How narrow pores on the face

All women want to have beautiful and healthyskin. Some of this beauty was given by nature, and someone has to vigorously compete for perfect skin. There are various reasons why the skin on your face does not look perfect, but the most annoying beauties enlarged pores on the face. Unfortunately, this problem is bothering most of the people on our planet, and it is not only individual women.

Let us together with healingandbodywork deal with the problem extended far: what it is and how to fight it?

Our face and body completely covered with hair. In men, hair growth is more pronounced than in women. But at the fairer sex face and body covered with thin blond hair, sometimes, by the way, and dark. Pores - this is the place from which hairs grow the most. Through them, our skin breathes, eats nutrients and removes subcutaneous fat. Sometimes it happens that clog the pores on the face, such as cosmetics or own greasy fat and then appear on the face of the black dots, followed by acne and pimples. Pores expand and become more noticeable.

Causes of long

The reasons for the appearance of enlarged pores can beseveral. Usually it is typical for people with oily skin type. But even if you have the nature of smooth skin, it does not mean that it can not be a problem since the expansion.

  1. Cosmetics. The most basic reason for the appearance of enlarged pores, which we mentioned above - is the misuse of cosmetics. If you like to fall asleep not having washed and clean the face of makeup before going to bed, then sooner or later you will have those black dots and porous skin. Because our skin is resting at night, so it is very important to clean it from dirt and dust that has accumulated during the day.
  2. Parents. The second cause of enlarged pores is heredity. The most common type of skin is passed from parents to children, so if you have a porous skin, your child can also get it by inheritance. But this does not mean that you can not fix anything. If you properly care for your skin, you can even bring porous skin as much as the perfect look.
  3. Decorative cosmetics. The use of cheap low-quality cosmetics is bad for the skin and enhances long. Of course, not every woman and girl can afford to buy a good expensive cosmetics, but still it is not necessary to buy and cheap. Try to reduce the use of such cosmetics to a minimum, especially foundation and powder that is very clog the pores on your face. Do not forget that you need to carefully clean the face and it is desirable to do so with the help of special tools, which are designed to remove makeup. Also, such a popular cosmetics contain many binding components, which do not allow your skin to breathe, is another reason to use less cosmetics.
  4. Hormones. Hormonal and poor immunity, in turn, negatively affect the skin and contribute to the expansion of pores on the face. Most often it occurs at a young age as the girls and the guys. Hormonal imbalances in young people leads to disruption of the sebaceous glands become clogged pores, thereby, their expansion occurs. But this is not a reason to be upset, with proper care, you can adjust the operation of your body and make the pores on your face less visible. And then they may disappear altogether. With such a problem can be faced and older women. For example, during menopause, when hormonal changes in the body also suffers.
  5. Malnutrition. This is a very good reason, which leads to disruption of the work of your skin. Harmful junk food excessively load the work of our internal organs, and in fact through the skin as part of the output of harmful substances. Here are our clogged pores and internal fat and expanded. Any doctor or beautician especially advise you to go on a diet and take more healthy food to cleanse the face.
  6. Unhealthy Lifestyle. This reason is probably the most effect on the color and healthy-looking skin. Smoking, alcohol, overindulgence solarium relates to an unhealthy lifestyle. If we are well aware of the dangers of smoking and alcohol, then about the dangers of UV suspect few. So, beloved by many fashionistas and mods tan destroys the top layer of our skin, so your body has to work in emergency mode, and hence there is an increase of enlarged pores.

Here are the main reasons for the facial skin losesits healthy qualities and becomes fat and ugly, with enlarged pores. Now MirSovetov tell you about how to prevent the appearance of enlarged pores on the face.

How to prevent the appearance of enlarged pores

  1. The correct way of life. "In a healthy body healthy mind" - is the well-known dictum can be slightly rephrased. A healthy body and a healthy lifestyle - this is the basis of everything. Sitting in the library of abstracts, of course, is good, but should still do your own body and skin. Try to avoid visiting the "bad" places, such as the type of night clubs and smoky rooms, and more often in sports clubs and other "useful" institutions. It has beneficial effects on the skin of the swimming pool, baths and saunas. Of course, abuse them too, should not, be aware measure. Take dancing, this occupation will add advantages not only your figure and skin, but also will give a good mood for the whole day, and it has beneficial effects on the overall condition of the skin.
  2. Fresh air is pleasant effect on your skin. Get into the habit often walk in the fresh air. Doing this is quite easy, the main thing to start. In summer you can go to the park, play volleyball or badminton, and winter fun to play snowballs. And if after such a walk you take a contrast shower, then your skin will look much better.
  3. Cosmetic procedures. Take care of yourself, regardless of age and financial situation. Love itself is not beautiful people, and beautiful are those who love themselves. Not even the nature of each supermodel has beautiful skin, enlarged pores on the face troubled and such celebrities like Cindy Crawford, and Cameron Diaz, but they coped with this problem and adjusted their face. It is not necessary to attend the expensive salons, you can make masks at home. You do not have to buy a lot of expensive cosmetics, enough to have in their arsenal a good scrub, toner and facial wash, most importantly, do not forget to use them regularly.
  4. Good mood. Everyone knows how stress negatively affects the general condition of the person. Your skin is the first to suffer from stress. It becomes dull, gray, covered with spots and enlarged pores. To avoid this, try to find the good in the bad, learning not to succumb to stressful situations and to transfer them with ease. The slightest trouble you adequately perceive, may result in a heap for your skin problems. Why do we need if we want to have healthy skin without enlarged pores and acne?

How to treat enlarged pores

The answer to the question "How narrow pores on your face?"There are, and it should be noted that the methods of the skin in order to bring accessible to most readers. You are quite capable to change the properties of the skin and make it more beautiful and healthy.

  1. Beauty salon. At the beauty salon you will present many ways to clean the face, we can only choose a more suitable for you. Mechanical or chemical peel is best to help narrow the pores on the face, and, ideally, even to get rid of them. Just do not forget to carry out such procedures regularly and maintain the health of your skin.

    The greatest popularity earned suchprocedures as microdermabrasion - a peculiar skin sanding, thanks to this procedure, the dermis becomes flexible and resilient; Enzyme Peeling - a great tool, helps to narrow enlarged pores, the most gentle and soft method pilingovaniya; Chemical peeling - effective method, special chemicals are used for the meeting, but despite this, the great struggle with the problem of enlarged pores.

  2. Folk remedies. The problem extended far there is a very long time, so the folk remedies to get rid of as many of the porous skin. This mask for oily and porous skin, and homemade scrubs and teas, and even ice, which is very effective in helping to narrow the enlarged pores on the face. The most common means is considered to be cooked at home ice. For this brew chamomile and fill the molds for ice formation. Camomile tea can be replaced with water with the addition of cucumber or lemon juice. Excellent results will be from home masks, for example, one of the most popular masks - protein. Whisk until thick foam protein and add a little lemon juice. Apply the resulting mixture on your face, hold about 10 minutes, then rinse carefully. Mask of oatmeal has gained a well-deserved popularity. Grind oatmeal flakes in a blender, add to it a little bit of honey and lemon juice. Apply on face for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water.
  3. Proper nutrition. Eating good, healthy foods will help your skin to get a good color and narrow pores on the face. Forget about the mayonnaise, ketchup, condiments, such harmful drinks and spicy food. Try to drink plenty of water, because dehydrated skin often suffer from enlarged pores and liquid, she loses compensated own fat, clog your pores.

If you will follow all these tips andrecommendations, it is safe to say that your skin will be perfect. healingandbodywork wish you health, beauty, and only positive emotions!