How to choose the best concealer properly?

These women, of course, know whatan incredibly useful thing - foundation. A few simple manipulations and your skin simply sparkles health, purity and youth. However, to choose the best foundation is not such a easy thing, as it might seem at first. To the facial skin glowed, and small, and large wrinkles, vanished, as if by magic to the dark shadows under the eyes caused by constant fatigue or lack of sleep is no longer a bad mood in the morning, will have to make some degree of effort.

Just a huge role in this, playing the faithfulchoice of foundation, which we'll talk today. Do not be afraid of difficulties, all the more so in fact, knowing a few, all of simple basic rules every woman will be able to remain compelling in the morning and throughout the day.


  • Selection of one foundation, since skin type
  • 2 Choosing the perfect shade of foundation
  • 3 How to apply "tonalnik"

Selection foundation, since skin type

The very first mistake that commitsthe vast majority of women - is the choice of foundation colors, without taking into account features of the skin. Emphasis is, primarily, to do just that. Best foundation should ideally lie on the skin, because this issue should be taken with full responsibility. You should know that modern cosmetic products is extremely varied, and along with the usual creams are also available, containing special liftings, which are suitable for older women. The components of this cream creates an invisible mesh that tightens fine lines and gives the face a young and flourishing appearance.

  • The best foundation for dry skin, this is the onewhich contains a high proportion of wetting agents. It's the law, and the owners of the dry, or worse, flaky skin, this factor will have to be taken into account in the very first place. If you put the wrong foundation on such a skin type, then it will look like not the best way, until the peel, and all the same, peeling, which, of course, I would like to hide. On the composition of foundation is best to ask the sales assistant, he has all the necessary information and have appropriate knowledge, at least, should have them. After all, the percentages of various chemical elements, indicated on the package, will understand not every representative of the fairer sex.
  • Oily skin - it is also not a sentence, butshe has the ability to constantly shine that gives the face a slovenly appearance. This becomes especially noticeable in the warm, summer months, from which many women suffer and trying to overcome the "nasty" shine. Any cosmetic product applied to oily skin, further exacerbates the undesirable effect, because the foundation for such a skin must have properties dries. In addition, it lays down on the skin more dense layer, hiding the shine and matiruya it. There are even special creams, which incidentally helps get rid of excess body fat, which causes the unpleasant sheen.
  • The vast majority of girls and women,They are the happy owner of a mixed skin type. This skin has the ability to quickly zhirnet in the nasolabial folds, while remaining dry on the forehead and cheeks. It may be slightly complicate the process of laying of foundation and have a little tough, but the result will not wait long and will be striking. The best choice in this case will be the use of foundation, which can mask the flaws in the sale there are many options to experiment. However, it should be noted, that applied to the entire face the same foundation can make it lifeless and faded because cosmetologists are advised to buy two versions of the cream. One must necessarily coincide with the color of the skin, and the second on the tone or two darker. First, apply a darker cream on his nose and cheekbones, and on top of it - the one that matches the color of the skin.

Choosing the perfect shade of foundation

The best foundation is one that can not be seen! This is the law number two, which every beauty should remember how the Holy Scriptures. Every woman, of course, paying attention to the look of the skin of various movie stars or models on the catwalk, she is simply gorgeous, and if you think it's natural beauty, you are deeply mistaken. In fact, cosmetologists have long to "conjure" over the appearance of movie stars, and an enormous role in this is played by choosing the right color of foundation.

Be sure to keep in mind that never, andcompletely under any circumstances, do not buy concealer, tone on tone, repeating the complexion. For example, for smuglokozhih beauties the best choice would be beige and peach, or even dark beige, and for girls with angelic, light pink color, this option would be simply suicidal. But the pink foundation will not work so the girls, and it is best to take a light beige tone that best accentuate the beauty of the face. In the presence of slightly yellowish skin tone, the color pink "tonalnika" will be just in time.

It is extremely important not to buy the foundationat random, it is required to test the skin, in order to avoid subsequent problems. And usually applying to the wrist, not exactly an option! The skin of the face and hands is very different from one another, and what seemed you perfect, may be a complete disappointment. However, it is unlikely you will allow the store to test the foundation on your face, the more that then go on the street, as if zapravsky Comanche chief, hardly anyone wants. Therefore the best solution would be the purchase of several probes, which can be successfully try at home, in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to Apply "tonalnik"

  1. Before you put on your skin cream foundation, itbe sure to moisten and make it all better with a special cream, which also need to select strictly individually. If after moisturizer or cream is oily plenochka or just shine, it should be removed with a cotton cloth or a special circle. After that, when needs must be applied a correction means to "circles" under the eyes, and wait a few seconds to start to magic.
  1. The third law, that every woman should know- The best foundation applied to the face from the bottom up, not the other way. For the application of foundation is not necessary to use the most popular tool - their own fingers. Even the most skilled artist can not cope with the task to create an even tone, with the help of this "instrument". A layer of foundation should be as thin as possible, so it is best to use a sponge for liquid funds, and a sponge to powder.
  1. Apply "tonalnik" as thin as possiblelayer on the chin, then climb up and stay on the forehead, a few centimeters from the hair roots where it is already possible to have shade and gently with his fingers. And one more thing, finally: if you do not want to wear a deep neckline, you do not apply the concealer on the neck, the remnants of it on the collar will not look aesthetically pleasing.