How to make eyes bigger

Beautiful eyes - this is the dream of manythe fair sex, because most often we focus our attention on them. But, unfortunately, sometimes reckless nature "forgets" to give women the right cut and proportional shapes.

Small eyes moved into the category of flaws withwhich have to be reconciled. Fortunately, today there are secrets that will make your eyes visually bigger. healingandbodywork tell its readers some of them.

Fantasy in using cosmetics

Big eyes, fluffy eyelashes and languishing withlanguishing eyes - is a dream, perhaps, of all the women. Due to the natural beauty cosmetics can be further improved - ink, pencil, eye shadow - and now ready expressive look.

Modern cosmetics gives greatthe number of products - even the most desperate woman will be able to significantly adjust their appearance. This is possible if you study the use of the technique of decorative cosmetics - otherwise you can hurt yourself, as an overabundance of cosmetics, and even its use wrong turn even the most beautiful woman in this scarecrow.

Before buying all possible decorativecosmetics carefully study his face: skin type, face shape, lines, contours. Honestly criticize its shortcomings and tap dignity. Do not forget about the eyes - most importantly, what will you need to focus. What their shape and cut, they planted and arranged on the face. Remember that even if your eyes are planted deep enough, they can "withdraw" on the surface - enough for you to choose the suitable light shadows. But around the eyes can be made slanted - if you draw an arrow correctly.

How to properly apply makeup to enhance eye

Before you apply makeup, pay attentionthe skin around the eyes - there are no bags under the eyes and bruises, whether swollen eyelids? All this will do no good and will not make your eyes beautiful and expressive. That is why before you apply any means, apply concealer on the skin - it is perfectly conceals minor blemishes and skin imperfections. Just remember - correctly chosen concealer should be one semitone (maximum tone) lighter than the color of the powder or foundation - otherwise, under the eyes are dark circles.

After skin concealer must be applied under the baseshadow and only then do the shade. Remember - the darker the shade, the more expressive and brighter eyes, but visually they become less! But the light shadows give volume, but they can not give saturation. That's why to have bright eyes, deep and with a large opening and need to pick up for yourself a palette that could fit in all this himself - for this woman to find his "golden mean." For example, in those parts of the century, who want to hide, you need to apply a darker shade, and those areas that need to be emphasized - lighter.

If you have small eyes, forget about pearlescent shadows during the day - they are visually reduce the eye. But the pearl is good in the evening make-up - the play of light makes the eyes "wide open."

"Smoky make-up," or as it is called,«Smoky eyes» - this is another opportunity to make the eyes more expressive. For the application of make-up is not necessary to use a black and gray shades. Try to create a "smoky makeup" with pastel shades. The main thing - accurately recreate the technique itself: mist envelop the eye. Light shade should cover the upper eyelid and darker - along the eyelashes. It is necessary to focus on the outer corner of the eye. Do not forget to shade the shadows. And on the inside corners of the eyes need to apply light shade. Currently, the most successful technique for depth and expressiveness.

Enlarge the eyes can be using white pencil - just put it on the mucous membrane of the lower lashes. As a Kaja (soft liner) suitable beige and pencil.

Eyelashes: attention!

Very often, a woman with make-up and without it - ittotally two different people. It is sufficient to slightly adjust the eye - and now we face beauty. What's the secret? Experts say that the secrets lie in the ... eyelashes! Here are a few tricks that will make your eyes more.

  1. Curls lashes. In that case, if the nature has deprived you long and fluffy eyelashes, take it a rule to tighten up the lashes before you apply mascara on them. Better yet, buy a mascara that has a special applicator, curls lashes. If you do not such cosmetics - it does not matter. You can tweak the eyelashes using a brush, a comb eyelashes or eyebrows and the hair dryer. Apply mascara and until it dries out, adjust the eyelash brush and dry them hairdryer no more than three seconds. Do not forget to adjust the temperature of the air dryer - otherwise you can burn the eyes.
  2. "Make friends" with the lower lashes. Until now, make-up artists have not decided whether to paint the lower lashes must be? Argued that the mascara on lower lashes make your eyes visually smaller, "covers" them. This is partially true - but not for all women. Many of the fair sex adorns this visage. Experiment in front of a mirror, you may go a makeover? Use a pencil - blend line on the lower eyelid with your fingers.
  3. Use false eyelashes. Today, more women are paying attention to the innovation as the eyelash. When used properly (appropriately chosen size, thickness and length), artificial eyelashes may increase the eyes and make them more expressive. Thus, the longer the eyelashes, the eye looks greater. Another plus - no need to use mascara.

Eyebrows - another opportunity to enlarge the eyes

It depends on the shape of the eyebrows facial expression. If you do not think about it - is in vain, because the well-groomed and beautiful eyebrows can give a person feminity and enigma. In addition, plucked and groomed eyebrows can enlarge the eyes and make them sparkle and brilliance.

First of all, you need to comb the eyebrow brush to spread all the villi. Then, using tweezers pull out all the excess. Experts say that the ideal eyebrow looks like this:

  1. Start. Pencil attach close first the right and then the left hand to the nose wings - where the pencil intersects the eyebrow, it should be the beginning.
  2. The highest part of the eyebrows. Pencil with one end attached to the nose, the other end to cross the pupil. There should be as eyebrow raised.
  3. The end. Pencil attach one Con to the nose, the other end to cross the outer corner of the eye - brow should end here.

All that is outside of the first andthird paragraph, you need to safely remove. Do not tweeze eyebrows above - lift the bottom of it - from the beginning. This can visually enlarge the eyes and give them a nice shape.

If you are afraid to pull the eyebrows alone - not to spoil their form, contact the experts at the beauty salon.

And finally, is now thin eyebrows-strings are not in fashion, so do not get carried away with getting rid of excess vegetation.