How to paint eyelashes

Eyelashes for women - special weapons. They serve not only to protect your eyes from dust, wind and sun, but also decorate each woman. Eyelashes have always been considered the standard of beauty, so they have tried to highlight the different ways.

Eyelashes - a beautiful frame of every woman. The standard length of lashes is about ten millimeters on the upper eyelid and a little less - about six to eight millimeters - on the lower eyelid. Since the inherent nature that eyelashes have a tendency to fall out, and in their place to grow new time.

Each cilium "live" about 200 days, some- More, some - less. Life Expectancy Eyelashes depends on the individual person. Incidentally, their height is two times smaller than the growth of hair on the head, and the color does not change throughout their lives. This suggests that if a person was born with blond eyelashes, wait for what they will be brown or black, it makes no sense. But with the help of special tools and caring cosmetic mascara, they can be isolated and slightly increase. Dyeing eyelashes correctly - is a science, but how to do it quickly and beautifully, tells its readers healingandbodywork.

How to make up the eyelashes properly

Before you get into the hands of mascara, you need toprepare cilia. Special preparatory manipulation is not required - just need to wash and wipe them with a special tool for removing eye make-up. Thus, we will remove the remnants of makeup and get ready for the main stage.

Step by step instructions applying mascara:

  1. Before you paint eyelashes mascara, MipSovetovwill reveal a secret: to give them a nice curved shape, you must index finger to press the lashes to the eyelid and hold for a few seconds. Now you can paint the lashes, mascara will help fix a beautiful bend.
  2. Torn off a tube of ink and pull out the brush,dip it back into the tube and type mascara. Stained lashes gently from the root to the tip. First you need to carefully go through the lower eyelashes, and then on top. More carcasses must remain at the roots of the cilia. Therefore, the motion must be "vibrating" and little need to press.
  3. Brush should be gradual, "tighten" the movements to walk on each cilium. Then "flatten" the ends to secure them bend.
  4. For the lower lashes mascara will need fewer than at the top. Therefore, they need to paint is not so intense, so as not to burden, but only paint in the desired color.
  5. After all the cilia are dyed, it is desirable to comb their special brush, so they do not stick together and look neat and natural.

It is worth paying attention to such readersan important point, as the large number of staining the roots of eyelashes mascara. This is a little trick with which the dried ink will serve as a "framework" that will maintain a beautiful bend. If the eyelashes are made up on the contrary - it is located at the tip of a larger amount of paint, then they will become harder and give them beautiful shape will not be easy.

Mascara and the effect of false eyelashes

It is quite possible. It is necessary to paint them a few times to ink lashes were long and thick. Brush to keep the direction from the bottom up, starting from the roots and from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.

After a number of eyelashes dyed in a single layer(Both line and upper and lower), you need a little sprinkle of crumbly powder. Wait until the powder is absorbed and is dry and apply another coat of mascara. Movement of the brush should remind zigzag, then she will go to bed with a thick layer. If you have enough mascara two layers can be coated one - third, after two previous dry thoroughly.

If little ink stuck together, it is necessary to accurately distribute, combed the special brush for the eyelashes.

Two or three layers of mascara zigzag overlay does not fit to owners of short and thick eyelashes, as can short stick together, rather than thick - will stick out in different directions.

We seek naturalness

Business makeup or sports requireaccuracy and a minimal amount of mascara. In order not to "stick out" and do not draw attention to himself, but at the same time be attractive, you need to learn how to paint eyelashes in a different way:

  1. Apply only one coat of mascara, maximum - two.
  2. If your eyelashes are long and thick - you can "blink" on the brush.
  3. The lower lashes can leave not painted.
  4. Mascara should be applied to the eyelashes, and the top and bottom.

Tips for choosing a mascara

And in order to save for the day done withmorning work (and in fact painted eyelashes in the morning), it is necessary to purchase a high-quality ink. It should be non-greasy and do not dry. Choosing the ink, the main thing - do not overdo it, let it be the middle option, good quality, no superudlineniya without superobema. This is necessary in order to get a good paint over not only all the cilia, but the result is preserved for a long time. Agree, ugly looks mascara, which crumbled under the eyes and lies dozens of small black tochechek. Also avoid clumping lashes "in a heap" very desirable choose greasy ink.

Buying ink, you need to pay attention to herodor and color. Quality "fresh" mascara should not have a sharp odor, and ink must be homogeneous, without lumps. The mascara composition should be vitamins, UV filters, biotin, silk.

Ink must be replaced every three months, because when using it can accumulate bacteria, which can cause irritation and skin.

If your lashes are constantly broken, theit is desirable to buy a special colorless ink. In its structure there are nutrients that will envelop each cilium film. These lashes will look natural and well-groomed, and each cilium acquire its unique luster. In addition to the effect of natural lashes, this mascara is both therapeutic, it can leave even at night.

And the recommendation of the famous beautician, help to understand many issues:

  • desirable when choosing mascara to buy new items inwhich is present silicone brush asymmetrical shape. Prefer smooth and supple brush. To check for firmness, you need to put a brush vertically on the palm and a little pin, if there is resistance - then it's what you need. If even the slightest brush is pressed down, bend, it will not be able to cope with its task;
  • waterproof mascara - a separate conversation. It is designed so that when contacted with water ink "is not floated". Beauticians do not recommend using it for everyday makeup, since in addition to the water-repellent properties it does not lengthen and give volume. Therefore, professionals recommend first ordinary paint eyelashes mascara, giving them volume and length, and then apply a waterproof;
  • day can make up eyelashes blue or green ink. In combination with a light day make-up, colored mascara look harmonious. Furthermore, they must be applied on top of the black;
  • age make-up does not tolerate volume mascara.

About secrets

To expended efforts were not in vain, it is necessaryI know that women in the age should not paint over thick bottom lashes. They need to be painted or not, or only to third zahvachivaya outer corners.

To ink does not crumble, makeup artists recommend pritrusit skin powder powder. And after the make-up is completed, carefully brush away the powder with a brush, it will absorb the pieces of the carcass.

Good paint over the corners of the eyes allow this exercise: you need a good eye to open and hold a brush on the lashes, then brush area between cilia.

Do not apply a second layer on a fullydried cilia, as lashes will look like broken, and ink osypetsya. And if you apply a second layer once, it does not attach, and the "scheshetsya" brush. Optimal drying time carcass - is paint the lower lashes, and the top has dried up, and it will be possible to apply a second layer.

And a little bit of mascara removal. Makeup should be removed only by special means. Do not use soap and tap water as this can cause irritation.

If these tips do not help you achieve the desired result, it should be possible to replace ink or choose brasmatik with convenient brush.