1. Rule one, and most importantly - the perfect eyebrowsEveryone has their own. It is not necessary at a breakneck pace to give them the same kind as that magazine beauties. Ideal - is the highlight that makes it uniquely you. And only in your power to do so, so beautiful eyebrows bend forced "tune up" your eyes.
  2. It is not appropriate to the eyebrows "met" onnose (unless you are a fanatical fan of the eccentric Frida Kahlo). This feature denies woman's face sweetness, giving him a stern and sometimes even comical appearance.
  3. Eyebrows should be "combed". It is unacceptable that they bristled individual hairs that are due to your negligence to own beauty knocked out of the main arc.
  4. Eyebrows may not hold a dominant position on the face. Their main task - to give the image of expression, to emphasize the natural beauty of the eye. The brow arch should be moderately elegant.
  5. Down with the false stereotypes! Who said that "house edge" sexy ?! And on the eyebrows, commas better not to remember ... do not listen to anybody and no one else is: the most beautiful form of eyebrows - the one that is closest to the natural slightly curved line.

How to "grow" beautiful eyebrows

In giving the optimal form eyebrowsimpulsiveness and haste - bad advisers. To adequately assess the appearance of the eyebrows and to determine the order, how to correct them, you need to carefully examine his face. Which expression gives it his eyebrows? Not much if his eyebrows stand out on your face? Maybe they are almost not visible? Sometimes for answers to such questions is better to turn to an experienced beautician.

And what if the visit to the beautician youlightly brushed aside, and decided on their own "on the run" make himself a style icon using updated eyebrows? And instead of overdone ... How rare bushes that remained after the work of your ruthless tweezers again grow native beautiful eyebrows? Or maybe you just have not had the luck to be born owner sable eyebrows and you would not have refused to make them a little thicker? MirSovetov help you correct the situation this week! Let us proceed.

Your magic wand - oil. That means it must be the focus in your home medicine cabinet beauty. Choose any, and better than several: almond, olive, castor, linseed. Before you put oil on the eyebrows, it is required to warm up - so it quickly envelops each hair healing invisible film and is well absorbed into the skin. Oil is usually applied to the eyebrows in the evening and left overnight.

By oil treatment should be added to the mask made from natural products. They in no time to cook at home and will give odds to any synthetic means.

The simplest, but least effective of thisMask - Olive. It is called so because a thin layer of heated olive oil, which have been previously added to the solutions of vitamins A and E (of the conventional pharmaceutical capsules), must be applied to the scalp eyebrows, cover the eyebrows pieces of cellophane and put a towel on top. Treatment time of from 30 minutes to fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Mask of paper fat is very original. Cover the glass sheet of paper, folded into a cone, and then set fire to the paper. All that will remain on the walls of the glass, and there the fat of paper. It is necessary to collect knife and rub into the eyebrows still warm.

A decoction of chamomile flowers. Pour a tablespoon of raw materials with a little water and bring to a boil. Let the strained broth to cool. After washing twice a day, wipe the brows with a cotton swab dipped in this solution.

Carrot mask can also stimulateactive hair growth. It will suit the most patient and calm the ladies: Now you can see why. A teaspoon of carrot juice mixed with an oil solution of vitamin A. The resulting mixture soak gauze cloth or cotton pads. They should be left eyebrow all night and in the morning wipe the brow hair with lemon juice.

The flowers of calendula (also known as pot marigold)will stand you in good stead if a teaspoon of dried petals pour vodka (50 grams). The mixture was infused for about ten days in a dark place. On expiry of the tincture is diluted with 50 g of water. The initial solution is applied to cotton pads and three times a week as a 15 minute compress applied to a place where they will later grow gorgeous thick eyebrows.

Do not underestimate the massage only because,this procedure is that the effort and cost of some of your spare time. Regular massaging of the eyebrows and forehead with your fingertips (in a circle) will provide the hair follicles strong blood flow and spur their growth. To procedure went like clockwork, prepare a special massage means: half a tea spoon of flax oil mixed with a few drops of camphor and castor oils. Get very nutritious mixture of eyebrow growth.

Finally, heavy artillery, after whomyour eyebrows simply have no choice - they grow back a must! Finely chop a medium-sized onion, then scald boiling water: so you get rid of onion corrosive spirit that loves to nibble your eyes and nose. The resulting mush apply on two cotton pads and cover with a thin gauze to this particular ingredient in the mask does not hit you in the eye. Compresses put on the eyebrow mask and relax for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with water and wipe the lemon juice eyebrows, which neutralizes the remaining odor.

All the proposed procedures should be regularlyrepeat for a week - soon you will no doubt notice the progress. Also, these masks can be used for thick eyebrows as prevention of loss of individual hairs.